Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Fifty-Eight

Kayla hummed scales to herself out of slight boredom as she brushed her hair in front of the mirror in her dressing room that afternoon. As she opened her eyes from blinking and pulled hair out of her face, she made eye contact with herself in the mirror and paused, a smile playing across her lips. Even though it was four days later, she still couldn't get over the way she'd had Nick practically eating out of her hand at the party. It had felt so good...catching those looks he was always giving her when he thought she couldn't see...knowing that he was crazy about her. Shutting her eyes, she giggled softly and thought back to the night when they had been together. She squirmed around in her seat a little. Even the mere thought of it got her hot and bothered again.

Suddenly she realized what she was doing, and her eyes shot open again as she furiously continued to brush her hair. What was her problem today? First that dream last night where he'd taken her dancing with him and they'd ended up kissing and now this? It wasn't like she was in love with him or anything...right?

Of course not! that familiar logical voice inside her head immediately answered. Of course you are not in love with Nick. Just because you think he's cute...and sweet...and let's not forget really good in bed...

"Stop it!" Kayla whispered out loud, her cheeks coloring despite the fact that she was alone. "I'm not in love with Nick!" she told herself. She decided to ignore that faint tremor of uncertainty that she could just barely hear. Quickly, to distract herself, she started singing her warm up instead of humming.

That was when there were three light knocks on the door.

Kayla stopped singing and looked at the clock. No, it wasn't time for dance practice yet. So who would be knocking? Probably just Brian or something. "Yes?" she called.

There was a slight pause. "It's me," Nick's voice then replied hesitantly. "Can I come in?"

Kayla's eyes widened slightly, but she kept herself calm and quickly checked herself in the mirror. "Yeah...just one minute," she told him as she rapidly fixed her hair, put on some lip gloss, and sprayed just a touch of perfume under her neck. Then she slipped into her shoes and went over to unlock and answer the door.

"Hi. Come on in," Kayla invited when the door was open.

Nick walked inside and stood there looking slightly uncomfortable. Kayla couldn't help but notice how good he looked in his tight white t-shirt and workout shorts.

"So what's up?" she asked him, making a point of leaving the door open.

"I...kinda have to tell you something," Nick said nervously.

"Oh...okay, go ahead," Kayla said agreeably, even though inside, her heart was hammering against her ribs. If he says I love you, I'm going to freak, she thought.

"Um...maybe you should close the door," he suggested, looking a little embarrassed.

Kayla frowned. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Nick said quickly, giving her a forced smile. "It's just kind of...uh, between you and me."

"Oh. Okay," Kayla conceded, going to close the door even though her instincts were telling her that this couldn't be good.

When she was back there facing him again, she looked to him expectantly. He gave her an awkward half smile. "Uh...c'mere," he said, gesturing for her to come near him. Thinking that was going to whisper something into her ear, Kayla stepped towards him and leaned even closer.

Before she knew what was happening, his arms were around her waist and his lips were on hers.

Kayla's eyes shot wide open, and at first, her instinct was to push him away. But then she realized how good and familiar his kiss felt, and she instead let her hands rest lightly on his chest as she began to kiss back. Memories of that fateful night flooded her mind once again as his arms tightened around her, pulling her body up against his chest even more.

Finally, Nick broke away, and both of them opened their eyes. His arms were still around her waist, and their faces were still inches apart. The two of them just stared at each other silently, searching each other's eyes.

Whatever they were looking for, Kayla apparently found it, because after a moment, she let go of his chest, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him again. He murmured satisfaction, pulling her in tighter again. The two of them stayed close like that as Nick deepened the kiss, and, within a minute or so, they were just standing there making out.

After about five minutes, Nick seemed to feel more comfortable and relaxed with what he was doing, and he loosened his grip on her waist a little bit before sliding his hands down to rest on her hips. At the same time, he toned the kissing down a little, making each kiss shorter and the pauses in between the kisses longer. Finally he was pausing so much that Kayla opened her eyes and made a move in preparation to pull him closer to her again. But before she could do anything, he moved his lips down to the crook of her neck and began to kiss her there. Kayla smiled and even let out a soft moan at how good that felt. After another moment, Nick kissed his way across to the other side of her neck, making her lean her head back and smile in satisfaction as he kissed the middle. After he had switched, she shut her eyes and focused on nothing but the feel of his lips on her skin.

That was why she was so surprised when she felt his hands moving from her hips to her lower stomach and reaching for the button on her pants. Her eyes opened again, and she looked down at what he was doing with slight anxiety, but he distracted and relaxed her again by moving back to kissing her lips. He unzipped her pants, but, to her slight surprise, he didn't try to take them off. Instead he slipped his hand inside of them, making her gasp and moan like she had gasped and moaned only once before in her life.

The more time passed, the more worked up she became, and soon her cheeks were flushed, and her hands were trembling as her fingertips touched his cheek. Very slowly, Kayla began to back up further into the dressing room, making sure that he was following her. She kept walking until she was up against the table that she had been sitting and brushing her hair at before he'd arrived. Nick briefly stopped what he was doing, put both of his hands on her hips again, and swung her up onto the table. She pulled him up close so that he was standing between her legs and started to work at taking off his pants. She was just about to pull them off when they heard it.

"Nick!" yelled one of the tour managers. "Nick Carter? Are you in there?"

Nick and Kayla both stopped kissing and opened their eyes. They stood there staring at each other in silence as Nick tried to debate whether or not to answer.

"Nick?" the manager yelled again.

Tearing his eyes away from hers in that moment was possibly one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do. "Yes?" he yelled back impatiently as disappointment shadowed his love's face.

"I've got to talk to you."

Nick rolled his eyes in ultimate frustration. "Can't it wait?"

"It's important," the manager insisted.

"Okay, be right there!" Nick grumbled, clenching his teeth. He turned back to Kayla, who looked at him imploringly and slid her legs around his waist.

"Nicky..." she said softly, pulling him close again.

Nick didn't think he'd ever been so tempted in his entire life, but he forced himself to give her one last kiss and then pull away, reaching down to quickly do his pants back up again. When he was done, he put his hands on her cheeks. "Do not move. I will be right back," he promised. He leaned forward and kissed her quickly on the neck as she shut her eyes before turning and hurrying out of the room, leaving her all alone.


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