Don't Fear the Reaper
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Welcome to My Page!!!

Hi! Welcome if you are new to my site, and welcome back if you are not! This site is currently being expanded. Enjoy your visit, and feedback is always welcome! Oh, and being a Carolinian, I am happy to pick at myself... Please visit my fun with the South vs the North (or is that the North vs the South?) LOL! :o)

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Seen on an AOL signature line: 20% of all patients will die, no matter how good you are. 20% of all patients will live, no matter how bad you are. The other 60% are the ones that make you work!

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Thanks to Anthony Rourke on his great artwork for my enter button, and to for allowing me the use of the GIF.
Also thanks to Marilee Davenport and Valerie Defrance for their help and support!

A big thanks to my inspirations: Angel, thank you for just being there for me, for being more than a sister, and for teaching me a lot about myself; Bill D. for being a great listener and friend; my three girls for making each day precious and unique; Reece, for not killing me when I crashed your computer!; Bill M., hun you are too, too much on a shift!; Mike O. for analyzing the hell out of me, though sometimes, I think you're WRONG I still love ya; Shelli-bean, for being a great person, with a heart of gold; Donald, I am adding this so you know you always have a special place in my heart. Also, to God, through whom my life became possible, though sometimes, I am sure He often shakes His head in disappointment at me!