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There is a common mistake made in the judgement of the JROTC program. You see when you join ROTC there is no military obligation but this is what most people have trouble understanding. Consider the motto, To Motivate people to Become Better Citizens. I myself thought that there was a requirment to join active duty before I joined the program, but after joining I discovered that the program is so much more in its self that the possibilities are endless for every cadet currently enroled and any cadet interested in joining.

There are many activities involved in the JROTC program. For example we have Color Guard and Drill. Colorguard is a group of 4-5 cadets that carry the National and the State flag. The colorguard conists of 2 guards, they have the rifles and are stationed on the end of the formation, and the flags, which are stationed between the 2 guards. Drill on the other hand is a mass formation of 1-unlimited number of cadets that stand and march in a mass formation. Most drill formations include the use of rifles although it is not required as it is in the color guard. These "teams" are not mandatory to be in the program; there are many other teams like: