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June 22, 2003 That was great!!! My Dad was just watching TRIO and all of a sudden, I hear familiar opening music. And it's Relient K's music video for their song "Chapped Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry." That was the first time I had seen it ... how cute. I guess you can vote for it on MTV2. But since I don't support MTV guess I can't do it. And apparently it's been played a lot on MuchMusic as well. Anyway ... I love Relient K. That just made my day.

June 16, 2003 I'm back ... so here will a recount of what went on in Me-hi-co (this is pretty much my AIM chat with my best friend) ... it was fun and sad and an experience ... let's see ... we left Sunday morning and got to the church we were staying in around 11:30/12:00ish ithink, Monday morning we got up at 6 to eat and be on the bus by seven ... and they dropped us off at the border and we walked across everyday then we got on the Maxi Taxi (a bus) in Mexico with the crazy drivers and got to the city were we were building around 8:30/9 ... I pretty much hung out in the church and watched our stuff and played with the kids the whole week ... the language barrier really sucks ... we stayed in Mexico till around 4:00 everyday and got back into the states by like 5:30 ... it was a pain to go through customs everyday ... they checked your liscence and asked random questions and things like that ... we'd go back to the church and eat dinner, take showers, have night prayer, and hang out lights out was around 11:30 and we would do it all over again the next day ... I was a nervous wreck the first day we were in Mexico and going through customs ... I helped dig out the trench for the concrete a little bit and helped gather rocks for inside the church were they were building up the steps for the alter ... they use rocks and stuff so they don't have to pour as much concrete ... it costs $.50 to get into mexico and .25 to get back into the states ... it was so nice to get back in everyday and into AC ... lol ... I will never complain about being cold again they had these really awesome chips they were like tostitos (I think?) with some sort of spice on them ... me and A. were addicted but they didn't have anymore after that one bag ... I was in charge of water and watching all of our crap ... I swear everyday something happened on this trip ... Sunday night T. left her purse at a mc'ds somewhere ... Monday (I can't remember) ... Tuesday one of the showers that the girls were using got backed up so A. had to fix that and then the girls also got locked out of the house we were staying in ... Wednesday S. had $90.00 stolen out of her wallet ... Thursday J. had to go to the emergency room because of a spider bite, it was all swollen and fun stuff like that ... I don't remember what happened on Friday, just that it was really sad to leave everyone ... we went to the market that afternoon I didn't buy anything but ate a lot of the candy that J. bought ... it's pretty much wafers like we have at communion yummy ... and then we drove to San Antonio ... the first night the guys and girls stayed at J.'s mom's house ... Saturday we went tubing down one of the rivers that was fun ... and then we went back to the house the guys moved across the street to a neighbors and everyone showered and got ready to go out to the river walk ... all of the girls got all dolled up and stuff and here I am in my jeans and FumanSkeeto shirt ... it was me, J., S., and K. in a group ... S. was like you have to go in groups of five and S. asked if it could just be the four of us b/c S. and K. were both chaperones ... and then K. was like "it shouldn't really matter anyway b/c we are all over 18" ... we just ate out and i took a picture of the justin's ice cream parlor sign ... it made me laugh and I earned the nickname "psycho" from S. when she found out why I had done that ... we got back from the river walk around 12 and then had to get up at eight for mass at 10 and then we played softball ... on the way up A. and I shared a seat oh fun ... I think I fell asleep on him a few times ... and then he was a butt and I was being jealous on the way back so we didn't sit next to each other we barely even talked to each other saturday on ... he was talking to this girl named B. i swear she could have been T. ... yeah I am pretty much sick of everyone on that trip ... it was also a combination of me just wanting to be at home ... by that point in time ... I think that is all ... it scares me how many people have a picture of me and A. from prom ... B. pulled out his wallet at customs and was like "look" and it was a picture of me and A. And that was my trip. I just did first initials ... ya'll don't need to know who they are. Anywho ... thanks for reading my rambling.

June 7, 2003 Awe ... that is soooo sad. Plus One is now down to three members. : ( It really is. They were such nice guys too. They were like the Christian version of *N Sync, when it came to music, and what not. That really is sad. Anyway ... yesterday one of the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune was 'Pop Star Justin Timberlake.' That definently made me laugh. I saw '2 Fast 2 Furious' yesterday afternoon. It wasn't half bad. I guess the best part about it were the cars. You should have seen me and my friends when the Dodge Rams pulled out of the garage. It was like instant drool. Those trucks were sweet ... *still drooling* ... But then again all of the cars in that movie were pretty cool. Heh ... I guess I shouldn't complain about this, but Anthony pays for me like wherever we go whether it's dinner or a movie or etc. And it's kind of annoying especially since we aren't "dating" so to speak. Oh well. I am off to Mexico bright and early tomorrow morning. Please pray for me and my friends, if you are into that thing. I am going to be a nervous wreck. I swear we will probably get down there and I won't be able to get back into the country. That would suck. ICKY. Well I guess I will go. Talk to you all next week when I get back. Thanks for the prayers! God bless.

June 5, 2003 All right ... summer is soooo boring. LOL. Although I am going to Mexico next week, and am really nervous. But it should be fun. Lot's of building houses ... yeah. Heh ... So I definently won't be on at all next week.

May 30, 2003 Whew. Graduation was long. It took an hour and a half to get through all of the names. So in total it lasted almost three hours. Oh what fun. LOL. I can't believe how full Reunion Arena was. I was thinking people would just fill the lower level, but they were all the way into the upper level. It was crazy. And my class filled pretty much the whole floor section. My friends roped me into going to Mexico for a mission trip in a week. Hopefully it'll be fun. I'm sure it will. Hmph ... I bought the coolest CD the other day it's called "Smashups." What they did was take the lyrics from one artist's song and put it to another's music. You can go to the website, it takes awhile to load, but they have the music up there. It's really cool. I think they should do it with BSB and *N Sync songs it would be fun.

May 25, 2003 Graduation is in three days. Yeah! I was scared that on Friday they were going to call and be like "You didn't pass economics, so you don't graduate." That would suck. LOL. We went to Scarborough(sp?) Fair today. It was fun. And really muddy.