More than 400,000 little innocent spermies are released in one ejaculation. oooooo heeeee!
Young boys could get up to 20 erections during the night.
October is a Hook Up month!!!! Get a hook Up!
There is a part of your brain that is critical to our ability to recognize a joke. Click here for the article.
I believe Vice Present Gore reminds me of a corn. (nothing against Gore.. i want him to win)
Clean & Clear Pore Prep™ Clarifier works VERY GOOD on fighting break outs!!!! Say Good bye to Pimples!!
Goo Goo Dolls ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
My lava lamp makes penis-like shapes. Miki what did u do to it...
My pager broke on Novermber 27, 2000.
My mother wants me to join West African Dancing club to start something new. (no offense to all you West African Dancing Club Fans)
I suck at bowling.
One research shows that men are 5 times more likely to succeed suicides b/c men are 20% more likely to use more lethal methods to attempt suicides.
November 30th is the day Rosa Park refused to give up her seat to a white man and got arrested back in 1955.
I only have one fish now...
Pimp can be anyone... any age.. any looks.. ooo....
The year 2001 starts on Monday!! isn't that coool?
drugs are bad!
from ur elbow to ur wrist is ur foot size.
my cat likes to masturbate.
(to rob) eggnog is DISGUSTING
(to rob) SODA SUCKS!!!!!!
i'm leavin to japan tomorrow! woo hoo!! (2/9/01)
i actually don't like air plane rides.. i'm scared...
everyone's at a party and i'm lonely at this moment.. 11:34pm 2/9/01
I have to do shit load of homework while i'm on this trip.. shit.
Right now, Tokyo is 40 degrees...Here in hawaii, its 79 degrees... shit. 11:39pm 2/9/01
hey girls! if u have unprotected (withdrawl) sex during the 10, 15 days after ur period, u are morelikely to get pregnant! watch out!
plasma is the commonly found matter in universe. ....i think.
i need to go to the beach... i'm wHiTe..
make urself faint! need urself, and another person. 1.) first u bend over, (oOoOO) and hang ur upper body down. 2.) inhale and exhale deeply and fast (oOoOO) for 30 seconds. 3.) after 30 seconds, hold ur breath and get up, and quickly, have another person press ur upper chest down. after around 2, 3 seconds, u'll end up on the floor. not knowing where u are... wEiRRrRrd!!!

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