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Everyone thought it was there would be no more battles. The wars with the Goa'uld, Replicators, and Ori, and the Wraith are all over and have been for some time. Stargate Command thought that they had faced everything the universe could throw them, but the universe is not done with mankind just yet.

As the SGC begins to explore the Andromeda Galaxy, the ultimate threat will rise with one goal: to wipe out humanity and its allies.

The year is 2056 and all the legends of the old Stargate Command are retired or else moving on with their lives. A new generation of soldiers must fight a threat that made the Goa'uld, Replicator, Ori, and the Wraith conflicts look like child’s play. Two galaxies will face the ultimate test, a test that will either unite them as one or see to it that they fall to the Bugs. President Andrew Williams has order the Stargate Command to prepare for aid from other countries.

This time there might not be a chance to keep Earth save from this threat. The Stargate teams are humanity's last hope. If the teams are lost, nothing will save humanity and it allies.