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Welcome to Roses From The Heart!

This site is dedicated to raising funds for Cancer Patients all over the world who lack the financial capacity to get treatment. We offer you a collection of love poems that we hope would leave a petal inside your heart bringing joy and hope to your life.

The book of poetry on this site is not for sale and is being published here for free viewing by everyone. If you enjoyed reading the poems then you can show your appreciation by donating to organizations that support cancer patients in your local areas. And we would appreciate it if you share our book sites with your friends.

If you enjoyed this book of poetry and you have children who like stories you can also check out the Four Seasons Book by clicking on the Four Seasons link below. If you want to request a poem click on request a poem button below the book.

 You can check out our Cancer Societies Link Page by clicking on the Cancer Societies icon below to check out cancer societies in your respective countries. We will continue to add more links once we get permission to link to their sites.

We also have a special recognition page wherein we recognize the efforts being made by non-profit organizations worldwide to promote cancer support and awareness. 

Also please let us feel your love, presence and support, sign  our guestbook and write a message for us. It would be nice if you can also put in the message what country you are from.


We hope you enjoy the poems on this site.

Thank you and God Bless!

                                                                                                                                     JE Boak

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If you want to check out Four Seasons Book Click on the book icon below

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