Love Will Find A Way

Chapter Fifteen

"Dear Diary,"

Kayla began to write late that night in her hotel room. She didn't usually keep a diary, but there was so much swimming around in her head after today, and she wanted to remember it a long time from now.

"Dear Diary,

"Oh my fucking God!!!!!!!! Do you know what happened today?! I met the Backstreet Boys!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

"Well, I could just stop there and that would be enough to describe the general feeling that I'm experiencing right now...but I won't do that. Instead I'll talk about my whole day.

"Technically it started this morning at seven o'clock when I woke up...but in actuality, it started at three o'clock P.M., Eastern standard time, when I met the one and only Backstreet Boys.

"Okay, wait, I have to give the morning some credit because I had a few very emotional goodbyes to some of my friends and my mother especially. But the main part of the day really started when I met the guys. Here are my notes on all of them so the next part of this entry won't seem utterly disorganized—because if I just write the thoughts as they come into my head, you will never be able to follow me.

"Howie: Such a sweetie! He totally deserves his nickname of Sweet D., he does not do one mean thing to anybody...except maybe Nick. Oh my gosh, he winks all the time, too! It is the cutest thing in the world. I think he and I are going to be pretty good friends, or at least I hope so. And oh my GOD, I cannot believe that people think he is gay! I saw him checking out about fourteen women total just when we were in the airport!

"A.J.: One word to describe this guy? FLIRT. As soon as I met him, he was already putting his arm around me and giving me those sexy little smiles of his. A couple of times I was about ready to jump him because of them! Just kidding of course. But seriously, he is a very sweet and cool guy also, as well as a very funny one (just a little psycho!), and one I look forward to getting to know a better.

"Brian: Well, I had already talked to Brian before today, so I don't have a lot of new stuff to say about him except that he is even funnier in person! Oh, and he knows how to make you feel right at home, too. Very admirable. I probably would have been a lot more depressed about leaving Boston if he hadn't been so nice and made me laugh so much. I think the two of us definitely have something that isn't there with the other guys. Wouldn't it kick ass if we became best friends? (No offense to Sara and Linz intended!)

"Kevin: AHHH! HOTTTTTIE!!!! Sweet Jesus, this man is FINE! I was about ready to faint when I saw him in person for the first time. His smile was even sexier than A.J.'s, and he wasn't even trying to flirt! And guess what I did as soon as I met him? I just suddenly blurt out, "Oh my God, I have the biggest crush on you!" Can we say blonde, Kayla? I was so embarrassed—I turned bright red! He was really cool about it, though. He just laughed and gave me a hug. But after that hug I seriously felt like I needed a cold shower or something! He is SEXY in person!!

"Nick: The only thing I have to say about Nick I thought his face was cute on the Millennium cover, but in person...he has one of the greatest smiles I have ever seen, and really pretty blue eyes too. Plus his personality is completely adorable—he has this tendency to make these really cute jokes that no one would have laughed at. Now he has me to laugh at everything, of course! Actually, he is a little shy around me, I have no clue why. Anyway, tonight, after we were all safely tucked away in our rooms, he came by mine just to make sure I was okay and that I wasn't homesick yet or feeling bad in any other way. Then, since he could kinda tell that I was lying when I said no, he started telling me stories about how homesick he got on his very first tour and how he would call home just about every other hour to try and cheer himself up. We laughed about that for awhile. It was very sweet of him to do that. I hope we get to be friends, too. That would be sooo awesome! Me, Nick, and Brian...

"Well, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the guys. As for what actually happened today...I met the guys in Boston and flew with them to Orlando, and then we went to the studio and rehearsal stage and met a bunch of people. After that we all went out to dinner, did a quick radio interview with a local station, and checked into our hotel.

"That all ended 12:15 A.M.. It's 1:00 now. Nick came in here at 12:30, and he just left a second ago. I should go to bed now, because tomorrow I have to get up early and start rehearsing "For The Rest Of My Life." Until then!!

-Luv Alwayz-

Kayla Prescott"


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