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Super Bowl XXVII 1-30-94
Time To Refuel #24 Jeff Gordon
Barcelona '92 Sharing the Olympic Ideal
(green) Johnson City TN (very good condition)
(green) Cocoa FL: (very good condition) Alexandria LA
Coca-Cola The Jacksonville Florida Bottling Co (aqua, script, root) (old)
11-16-1915 Montgomery AL
Knoxville TN (gray) bottle pat. D-105529
(amethyst) Coca-Cola straight side/script
(amber) Coca-Cola 4) Johnson City A B Co 1)Knoxville TN
(straight side/script)
Johnson City (aqua) (excellent condition)
Nome E Bott Marchi Reg Senza Cauizone Ritorno (light aqua)
190ml 3Y64 foreign bottle
Genaurdi Super Markets 1920-1990 70th Anniversary
Morristown PA 1990
Leesburg FL (light amber hobbleskirt)
Israel bottle 1974
Foreign bottle (Covington VA) Star of David
Green glass with screw lid
Coca-Cola (amber hobbleskirt, throw-away)
75th Anniversary Jackson TN (brown with arrow)
(green) Chester SC

11-16-1915 Spartanburg SC
1995 Commemorative Bottle "C" Reds Logo 1907
1995 Commemorative Bottle Reds Logo 1911
1994 First Season Central Division National League
World's 1st Coca-Cola Bottling Co Chattanooga TN 1899-1974 75th Anniversary
75th Anniversary 1905-75 Years of Bottling Refreshment 1990 Manchester
1903-1978 75th Anniversary The Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co
1903-1978 75th Anniversary Jonesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co
1901-1976 75th Anniversary Coca-Cola Bottling Co of Campbellsville
Clear with screw lid no refill
Johnson City TN (green) C 56-79 (excellent condition)
Knoxville TN (green) C 46 D-105529 Bot Patented

Nome E Bott Marchi Reg Modena Sibem 5 (clear)

25cl Coca-Cola Marchio Registrato

10oz (tall) Coca-cola (return for refund)
28oz Schutz Marke Limonade (clear)
0.2L COKE (clear-paper label) Pfand-Wert-Flasche
Coca-Cola (Israel) (clear)
6.5oz COCA COLA (gold) Oklahoma City 1903-0967
(embossed on bottom of bottle: Baton Rouge LA)

6.5oz COCA COLA (gold) Chicago IL C (bottle given as award to rep at meetings)
COCA COLA (gold) Dollywood 1995
COCA COLA (gold) Atlanta 1996 Cityscape #8/1000 w/pin
COCA COLA (gold) Atlanta 1996 USA #5/1000 w/pin
COCA COLA (gold) Atlanta 1996 July 19-August 4 #52/10000

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