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Linda's Lair - Guestroom. Slowly, you push the white, wooden door ajar. The sunlight fall in through the branches of the rowan in the garden. On the desk by the window is a plate with some candles and a few autumn-coloured leaves. There is a mirror and a chest of drawers next to the door and a wickerwork chair beside the bed. To your left is another door, probably leading to a bathroom.


"It is usually polite to introduce oneself, you know." As you whirl around you notice for the first time the creature curled up like a cat amongst the colourful pillows on the bed. Blue, glittering eyes, long, slender neck and scales that catch the light.

He stretches lazily, waving aside your apologies. "I can start, anyway. My name is Cireshnamirith and before you ask, yes, I am a dragon." He looks up at you, maybe a hint of mischeviousness in his voice. "Exactly the kind that might put a spell on you if you are not careful..."

As he gracefully gets up and jump down from the bed you notice that the magnificant colour of his wings are echoed by the scales under his belly. "Don't worry, wanderer. You have just woken me, not awoken my wrath. Yet, that is..." He glances at you over his shoulder. "You didn't think she was living in this big house in the forest all alone, did you? Enjoy yourself, dinner should be about seven."

With that, he leaves. Leaving for you to ponder weather your should follow and go exploring or stay in the house.

Name: Cireshnamirith
Translatation: Poet's Dance
ID: Firebelly11
Gender: Male
Flare: Searching
Land of Birth: Alonnia
The Silver Unicorn

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