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(to people from mainland) People in Hawaii do NOT live in little grass shacks.
(to people from mainland) People in Hawaii DO have electricity.
(driving stuff) Signs and markings requiring that you must obey the indicated instruction are called Regulatory signs.
I'm a rippah.
The internet chatting language; j/p is "just playing" NOT just poking. (clear things out for people who have brains like mine)
Washing your face with tooth paste helps prevent/kill pimples. (its the truth. i swear to god its true!! i read it in a magazine)
Adding the number one, and another one, comes out to two.
Research says that gay erect penises are bigger. (submitted by leslie) click here for more info.
La Pietra Sucks!
Wes thinks a lot.
September 26, 2000 -- 98 degrees 3rd (4th including christmas one) album Revelation release! woo hoo!
another penis fact: Smoking makes penis smaller.
Make sure there are no rocks below and around, when diving into the water. You can get injured quite bad. (trust me on this one)
Yo mama is so fat, She's fat!! (by some dude in the yo mama chat)
Put a piece of scotch tape any where on an inflated balloon. Then try poke it with a kneedle where its taped. The balloon doesn't pop! >> i tried this before, and it was true, but if you put the kneedle all the way in, it pops, and kneedle go flying into your face. (in my case, i smacked it down with my hand it hurt quite a bit) If you have no common sense, don't do it.
When you are getting sleepy, put a piece of tooth paste under your eye. (my friend loved it. right miki?)
September 2nd was my cat's b-day :) aww... he's 5 years old now... happy b-day Tucky! u'll always be my favorite big fat kitty.
Homo Erectus... sounds kinky but its a name for a kind of human (that stands upright) in human evolution.
(to all you sex lovers) WEAR CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharing my knowledge of pager codes: 911, 143, 43, 69, & 80087322
(another sexual fact ) According to study of 200 college women in New York, many women worry about their appearence during sex. Click Here for more info
In a tribe called Dugam Dani in New Guinea, the males (even a little kid) has a long stick extension on their penis' to make their penis look longer. Its called Penis Shief. (or something like that) **they walk around naked! oooo yea sexy mama!
Slugs can live up to 6 years depending on species.
Slugs eat centipedes.
Slugs are cool.
Slugs are sick. (i just found some photos of slugs mating.. extremely disgusting.. i just ate dinner too.. if u wanna see, Click Here)
EVERYONE!! I HAVE A NEWBORN NEPHEW!!!!!! Congrats to my half sista in Japan. (though he was born on July 4th)
Don't chew gum when you are hungry. because it makes you more hungry.
3 more days till 98* album is out!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!
Party game: Put fire up close to your butt and let your gas out!
Yo Mama's so old, she knew Burger King since it was Prince! (heeeeeeeeeeeheeeeee)
(goin' on the educational side..) Cigarettes consists of more than 3,000 toxic substances.
Chewing tobacco (snuff) has higher nicotine level than cigarettes. therefore, it is the most addictive tobacco product.
Buddha loves you <3
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