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Pages under construction: 7.10.2006

Welcome to The Final Revolution's offical website!

The Final Revolution is an offical alliance in game called DarkThrone.
Our goal is to have an alliance with only active members.
And we are doing great in achieving that goal.
Our activity Team takes care of kicking inactive members and
getting everyone active in the forum.

At this point, we are currently offering:

Advice which can help answer all of your questions.
Strategies that help you in DarkThrone.
Clicklist and money transfer list to make your account better.
Protection against farmers and alliances.
Spy, Strike, Diplomacy and GFX Teams.
Farm list that is updated by Spy Team.
Unique ranking system based on activity, not to your stats.
Unique way of dealing with warnings.
An up to date and constantly used active forum.
A place to have fun and make friends.
And much more!!

We are demanding:

Loyalty to the alliance.
Never to attack any of our other members.


DarkTrhone is MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game).
You can choose from four unique races: Undead, Humans, Goblins, Elves.
Train citizens as miners, offensive or defensive soldiers, and spies.
Equip your army with weapons and armor.
Play with friends, create your own alliance, and communicate via the in game message system.
Create a character profile with a custom avatar.
Stay in contact with the game's developers via the Dark Throne forum.
And much, much, more!!!

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