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Home of Customs By Bekka

Ponies & Accessories for Sale and/or Trade. Also, check out the cleaning tips & links pages! Site last updated: 5/08/08


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Home to G1 My Little Ponies. I limit my collection strictly to the G1 ponies, although I may occasionally have G2's or G3's for sale or trade. The G1 ponies of the 1980's are the ponies I grew up playing with and collecting as a child. I had accumulated quite a large "herd" by age 13, but gave the entire collection away to a younger child as my interest began to fade. How I wish I still had all those ponies from my childhood!


Adopt a pony like this little cutie at:

Lullabye Nursery


New to collecting, and aren't sure where to begin? Some good places to look for G1 My Little Ponies include Ebay, yard sales, and your local Goodwill store. There are also groups on the internet where you can meet other collectors who may be interested in trading or selling their ponies. I am a member of My Little Pony Arena, which is a wonderful place full of friendly pony loving people. Click the banner below to pay a visit to the site!

My "Links" page can also lead you to a wealth of information. Good luck, and remember it's about having fun!

Ponies In My Collection
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MLP Cleaning Tips
Ponies & Accessories for Sale and/or Trade
Special Tribute to Amber - My Tiny Tiger!
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