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Dear Readers -

We live in a time of rapidly disappearing old values and many of us search for a good once known as happiness. A time when, in spite of the many acquisitions of modern civilization, we feel alone, isolated and often under great stress. Some of us find gratification in artistic pursuits such as painting or poetry. Suree Snyder is one such artist that found such an outlet in both!
Her art adheres to the natural spirit where colors and brush strokes divulge her subjects mirroring her own nostalgia depicting a silent calm and reveal the artist's own heart and mind. Her lucid colors emphasize the beauty and liveliness of nature in romantically soothing scenes integrating symbolic expressions of love. She imbues her subjects with simple beauty painting its symbols into her canvases in a style reminiscent of naive painters, as she finds their style most suitable for expressing the conceptual aspects of her art. The idealized archetypes and formative deformations so typical in primitive art are present in hers but they are not the result of deficient painting techniques; it is a consciously simplified artistic approach tinted with innocent romanticism.

- Alex Nodopaka

poems by: Didi Menendez & Alex Nodopaka

poems by: Rae Pater & Craig Kirchner

poem by: Peggy Meeks-King

poems by: Wendy Howe & Craig Kirchner

by Janie Hubbell

along the water
she trips in tides

her instinct—mothering
across finite distances

her red-blooded tribe
like a hurricane-force wind
sewn elsewhere

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