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The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragons
Calling on Dragons
Talking to Dragons
By Patricia C. Wrede

A beautiful little series about a "reluctant princess" who voluntarily becomes a dragon's princess after being told she will have to marry Therandil, a prince who's obsessed with two things: himself, and swords. Lots of funny little faerie-tale references--for best results, read your faerie tales before you read this series!

The Forbidden Game Trilogy

The Hunter
The Chase
The Kill
By L.J. Smith
Beautiful writing. A gripping story with a lot of cool mythological allusions mixed in with modern things like science fiction, amusements parks, Paul Simon music, etc. The characters are great--very round and diverse; the plot is wonderful, the metaphors are cool and of course, the mythological elements are wonderful and add a lot of spice to the books.

The Time Quartet

A Wrinkle In Time
A Wind in the Door
Many Waters
By Madeleine L'Engle
A classic series that was really popular for good reason. I really like the third book--it's climactic and interesting, and it's cool how each chapter is named after a line in an Irish rune. The fourth book is cool too--it's set a little later and features the twins Sandy and Dennys, which no other book in the series does.

Black Unicorn
Gold Unicorn
Red Unicorn
By Tanith Lee
Yes, they're about unicorns... but not the typical, "don't touch me unless you're a virgin female" kind. These are unicorns with attitude!   Seriously, this is excellent writing. The main character, Tanaquil, is hilariously sarcastic, and the books are similiar to "Daria" in that they make fun of a world filled with stupid people.