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Only YOU can prevent Pokemon

Last updated: July 29th, 2000

All content of this site is unofficial and I have no possession of Pokemon, Nintendo of America, etc.
I have my right of free speech, and to express my negative emotion against Pokemon.
All Copyright Infringements are unintentional and not official.
Pokedeath is merely an anti-pokemon site, and is mainly for entertainment purposes only.
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By: Steve

The beginning of the end. Or so, that's what many pokemon haters wish for.
When it comes to pokemon, many things come to mind. For one, the corrupt way it ruins childrens, and adults, minds.
It's an addictive game for those who play it. Some seem to be so involved in it, that they end up living for it.
Eat, sleep, and breath pokemon. Among that, the background on pokemon is typically misleading to children.
Promoting violence, animal abuse, 'powers', magic, sadistic views,
"Headstrong, stubborn, quibbling, self-centered, vindictive, obnoxious, hormonal, sexually preoccupied, evil, thieving, cross-dressing jerks"
All of the above in quotations being taken from descriptions of the Pokemon characters.
Kind of makes you wonder.
I, personally, have no idea how they can actually do this.
To me, Pokemon is a game which seems to be made for the thinking impared. I mean, really...
a 10 year old boy, who's on his own, trying to succesfully catch 150 pokemon and then raise
them to the point where he can defeat the Elite Four. How logical is that? There is NO logic in that.
It's just pointless. There is absolutely no point in trying to even defeat that game.
Who goes around trying to catch pokemon? Sad thing is... I've seen my brother go to any means to try to get 150 pokemon.
It's a waste of time and thinking power. But then, there is no thinking involved in it. So it's more a waste of brain power.
I've had mulitple friends get a bit screwed up (that's an understatement) by just playing this game.
If we're lucky, pokemon is just a fad which'll end soon. And people will see that buying pokemon products is a waste of time, and money.
At this rate, though, pokemon has grown to be much more then a fad. It's a craze. Though, if it is anything like beanie babies it'll end soon.
I mean, how long can they keep this crud up?
Oh, look, it's pokemon yellow! It looks exactly like blue and red... except.. you can play with pikachu.
How gay is that?
"Look! My pikachu follows me around! I love my pikachu."
Ugh. Children wasting their brain cells on the fact that pikachu now follows you.
Talk about a waste... kids are badly enough influenced with this stuff as it is.

You know... I was looking through my guestbook, and other anti-pokemon pages...
and I noticed that somehow... pokemon has also seemed to alter the vocabulary of young children.
If you read my guestbook, you can easily see those who like pokemon tend to cuss out those who don't. I wonder why that is.
I have to say it really does make me wonder. Supposedly, pokemon isn't such a bad game.
And yet... children get this into it that they HAVE to cuss someone out because
of a difference in tastes, styles. It's just a stupid game, for goodness sake. It's not like I said I hated the person.

Which brings me to our next lesson, class...
Think, before you speak.
(That goes for me, too)

And in case you're still wondering what this page is about...

It is about how :

Sadistic pokemon really is.

Side note: If you're thinking I'm some messed up anti-pokemon freak with no life and has never even given pukemon
a chance ... think again. Though, its none of your business, I had given pukemon about a 6 months chance
and I have the Squirtle watch, and almost 400 pokemon cards to prove it. The watch I still use ... not gonna waste 10 dollars on a perfectly good
watch just because it has the devil on it :p Oh yeah, in case anyone cares, I'm going to get rid of my cards, so if you wanna buy 'em...
just email me, and I'll mail you a list of the cards I have... lotza holofoils :p If you want, make an offer :p

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Pikachu on Crack
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Weiss Kreuz. Check it out.... :)

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Also, click here to see the top 12 signs you know
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