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Founded in 2001, Tomorrows Girls a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization began as an mentoring program for girls, where the purpose was to keep young girls, teens, teachers, parents and guardians in touch with each other and the numerous community outreach initiatives aimed at helping them succeed. This was a place to share, promote and grow. Our motto is, “One Little Girl Can Change the World,” and our mission is to show every young lady in the program that they are indeed “that girl. TOMORROW’S GIRLS was and still is designed to involve the girls in an enjoyable learning while growing experiences.
At present, in addition to the TOMORROW'S GIRLS MENTORING PROGRAM (to learn more, click on the link to your left), we have embarked on the process of establishing ourselves as a organization committed to serving our entire community. Because we believe that no act of kindness is too small, and that any act of kindness can change a persons life, we are no longer primarily a “girls” program.
By providing resources for the homeless, holiday basket give-aways, toy drives, and recognizing local do-gooders, to name a few, We are now TOMORROW'S GIRLS & WOMEN.
While our digital footprint is being enhanced, our commitment remains the same. We invite you to get involved with our organization as there are many ways that you can lend a helping hand: become an advocate for giving by volunteering for our programs and events or becoming a committed mentor; spread the word about our organization to your family and friends, by participating in our social media communities; and make a donation of time and interest so that we can continue to, MAKE A DIFFERENCE: One act of Kindness at A Time!


In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, TOMORROW’S GIRLS & WOMEN and FOR WOMEN COLLECTIVE hosted UNSILENCED: Behind The Wall. A multi-genre, multi-generational gathering on Saturday, October 27, 2018, featuring guest speakers, performances, and a signature highpoint, the “Purple Passion Fashion Show.”
With the permission of the #METOO founder Tarana Burke, the program theme of UNSILENCED: Behind The Wall, was designed around her quote, "It is important to acknowledge the trauma, but even more crucial to cultivate joy."
Proceeds were donated to the Purple House Project, a non-profit organization in Delaware.



Empowerment Luncheon

A BIG thanks to everyone for joining us for this purpose driven event where our primary goal was to celebrate, elevate, and encourage women and girls, in a supportive and empowering environment.

There was Delicious Food ~ Powerful Guest Speakers ~ Amazing Entertainment ~ Vendors ~ Fellowship & Networking ~ Giveaways & Raffles

PLUS: A special guest Poetic Performance and Praise Dancers




Introducing our WINNERS!!!.


Introducing our

With winter upon us, the weather is already cold and will only get colder. Throughout this season TOMORROW’S GIRLS & WOMEN will distribute homeless care backpacks with essential items to help people in need and those living on the streets this winter. In addition we will offer fleece blankets and emergency (space) blankets. These NASA designed, foil-type blankets are designed to be wrapped as close to the body as possible and will hold in 90% of body heat. This can mean the difference of life or death on a freezing night

TOMORROW'S GIRLS & WOMEN,Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us to help others. Your donations along with the help of THE AWESOME FOUNDATION has enabled us to distribute 123 BACKPACKS, so far.


Although we will still offer many of the programs and events we have in the past, we look now to serve the community as a whole. We will be working collaboratively with other organizations to create and sponsor community socials, educational and advocacy events; community celebrations; support and discussion groups; lectures, educational retreats and seminars, to build a strong network of people to support and advocate for our collective community. Emphasizing and encouraging personal growth.

It is our intent to help build a network where people can feel validation and support. We believe that by doing "WHAT WE CAN, WHERE WE CAN, WHEN WE CAN," we can help others increase feelings of belonging, connection and self esteem, and in turn, provide for a better quality of life and a broader context for healthier living.

Our mission Is to actively be of service to others as an inspirational model of living and working together to create community and social change. We envision a community culture grounded in love: embodying compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, delight in diversity, cooperation, and the honoring of all ethnicities. This vision recognizes the interconnectedness of everyone and supports living with intention and purpose

TOMORROW’S GIRLS & WOMEN believe's that no act of kindness is too small, and that any act of kindness can change a person’s life.
We recognize that the most important factor in our success is our relationships with the communities we serve. We emphasize and encourage personal growth: safety and trust, compassionate communication, and self awareness. We aim to build social connections and a sense of community with planned activities geared towards senior citizens, young girls ages 7-14, single mom’s, homeless shelters, working parents, etc.


It is with the help and recognition, not just from individuals and organizations in our community, but from all over the country, that we are able to continue to do what WE DO!


TOMORROW’S GIRLS & WOMEN was honored beyond belief to be selected to attend the United State of Women Summit. Hosted by the White House, which focused on gender equality in the United States.

The summit took place on June 14th, 2016, in Washington, D.C. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Speakers included:
President Barack Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama
Vice President Joseph Biden
Kerry Washington (Scandal)
Mariska Hagarty (Law and Order Special Victims),
as well as numerous other speakers and organizations who attended.

The United State of Women Summit was amazing, 5000 women strong---plus a few good men were there who name themselves a feminist.

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For this fundraiser, TOMORROW'S GIRLS & WOMEN collaborated with the For Women Collective to present this multidisciplinary performance piece featuring poetry, songs, storytelling and dance honoring while representing the often marginalized voices of women of color across the globe, about issues ranging from self-worth and sexuality to familial relationships and identity.

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In addition to in-kind offerings and fundraisers, TOMORROW'S GIRLS and women has been able to offer it's services to the community FREE of charge for more then 10 years by applying for and receiving grants for various arts funding organizations in the City of Philadelphia.

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