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Lil' Jay and all her Pimp'n Friends!!

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Name: Andrew Cherrin
Age: 16
Birthday: March 18, 1985
Astrologic Sign: Pices
Status: availble and looking so run away girls!!
Pets: dog
Hobbies: None that we know of!
Fav Food: Lemon Meringue
Fav Movie: Snatch,
Fav tv Show: Price is Right
Fav Stars: Uma Thermon, Harrison Ford, Michelle Phiffer, Hugh Jackman
Fav Bands: Linkin Park
Fav Scent: Freshly Mowed Grass
Fav Flower: Dragon Snap
Personality: Quite, funny, weird and moody!
How we met: Friend of heathers and mike vangyne
Personal Note: MOO!!
Nick Name: Cherry, Cherrin