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PLAYERS: ~the Regulars~ (4pc lineup)

Mike "Downtown" Brown


the "Trickster"

Drums, Percussion, Practical Jokes, Gags, Props & Mood Lighting

No stranger to the Denver club scene, Mike played full time in the 80's with bands Windfield and High Profile. Regular rotation in clubs like Basin's Up, Cajun's Warf and the Buffallo Rose kept him busy in front of large crowds.
A Drummer of choice for Bo Diddley when ever he was in town he opened acts like Kansas, Foghat and Pat Travers to name a few.

With a young family in the 90's he scaled back to playing weekends with local country bands such as Carlos Washington, Cory Brooks, Kerri Ann and Out Of Bail. Getting back to his rock and roll roots the 11th Hour Band has fit his musical style and personal schedule for the past 8 years.

1 Half of the Dynamic Duo, the 11th Hour Rythym Section!

Chris "Tree" Williams


4, 5 & 6 String Bass, Lead & Background Vocals, other Low Noises

Chris has toured nationally with Blues, Funk and Country bands. He studied jazz and classical music at UNC Greeley. Chris has played with Fuchsia Sky, Ben Wah and the Blue Balls, 69 Times, Fatt Cat Freddie, Kelly J, Slick Machine and Jess Redmon among others. He teaches guitar and bass and is a father of 3.

"Tree" is the other 1/2 of 11th Hour's Dynamic Rythym section

"lil" Stevie '1 Underwood

Smokin Stevie
Smokin Stevie

Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic & Rythym Guitar, Trivia

Steve has been singing & playing in bands since Jr. High School. Hailing from the Entertainment Pipeline of Denver East HS(Phillip Bailey, Don Cheadle), lil Stevie has always looked to some great performers for inspiration.

Early on Steve found a knack for retaining lyrics, trivia, water, alcohol. So naturally he was encouraged by his brother & friends to Sing lead & rock out to all that "new rock", which we now call classic rock. In addition to playing in original & cover bands throughout most of his adult life, he also had some stints as the local "Karoake King" in his neighborhoods at the time. His tenure in 11th Hour has surpassed a decade to date.

We salute him for his workhorse ability to churn thru all the songs on our list and our supporters requests, without seemingly taking a breathe all weekend! He's also known to whip out a greasy lead on his Strat and Les Paul or to croon thru an acoustic set at someones backyard party for a spontaneous fun set, where drinking would probably not be discouraged.

Another Devout Denver sports fanatic, sometimes we wonder if jersey's comprise his entire wardrobe!;) In Steve's world, Rome is always Burning!

Robb "Dub-ya" Johnson

Rockin Robb

Lead Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals, Extraneous B.S.

Robb's been with 11th Hour since it's inception, and has rocked out with many friends thru the years...

Just another kid who found the guitar in Jr. High School, he's always had a love of the 6 string & his Guitar God Heros. Starting out on a steady diet of Sabbath, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Blackmore & Beck, evolved into EVH, SRV, Howe, Morse, DiMeola & Nuno. Conversely, the exposure to many genre's of music has culled a deeper appreciation and affection for all styles of music & writing, including the Beatles, Steely Dan, LRB, the Platters & many more gifted artists! Recent years have found him copping new styles, instruments, recording techniques & to use his voice more to it's capabilities.

Robb's various bands over the years included: Disturbin' the Piece, Underground Picnic, Out of the Blue, Scratch, Intents-Afire & Elixir Box...

Also a big outdoor activity & sports fanatic, Robb often participates in soccer, snow & water-skiing, scuba, rafting, fishing, and will take in a Broncos, Nuggets or Rapids game, on occasion. The longtime Denver resident, still has family in the area & one son.

"Ms" Michele Steele

Ms Steele
Ms M.

Lead Vocals, Percussion, Crowd incitements, Bull-meister taste-testing

Michele's the newest member of 11th Hour, as well as the Lead Vocalist in the "Scratch Project"

Weekends you'll find the "girl in the band" using her sultry & powerful voice to get the gig cranked up another notch. Her distinct sound & energy will get your attention right away...

Weekdays you'll find her at her 9-5 office job as a legal assitant catering to hungry lawyers (so, accordingly, her escape to the stage is very warranted & well deserved)

Ms Steele grew up in a musical family & developed a love for a wide variety of musical styles. Prior to moving out West, she was performing with bands on the east coast over a span of 20 years. Those formative years included stints in Providence with the "East Coast Connection" and in Boston with "Metaphor".

Hailing from Boston, she lives, breathes & dies with the Patriots. Rumor has it, she has a school-girl crush on some guy named Tom Brady. (isn't he a bench-warmer?)

You might want to challenge her to a game of pool, but beware; she bears years of experience and her own Harley Davidson cue stick.

~the Special Guests~ (5pc & more lineups)

Brad "Firecracker" Belt Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Synthesized Tamborine

Big Brain Brad

Mandingo "the Truth" Wakouzhny Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Non-Synthesized Tamborine, Cartoon Characters


Matt (the Duke of Newark) Bassano Piano/Keys, Bass, Vocals, Italian History Lessons


Tim (Jack the Ripper) Vavrik Harmonica, Vocals, Non-PC Humor


Let there be Rock!!
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