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You have requested more drill information and below are more pictures and more in depth info. Please standby as I acquire more pictures I will post them here and they will be avaliable for you to see and hopefully enjoy. If you need more info on the explanitations below see my Diagrams page.(link at bottom)

Color Guard




Below are some video files if you are interested, keep in mind I hate viruses just as much as you do.

Colorguard video ©Msid
Drill Video ©

Now lets get back to the explination of drill and colorguard movements. When you join the drill team you learn the basic commands first, that is what I am going over now. The basic command list for the drill team is as follows:
Fall In Dress right Dress Ready Front Cover Recover Present Arms Order Arms Left Face Right Face About Face Foward March Rear March
Left Flank March Right Flank March Column Left March Column Right March Element Halt Stand At Ease : Attention At Ease : Attention Parade Rest : Attention Rest : Attention Fall Out

Now to go over each one in detail:

Fall In: This command brings the Element(an element can be an individual, a squad, a batallion... it all depends on the size) to attention and instructs them to create a formation.

Dress Right Dress: This command instructs the Element to extend there left arm and touch the shoulder of the person to the left to assure the proper distance in the formation while turning there head and eyes to the right, except for the person to the far right who keeps there head and eyes straight foward.

Ready Front: This is the ending command for Dress Right Dress, when this command is called the cadets drop there arms and turn there head and eyes back to the positon of attention which is head and eyes stright foward.

Cover: This command instructs the Element to extend there right hand foward towards the person in front of them, except for the front row, and they should be a fists length from the person in front of them. This insures the proper distance for optimal marching.

Recover:This command is simple, it is the ending command for Cover; you simply drop your arm and wait.

Left Face: This, along with all other facing movements is hard to explain in words, so i have decided to do the best i can. Left Face is the command to turn to the left like all other commands it must be exceuted in a military manner. To exceute this command you lift your right heel of the ground about 1/2 inch and lift your left toes about 1/2 inch, then to turn you pivit on your left heel and right toes until you have turned 90°. At this point your Left foot should be planted firmly on the ground with your right foot about 2 inches away from your heel, when you are in this position you should bring your right foot up to match your left foots position. If you are lost, there is a diagram link at the bottom of this page.

Right Face: As is with left face you would just do the opposite, Raise your left heel and right toes then pivit... As with left face a diagram is included at the bottom of this page

About Face: About Face is a little different. About Face is when you turn a full 180°, This Facing movement is performed basically the same way as Left and Right Face. To execute you place your right toes on the left side of your left foot, now you pivit to your right and bring your left foot up to match your right. This command is a little bit simpler but it is a little harder to actually do.

Foward March: When this command is called you simply begin to march by always stepping off on your left foot, if you step off on your right foot you will be out of step and will have to perform a Change Step March which changes your step from right to left foot or vise versa, also hard to explain.

Rear March: This command is called while you are marching. All commands before this were stationary movements which means they are performed while you are not moving, now we start the moving commands. Rear March is nothing more than a change of direction. Rear March is called on your right foot, which means you will perform this command while stepping with your right foot, when it is called you pivit on your right foot a full 180° to march to the rear (emphasize "Rear March")

Left Flank March: A flank movement is when the entire element turns in one direction, Left Flank instructs the element to turn to the left on the right foot.

Right Flank March: This is the same as Left Flank only you turn to the right and pivit on the left foot.

Column Left March: A Column movement is when the element turns one row at a time, The Drill Video above demonstrates a Column Left, but i will still explain it. To conduct a Column Left you Pivit to the Left the same as a flank only you wait until you have reached the starting position(which is the place where the first row of the element turned) to pivit and depending on which row you are in determines how many times you will pivit, after you pivit you are supposed to slow down and enter a Mark Time March which is where you stand not moving or moving slowly and give others behind you to catch up.

Column Right March: A Column Right is the opposite of Column Left, you pivit to the Right on your left foot and follow the same guidelines for a Column Left

Element Halt: This is more than likely the simplest command in the list, Halt means one thing, To stop. When this command is called you simply take one extra step and stop moving, nothing more.

Stand At Ease: There are 2 types of at ease, Stand At Ease means you move your feet 15 inches apart (shoulder width) and cup your hands on the small of your back(same as Parade Rest and At Ease) With your right hand over your left hand. The catch to this command is you have to turn your head and eyes toward your drill instructor and follow him inless he is out of sight, then you bring your head and eyes back to the front. When your instructor calls out Element you automaticaly come back to parade rest(below) and wait for the command Attention.

At Ease: At ease is similar to Stand At Ease only you dont have to look at your instructor you can look around or just keep your eyes straight. When Element is called you automaticaly come back to parade Rest(below) and wait for the command Attention.

Parade Rest: Parade Rest is similar to Stand At Ease except you can not move your head, eyes, or body... Parade Rest is just like a modified version of Attention.

Rest: Rest is almost self-explanitory. When Rest is called you can do anything ecxept move your right foot. If you move your right foot it is almost guranteed punnishment.

Fall Out: So you have done everything and you are ready to leave, do you just walk away? Of course not. Fall Out is the command that dismisses the Element to leave the area. When this command is called you take one step back and perform a left face.

This is the end of basic drill commands

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