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You're Hired

You work as a baker, 
making amazing deserts and bread,
Always keeping me filled, 
always making sure I'm fed.

You work as a chef cooking fresh, 
hot meals every day,
Keeping food warm 'till I get home, 
when other plans get in the way.

You work as a maid cleaning, 
dusting, washing, sweeping,
Day in, day out, 
in-between short periods of sleeping.

You are a seamstress, 
fixing holes in my clothes, 
hemming pants when they're two sizes too big, 
so that nobody ever knows.

You work as a pharmacist, 
prescribing drugs when problems arise,
And suggesting home remedies 
to calm my irritated eyes.

You work as a nurse, 
by my bedside whenever I'm ill,
Right there with more medicine, 
whenever I'm in need of another pill.

You work as a chauffeur 
driving me to where I need to go,
Taking me to school so I don't have to walk 
three miles in the snow.

You work as a teacher and a tutor 
helping me to learn, and to understand completely,
Staying up extra hours 
to help me figure out how X plus Y equals Z.

You work as a psychologist 
giving me advice and counsel along my way,
There to listen to problems I have, 
there to help, 24 hours a day.

You work as a health advisor 
giving me tips on good nutrition,
And in addition you're an accountant, 
a stylist, a secretary and a technician.

It's incredible, all this work to do, 
yet you do it all for free, 
And what is more, 
you do it all willingly.

I've never seen someone so amazing, 
so dedicated and devoted; you're unlike any other.
Your list of jobs goes on forever, 
but can be described in one word...
You are a mother.

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