Paul Young has passed away at the age of 53. He died of a sudden heart attack at his home on Saturday, July 15, 2000.

Mike Rutherford had this to say on Paul Young's passing:

"We are all shocked and devastated by Paul's death. He had a fantastic voice, one of the best rock voices of his generation, and aside from his musical talent, he had such an infectious enthusiasm for the business. Paul loved performing, we all thought he would be singing in 50 years time. This is a terrible loss."

I would like to take the time to pass along my condolences to Paul Young's family.

Jason Young, one of Paul Young's three children, has set up a tribute site called Forever Young. There's information about Paul Young's career and a message board where fans can talk about his music and give support to his family.

Paul Carrack's latest solo album, Satisfy My Soul, it out now. The album was on his own label called Carrick-UK. Paul wants to sell his album direct through his new official web site, You can find news and information concerning the new album as well. There are sound bytes of demos from the new album and messages from Paul on what's going on at the moment.

If anyone has anything solid to contribute to this section, e-mail me and I'll post your contributions here. Full credit will be given of course.

And finally.... Bob Setlock, who created the ring and did a great job running it, couldn't continue to run it due to other obligations. I would like to thank him for letting me have a chance to run it.

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