serving the college community: paper mill hired to line puppy mill

terms negotiated over a beer


Hello, Yaku.


You may begin an investigation of possible plagiarism with nothing more than a feeling that the student's writing has improved dramatically over the space of a couple of days.

a new proposal broadens the definition of dietary fiber.

I have this sinking feeling.

hey! whatís that smell down there?


lesbian transmission.


your attitude is all copied.



salamanders, spring mattresses, or people named Barton. thereís a buzz about town.

dont go to a country barber, dumbass.


clubbin wit mr. transmission. oil glut.


if you are going to the south of Alabama, be sure to wear lots of peroxide in your hair.


itís called killer bees. here, take a bath in Utah.


Bob likes to swim in hot springs and has a pet salamander. Bob would shit his pants at the likes of kim bassinger visiting his place.


essential earls.


This may be especially true if a student owns a book that is not likely to be found in the library.


somebodyís been plagiarizing my ideas on the bathroom walls of the bars about town.

Some may argue whether to spell it "fiber" or "fibre," but food scientists, nutritionists and academics are currently wrestling with a much more important question: the definition of fiber itself.

assume the position.


positrons stuck to the ladle.


the current swept us away from the submerging weigh station. topography was attained by my mind. the local geography.

de facto maintenant: "Dietary fiber consists of the remnants of edible plant cells, polysaccharides, lignin and associated substances resistant to (hydrolysis) digestion by the alimentary enzymes of humans."


whatís for dinner, Uncle Bob?


longer paragraphs should be broken up by rows of soldier bricks with nice tits.


itís fiber to an elephant.


how to turn in suspicious papers:

an aid to cerebral digestion.


my aid-de-camp will show you to your dimwit.


put the ball into the enzymes.

Iíve been labelled a generic box.

I knew you when your sisterís hair was incorrect. whatever happened to your advice?


a brief description of this method serves as the current definition of dietary fiber.


I like forceful women.

she speaks my mind.


Mike Wallace is the defatted food material that remains after in vitro digestion with two amylases and one protease to simulate physiological digestion, and it precipitates in 78% alcohol, corrected for protein and ash in the precipitate," said Dennis Gordon, chair of the AACC Dietary Fiber committee in Cereal Foods World, Feb. 1999.

he was correct.


Softer stools also reduce constipation and ease or prevent hemorrhoids, explains Tungland.


Chalk Talk with Coach McGuts.


here, guy, blow up my venue.


your former man was a double-agent ditch digger. he was a meat substitute. me, Iím no tofu and certainly not healthy. so, what do you really want appearing in your dreams?

Wu Tang Clan is hard as a homefried pork rind.

check out these other impulse purchases:


or a while or two I was into rooftop gardening, throwing up for no reason and the radical palpablist Mister Leptins. I was particularly engrossed in the minutiae of his privacy fence erection (circa 1976), his six-chapter1968 foray into Minimalism, Life Sentence and subsequent conversion to neo-Kaczynskiism emblematized by the 1987 novel, Nobody Asked for Your Input, Franklin.


a backlog of fucking off.


west highland gets his swerve on.


I spent twelve years in an elevator bumming cigarettes and verbs.

swallow that gum and itíll be seven years witcha. and it will itch.

another modest effect of insoluble fiber is its scrubbing/cleaning action on epithelial walls in the intestine. it wont get my grafitti off, tho, baby. recycle that bottle after you drain it of the liver-flavor diaper gravy. stop waving at your former boyfriends, frontiní on cell phones out front of the publix while they momsís inside buying crackers for the ant farm keeps them company in the four-postered bedroom. whoís bumpiní thee tonight, baby? not me: Iím too lazy after a dayís work and my foster children need straightening out.


bring that pout over here. Iím gonna pee on it.


you think corn is bad? I cant digest any part of a wonton. legacy papers.

and puppy petters who sweat upon the counters.


what kind of guy do the real bitches end up with? the real sexy bitches? not on looks. I dont judge sexy by size and weight.


food navigator. Yaku.


mensa advises using your noodle.


In general, soluble fiber reduces calorie load to the host and adds viscosity, which has an effect on insulin resistance and postprandial blood sugar increase.

fire warheads.

meet me at the Islets of Langerhans. bring a pair of unmarked shorts.

only accessible by paddleboats.


chyme in the Upper Nile. effluvia. a sense of propriety, an inward anxiety.

lining the garden.

with vixens.


weight up for me.


take each line one at a time.


them sexy bitches end up with themselves.

I am accused of being a hater. I stand accused.


a procedure during which the surgeon takes his pancreas out.


put my stuffing back where you found it.


Yezo is now Hokkaido

dont ask


as she relates the incident to police, a substantial quantity of soft, bulky and water-retaining bacterial mass accumulates.

does anybody remember melancholy laughter?


Nabisco continues to target mainly adults. at least with crackers.


my butt manufactures water balloons.




s o u r c e s

ďToo Late!  How can I detect and document plagiarism?Ē Scholastic Honesty


ďRedefining fiberĒ by Linda Milo Ohr on


ďUpdate on the U.S. Baking IndustryĒ American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC)






post script

The 1998 State of the Snack Food Industry Report by the Snack Food Association found that almost every savory snack category experienced growth in sales during 1997.

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