Since September 7th, 2000
Last updated 02/09/01
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Hello and Welcome to Jell-e's wonderful world of Slug.

Having a bad day? Need a break? You have come to the right place.

This page is the sacred relaxation hall.

It contains the displays of the most relaxing and mellow creature...


Slowly scroll down and browse through these innocent little fellas,

along with the soothing background music...

<3May your day be saved<3


One sluggish day a slug taking a walk out in the sun
Sleepin' in the 60's
Slug Orgy
slugs love friendliness

Street of Slugs in Perspective

wanna joint?

Slug March to Under the Rock

Going a little scientific on Slug.
(notice how its anus is located on their upper part of their body?)

Slug Clouds
They love to float in the air.
(for people with artistic mind...see how it makes a face?)

Artsi Slug
A slug stuck in ugly colors

Slug UFO.
A mysterious UFO landing in the darkness..

Merry Christmas from Slug

Warm Greetings from Slug

Slug Loves U!

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