Bowlbrushes (are our friends)

My Favorite things about Lady Elaine Fairchild.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. I am currently getting my brushes in order. Click on the variety of links below or please come back and visit again! Everyone needs bowlbrushes.

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making love to the ice princess
using a warm-hearted sock puppet

in the tradition of Juan Serio Landers...
today is the day in ?
sponsored in part by the Alfonse D'Amatto "What's for Dinner, Mom?" Literary Fund

Gene Erik Bachs: Term Paper Reunion onion dip
warmed with lesbian eye lasers

Seņor Crakles: how to hinder a prosecution
while winning horny friends

(also available in document format)

Marcus Gravy
eggs and tomatoes

Georges Fousaut
why no rumors about potatoes?
first published by Feel Badder Books in 1996,
this version of Fousaut's potatoes was reconceived
by Nedit Blancrien in late March 2002.
Bon chance!

My Favorite Web Sites

there's no such thing as Satanic Muppet Lice
A Finely-tailored Jitbag this side of the Mississippi?
The VerpacktesFleisch: a ring for cheaters
the Bryllyant Alternitive musical reading program!