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It's a Pawn's Life

Could life get any more boring 
than one step at a time?  King and queen
dance forward, backward, diagonal--
but I try to keep going on, 
hoping I can be something more. 
I've heard that the other side is like
a treasure chest: reach in and be

what you want to be, except for king.
It's okay though--I'm not too keen
on wearing the crown, it is all
too much for me.  I like wooden
chairs just fine; I'll leave the throne for
king.  Oh, but if just once I might
have a chance to choose and be free

to explore the squares, I'd be choosing
which one is mine.  It is my dream
to take a step back when the castle
comes streaming by and to be strong
and fight with the knights.  I want more 
than a square.  I want to move right
or left at will.  I want to see.

**If you've seen this poem before it's because I borrowed from one of my old poems. For an explanation, see the poem "Down South".

Rima Dissoluta.
The Rima Dissoluta is a form whose lines within the stanza do not rhyme. The lines may be of any length, and each stanza may contain any number of lines, but all lines must be of equal length. In subsequent stanzas the corresponding lines rhyme. I.E. abcdef abcdef ghijkl ghijkl.
-Rima Dissoluta-

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