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New Heart

She came from across the sea

Wounded to her soul

Like a sparrow with broken wing.

Sadness in her eyes for all to see.


She is to live alone

In the house of the who came before

Hoping to mend and live again.

Walking through the door

She feels that she has at last come home

Bringing life to a new heart.


She wanders the sands along the shore

Breathing the air of long ago

Hearing whispers of

Faeries of lore

Letting it make her strong


She sees the ghost

Of the one who came before

Watching the tears flow.

Feeling the pain of love lost

So long ago.


She looks in the eyes of fire

Feeling the heat of desire.

History will repeat

As he cannot give her all she needs

To fill her new heart.


She visits the grave

Of the one who came before

Whispering her hopes and dreams.

Telling of the love beginning to grow

In her heart.

Sitting on the stone

She finds the king of Faeries

Looking lost and alone.


He begins to tell her of his woes.

He tells how he stole

The fire of the sun

To make her his own

How they fell to the ground

And began to bloom

Heralding his doom.


With tears in her eyes

She tries to explain

The emptiness and pain

That can not be healed

By sparkling things.


His voice filled with rage

Brings on the rain

As he anger unfolds

He still cannot see

Where he went wrong

He fades away.

Leaving her a heavy heart.

Kneeling on the ground

Looking at the blooms

She finds one diamond lying alone

She takes it to her breast

With a prayer that the magic

Will bring a love for her own.

To fill her lonely heart.


Sherrie 5/12/2001






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