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Love of Eternity
A year is a century when waiting for love.
Three times love was offered
Three times was it rejected.
And he lived on into eternity
Waiting to claim the one of his dreams.
He offered her diamonds
The jewels of the suns fire
Filled with his desire
She threw them at his feet
Demanding something he could not give.
As he turned away in silence
Flowers bloomed at her feet
Sorrow filled her
For her love was his alone.
He took jewels from the sea
Sapphires of blue too bright to be
Of this world where she lived
Again she dropped them at his feet
Waiting for what he could not give.
She wed another as bid
While her heart was given
To the one who could not say
The words that would let him stay
As he turned to leave
Flowers bloomed where jewels did lay.
He stole the tears of the moon
Offering them as pearls
Setting her dreams a whirl
As he again offered all he had
But what she wanted
He could not give
So alone he lived.

The Prince of the Faeries
Flew away
On the back of his white steed
A spell he did leave
Barring his love for her
Till the love of three
Allowed the love he had
To be set free.
A love that spans eternity
Sherrie 5/9/2001
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