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Only One Word

The King of Faeries watched

The one sitting on the ground

Next to his lost love

As she spoke to the sea

Of all her hopes and dreams.

She sat on the hillside

Next to the grave

Of the one who turned away

From riches untold.

She dreamed of love

That is so strong

To last through eternity

And wondered of the sadness

She had never known.

The Faerie King came

To tell her of his pain.

Of how he gave his love

The fire of the sun.

He spoke of the jewels of the sea

That he brought to give

How she turned away

Leaving them to lie at her feet.

He told of flying

To rob the moon of its tears

To bring her back a bag of pearls.

How she only cried

As they fell to the ground.

He told of the gems

Turned to blossom

Ringing out his doom

As he cried,

What did I not do?

The young girl

With stars in her eyes

Told of a place in the heart

Where no gold could ever reach

Where gems are only stones

And how only one word

Could reach that part.

As the faerie shook his head

In complete wonder

She told him

What he should have said.

If one word of love

Had been spoken

The gems only a token

He could have had her love

With only one word.

Sherrie 5/12/2001