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The Great White Shepherd in Australia.



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Edelweiss Jaric-(Tee Gee) who saved a life


This is my story of how I came to find another true friend in my new dog - my white Shepherd "Tee Gee". Sadly my beautiful Shepherd/Labrador Cross white dog "Tigger" had to be put down on the 14th April 1997. We were inseparable and I cried a million tears. I was also very lonely, especially as I have no children at home, and so I decided that I had to have another dog. I began searching for another dog similar in colour, not thinking that I would ever be so lucky. One day my brother-in-law informed me that he had seen a "Tigger" look-a-like. I went immediately to see this dog and the lady who owned her was very kind and let me spend some time there. It was only then that I discovered that there were pure bred white Shepherds. Then I knew that my luck had changed, or so I thought. My son, who lives in Melbourne, rang several breeders of Shepherds but to no avail, they all said very rudely that there was no such thing as a white Shepherd and if there was one in their litter that they immediately put it down. Still I kept looking. I bought so many different newspapers until by chance I accidentally got hold of the "Advertiser." There in the wanted to sell section - first up- "White German Shepherds" it said. All excited I immediately rang and said I would take one.

This pup was meant to be for me, especially as he was born the day before I had my dog put down. Because of this co-incidence I decided to incorporate my old dog Tigger's initials and call this one Tee Gee. So my new life with Tee Gee began. Tee Gee's home is a motel. The motel is situated right in the city centre with no fencing. He has the run of the entire surroundings. He has selected his special lookout tower and although temptations are very strong at times, he never steps over that line.

He has several toys which different guests have bought for him and he knows each by name and never gets confused. The guests are simply amazed. The children especially love playing with him and he adores them. However, if they throw his toy out of 'the line' he will not go to retrieve it as desperate and keen as he may be. Quite amazing! He greets each guest and they in return give him a pat. I never worry if I'm busy cleaning the rooms because he is my alarm when the phone rings-he howls until I answer. At the tender age of fourteen months he saved the life of a guest. On the day that this happened, I was very busy, all on my own, not a soul was around other than Tee Gee. He kept coming to me and was very restless. I couldn't hear the phone or hear the office desk bell but because he was so persistent I decided to stop what I was doing and check it out.

To my shock there was a gentleman, one of our guests, bent over with severe chest pains and having great difficulty in breathing. I immediately rang the ambulance and they were there very promptly. The man was taken to hospital and survived and Tee Gee was proclaimed a Hero! And boy, did he get spoilt! Every "new" that arrives at the motel, Tee Gee gives a bark to, but any guest that he knows, he accepts and doesn't bark at. He is incredible. He has his own latch on the door so he is able to come in and go out as he pleases. Sometimes when I am not well or a little saddened, he senses this and his eyes are so sad they almost have a tear in them and he doesn't leave my side. He travels in my ute and people are astounded to see this dog sitting upright with one paw outstretched on the dashboard.

Tee Gee has a wonderful friend who visits us occasionally. Her name is Jal and she is the white Shepherd we discovered in our initial search for a Tigger look-a-like. Jal, we and her owners have become one big happy family. They often take Tee Gee for walks along with Jal and both dogs enjoy each other's company. We have a home as well as the motel, and there we have fowls, two of them. Tee Gee loves them, he eats with them and plays with them. One day I called him and I wondered why he wasn't responding to my call. There he was with both of his 'friends' underneath his legs, eating their wheat. He didn't know which way to move so as not to hurt them. How gentle is that for one large dog! Well, that's my story which I am pleased and honoured to be able to share amongst other white Shepherd lovers. Tee Gee gives me so much love and happiness. His intelligence together with his super sensitivity stands out by far. He is indeed my truest friend in life and I love him dearly. Anna A. Mildura

 Edelweiss Kayla who chased a burglar away

Kayla belongs to Linda in Adelaide. She came back to us when she was around two years old as her owner was moving into a flat and had no room for her. Linda already had a Kayla, a red and black G.S.D but she was a hyperactive dog and kept jumping the fence. She ran away and was  run over by a car and cost Linda a fortune at the vet but when she was recovered she continued to be a fence jumper and ran away again. When she had been gone for some time Linda adopted our Kayla. Shortly afterwards, her Kayla returned but Linda took her back to her breeder as she was not to be trusted left alone in the yard. Kayla number two was quite timid and didn't want to be left outside without company so she became an indoor dog. She was happy to be left inside when Linda and her son were out. One day when Linda's son came home he found Kayla at the front of the house and the back of the house showed signs of a break-in. However nothing was stolen and the thief must have come across Kayla in the house and shy dog that she is she would have protected her families belongings and chased the would be thief outside. She is a hero.