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A Name is written on a polished rock...

A Broken Heart that the world forgot....

Day 04....
Well...i am sitting in school....Im really upset right now, normally because I hate everyone so what does it matter.....I am so mad at my mom is such a tyrant sometimes. I cant stand her when she is at home with me and stuff. It's like....she yells at me for shit that doesnt even matter. She told me this morning that she is going to take my shirt away cause it's "revealing." And it's like, when my mom is mad so is my little sister and she treats me like shit too. My mom is like evil because she holds grudges...Its okay sometimes, but not against your own children. I wouldnt hold grudges against them messing up once in awhile, because no child is perfect, and especially not me. But I mean that i am a really easy child to have. I dont require a lot of attention. I dont need the best clothes and junk, and id rather be writing, while as some teens go off and have sex and do drugs. I think that I am pretty damn what's her problem? I hate her so much, and she wonders why. She wants her answer to that is disownment. Wow! What a great way to get respect. Yes...well...I am done.....times up
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