Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Fifty-Nine

It took a whole lot of strength, but after a moment, Kayla was finally able to stop shaking and open her eyes again. Looking around the room, she let out a huge sigh. God, he was incredible. All it had taken was that one kiss and he'd had her. She had just slipped away into the place where only he took her and forgotten about everything else in the world.

Still gasping for her breath, Kayla glanced down and saw that her pants were still undone. Suddenly that nauseous feeling started to take over again, the same one that had overcome her when she had woken up in his arms. Her face turned bright red, and she quickly got down from the table and zipped and buttoned her pants back up again. Fixing her hair from when he had been running his hands through it, she cursed under her breath. Why did she always let his happen? It wasn't right...even though at the time it was happening, it always felt that way. What she needed was a lesson in self control. There was something about the way he kissed her that made every last scrap of it fall to pieces.

Kayla remembered his last words to her—that he would be right back—and her eyes widened. She had to get out of there. If he came back and started kissing her again, she would probably end up having sex with him again, and at this point, that was the last thing she needed to be doing. Making sure she looked completely normal in the mirror, Kayla smoothed down her clothing and quickly left the room.

She was pacing in the halls in an attempt to get him off of her mind when she literally bumped into A.J. She jumped at first, thinking it might be Nick, but when she saw who it really was, she relaxed.

"Whoa, sorry," A.J. said.

"My fault," Kayla practically panted.

A.J. raised an eyebrow. "And what, may I ask, happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" Kayla asked innocently.

"You're all hot and bothered. Who did you just screw?"

Kayla coughed and blushed. "What are you talking about, A.J.?" she mumbled.

"All right, you're coming with me," A.J. decided, taking her wrist and starting to walk. "I'm gonna get this out of you."

"There's nothing to get out," Kayla said. "I'm fine. Everything's normal."

"That's bullshit. You're a terrible liar," A.J. replied.

"You should talk," Kayla muttered as he opened the door to his dressing room and, letting go of her, gestured for her to go inside. She sighed and relented, walking into the room and seating herself in one of the chairs.

A.J. carefully closed and locked the door behind him before going to sit next to her. She had her wrist on the tabletop, and she was drumming the wood with her fingernails. A.J. reached over and stopped her. "All right, Kayla, tell me what happened."

"I don't think I should."

"Come on, if it involves Nick, he'll just be telling me anyway."

Kayla's eyebrows shot up, and her eyes widened so much that A.J. laughed.

"I'm just kidding. Seriously, tell me. You can trust me."

Kayla sighed and gave in, lacking the energy to resist anymore. She quickly told A.J. how she had been thinking about Nick when he had knocked on her door and asked to tell her something.

A.J. was absolutely riveted. "And what did he say?" he asked with rapt attention.

"Nothing," Kayla said. "He...started kissing me."

A.J.'s jaw dropped, and he let out a surprised laugh. "Nick did that?"

Kayla nodded. "So then, of course, we just start making out—his hands are going everywhere—and then,"

"He what?"

Kayla squeezed her eyes shut. "He undid my pants and...kept going with his hands," she murmured quickly.

"Nick took you to third base?!" A.J. asked incredulously. She nodded, and he practically fell over laughing. "Oh my God...I can't believe Nicky had the balls to do this!" he gasped.

"Oh, he had balls, all right," Kayla replied wryly. "He was getting me so into it that the next thing I knew, he had me up on the table and I was taking off his pants. I was going to fuck him again, A.J.! But then, thank God, he got called away," she breathed.

"Whoa, wait, back up," A.J. cut in. "What the hell do you mean, 'fuck him again'?"

"Yeah, we've already done it. Two weeks ago Friday. We had sex. Isn't that just great?" Kayla said sarcastically.

"Why wasn't I told about this?" A.J. demanded.

"Because the only people I told were Brian to get advice and Leah to help me stay away from him at the that happened. Look, it's kind of a long story. Basically, we did it, but the next morning I left before he woke up, so he came to me and just started begging me to be with him, but I said no, and—"

"Why the hell did you do that?" A.J. interrupted.

"Say no?" Kayla asked.

"Yeah. It's so obvious that the two of you are completely in love," A.J. remarked. "Why didn't you—"

"I am not in love with him! Why does everyone seem to think that we would be some perfect couple?! I don't want a relationship right now!" Kayla sputtered.

"You're such a liar," A.J. protested.

"No, I'm not! Just because I messed around with him doesn't mean that I want to be his girlfriend!"

"Kayla, you didn't just 'mess around.' You lost your virginity to him, and if I'm not mistaken, he lost his to you. That's so much bigger than just 'messing around,'" A.J. argued.

"No, it wasn't bigger! It was the heat of the moment! I've always had just a little bit of a crush on him, I've had a little bit of a crush on all five of you guys, and he wanted to do it, so I let him without thinking about it!" Kayla said. She ignored the fact that she had thought about it, that she had stopped him for a moment, but that he had begged her to stay with him and she had allowed him to keep going. "I do not love him!"

"You can say that, Kayla, but I think that—"

"Screw what you think! Ugh, I'm out of here! Even you of all people don't understand!" she complained, getting up and starting to leave.

A.J. realized what she meant by that and saw his golden opportunity. He grabbed her wrist again. "Wait," he said.

Kayla turned around and yanked her hand away. "What now?" she asked sourly.

"Honey, the reason I'm saying this is because the exact same thing happened with me and Amanda."

Kayla raised her eyebrows skeptically. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we met at this party, and I thought she was really hot, so I got her in bed with me, expecting it to be just another one night stand," A.J. explained. "But then after we'd had, like, the best sex I'd ever experienced, we talked for hours, and it made me realize how good she was for me. And look where we are now."

Kayla looked at him for awhile. Then she slowly shook her head. "That's nice, A.J.," she told him calmly, "but it's a completely different situation. And it's not going to happen with me and Nick." And with that, she turned and walked out of the room.


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