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Name: Christine
Residence: Deep in the heart of Texas
Birthday: February 2, 1985
Favortie Movie: Extreme Days ... cheesy yet cute.
Favorite Song: Extreme Days by TobyMac
Plans for Fall 2003: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
Major: Architecture. (That's the plan and I'm sticking to it)

Favorite 'N Syncer: Chris
Favorite 'N Sync Song(s): Up Against the Wall, I Want You Back, Digital Getdown

CD's in my CD player (06/22/03):
DC Talk Jesus Freak
2. Grits The Art of Translation
3. Relient K Self-titled

Song(s) of the Moment (06/22/03):
Wake Up Call Relient K
Ooh Ahh Grits

Tennessee Bwoys Grits