Pat McLean Smith
Pat McLean-Smith

Pat McLean-Smith is a female word artist dedicated to the writing, reciting and powerful performance of poetry. She popularized the concept that "Poetry Pulls Pain," in order to encourage participants to view their past and present lives as a blueprint for the future. She offers a wide range of performance styles and poems—from poignant and inspirational to roof-raising and revolutionary—which can be designed to fit any venue. She has performed extensively throughout the tri-state area as well as other cities in various venues, including a variety of worthwhile causes.


Every workshop, lecture or performance includes PASSION, humor, JOY, laughter, WOWs, stories, AHAs, surprises, OHs and learning tools and skills that can be utilized in the reality of the work participants do each day.

As a Performance Poet.

Pat has performed extensively throughout the tri-state area as well as other cities in various venues, including a variety of worthwhile causes. She has been featured on radio and television programs, poetry CD’s, at local bookstores and college campuses; received award-winning recognition in poetry writing contests; participated in spoken-word competitions; facilitated numerous workshops at festivals, writers’ retreats, educational institutions and private gatherings. She is a published author of several books whose work is available to the public


As a Workshop Facilitator.

In addition to performances, Pat offers workshops to organizations seeking to address issues relevant to the challenges faced by women and girls in transitional periods of their lives. Whether it’s an opportunity for participants to express social life issues, or the discovery of other worthwhile endeavors beyond traditional familial roles, her workshops will provide a safe environment for sharing and learning.


As a Mentor.

Pat founded Tomorrow’s Girls, a summer enrichment program for 7-13 year old girls. The eight weekly sessions features life skills activities, cultural events, educational support services, creative outlets, and self-discovery opportunities that help the girls to become more well-rounded individuals. Tomorrow’s Girls gatherings include poetry writing, fashion design, personal grooming, as well as serves as a positive social experience for mothers or guardians with their daughters.


As a Childrens Author.

Pat published her first in a series of children's books, entitled "REGGIE RASCAL."


I am excited to share my ARTIST page. Here you will find my paintings, fabric art, fiber art, drawings and embroidery. Page is not currently under construction and will be available soon. So please be sure to come back and visit often.


UNSILENCED: Art as Activism

In The Company of Friends

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