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Integrating Technology into Arts and Music Education

There are so many examples and reasons
to incorporate technology into the arts.
One of the major reasons is to give students a head start
in bridging the gap between theoretical ideas,
and concrete real-world applications.
Technology can incorperate all of the aspects of theory in art and music, but present it using multiple senses.
This aids in exceptional education learning as well.
Technology can also make learning the arts and music fun, and simplify complex problems in basic visual or audio ways.
Below are some programs that have been integrated into classrooms,
as well as some artists who have created their own integrations
which show examples of what can be done with technology in the arts.


Educational Music Programs

hyperscore demo video
fun music games
music learning software
music and movie recording

Fun Explorations and Interactions with the Arts and Technology

free art video clips and cheap complete downloads
animated figure sketch
Art History Images
online collaborative journals
music, art, interactive technology
alice in wonderland interactive adventure
apple mobile computer option for education

Educational Art Programs

kidpix software
about adobe photoshop software
easy cad drawing
art software gallore