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The Great White Shepherd In Australia.

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Welcome to our www-wonderful whites web.

This  web is to promote the White German Shepherd Dog under any name, and to share some white German Shepherd information with you.

Info on the White Swiss Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse) in Australia.

Be aware that some white German Shepherd Dog clubs and individual breeders, are marketing their Australian white German Shepherd dogs as White Swiss Shepherds.  To be accepted by the Australian National Kennel Council  as a  White Swiss Shepherd  a dog must be an import, or be bred from imported dogs,  and have three further generations of F.C.I numbered White Swiss Shepherds  listed in the  pedigree (with none of its forebears listed as  White Shepherds or White German Shepherd back to three generations.)

Although some white German Shepherd  clubs have their own "pedigree" registers these pedigrees are not recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council.

In May 2008 the White Swiss Shepherd was recognised as a breed by the Australian National Kennel Council and  dogs can be Shown from January 2009.

It is hoped that Australian breeders of white (German) Shepherd who want to begin to  breed genuine White Swiss Shepherds will get their white German Shepherds de-sexed so that no mixed breeding can occur to damage the reputation of the White Swiss Shepherd in Australia.


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