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DR PEPPER (clear) 10-2-4 "Good for Life" LGW
DR. PEPPER Dr. Pepper Celebrates 101 Dalmatians/Disney
DR PEPPER Since 1987 Dublin TX Imperial Sugar
DR PEPPER Cherokee Strip Stampede Rodeo 4th Anniversary 9-94 Enid OK
MOUNTAIN DEW "Barney and Ally" Hartman Beverage Co Inc Knoxville TN
MOUNTAIN DEW "Tom and Jerry"
MOUNTAIN DEW Hillbilly (green)
MOUNTAIN DEW (longneck) Southern 500 1982
PEPSI LGW 62 (embossed swirl)
PEPSI COLA Pepsi Cola Co NY NY Armstrong 59
PEPSI-COLA (foreign)
PEPSI:COLA (paper label) Merands NY
PEPSI-COLA Limited Edition Bottle "Replica of Pepsi Bottle Sold in the Early 1900's"
PEPSI:COLA Limited Edition Bottle "Replica of Pepsi Bottle Sold in the 1940's thru 1950's"
PEPSI Clemson 1974 Death Valley Undefeated Home Season Frank Howard Field
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Stuffin'
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Slammin'
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Scorin'
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Spinnin'
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Chillin'
PEPSI (longneck) "SHAQ" Jammin'
PEPSI (longneck) A Cellebration to Mark Richard Petty's Final Year As A Driver
PEPSI:COLA Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co Marion VA
PEPSI-COLA (foreign)
355ml PEPSI-COLA (Marcia India) Reg No 9822; 4307 Guatemala, C.A.
PEPSI-COLA 1 The Old Dominion VA 1776 Limited Edition Bicentennial Bottle
PEPSI "Kentucky's 74-76 Celebrations"
PEPSI The Old Dominion
PEPSI ETSU Physical Education Convocation Athletic Complex 1975 Johnson City TN
PEPSI-COLA VA Statesmen: G Washington, T Jefferson, J Madison, J Monroe,
     W Harrison, J Tyler, R Taylor, W Wilson
PEPSI State Trooper XVI Commerce 1929-1986 57 Years of Service
7-UP LITHIATED LEMON SODA (brown bottle) (paper label)
7-UP (lady beside label) 1) Knoxville TN 1) Johnson City TN
10ox 7-UP
7-UP 1776-1976 Bicentennial Liberty Bell First Rung July 8 1776
7-UP "500" Mile Race May 27 1978 Winners from 1946-1978
7-UP Cincinnati Bengals 1974 Commemorative Bottle Riverfront Stadium
7-UP Ohio State Buckeyes Commemorative Bottle
7-UP "You Like It..It Likes You"
7oz 7-UP (76) (newer bottle)




6oz DR PEPPER (green)
6oz DR PEPPER (green) Marion VA
MOUNTAIN DEW "It'll tickle your innards!"
6oz PEPSI (painted label) Made in Mexico
7oz PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO (1880-1890) Chattanooga TN (aqua)
7oz PEPSI-COLA Jacksonville TN Registered 537
8oz PEPSI-COLA "registered" (green) (embossed) Wilmington NC (old)
8oz PEPSI-COLA (short swirl) LGW 62
12oz PEPSI:COLA FOUNTAIN SYRUP Long Island City NY Duraglas 42
12oz PEPSI-COLA "reg" LGW (green) (embossed)
12oz PEPSI:COLA (green-embossed) LGW 3
12oz PEPSI:COLA (clear-embossed) OCBO 37
12oz PEPSI COLA w/o paper labels Pat#720-277
     1) Duraglas 44 1) LGW 44 1)B 45 1)Chattanooga
     1) Columbia SC 43
12oz PEPSI:COLA (paper label) Pepsi Cola Bottling Co New Brunswick NJ
12oz PEPSI (long neck) 1991 DollyWood All American Year
10oz PEPSI COLA Pepsi Cola Bottling Co 4) Johnson City TN
     2) Marion VA 1) Knoxville TN 1) Spruce Pine NC
PEPSI-COLA (paper label missing)
10oz PEPSI-COLA Johnson City TN
12oz PEPSI:COLA Limited Edition Bottle "Replica of Pepsi Bottle Sold in the Early 1900's"
12oz PEPSI:COLA'S 75th Anniversary 1898-1973 Greenville SC
355ml PEPSI-COLA (Japan) (clear, swirl)
16.9 oz PEPSI-COLA Money Back Bottle, Return for Deposit (clear, swirl)
7oz 7-UP (clear-no label) Hickory NC (ribbed) (7-Up embossed on bottom of bottle in glass)
7-UP (dark amber) 7up Bottling Co Nashville TN 11 (embossed)
7oz 7-UP Morocco (foreign language)
10oz 7-UP
28oz 7-UP Grand Island Bottling Co Grand Island NE (green)

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