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This site contains: less toxic products that I use, less toxic catalogs, other MCS sites, MCS articles, toxic chemical lists, less toxic catalogs, recipes to make personalcare, cleaning products, homemade playdough, bubbles, and other assorted goodies. If the page that I link to, is not green like this home page, the site belongs to someone else.

As of August 2009, I am no longer home bound due to MCS. I still have health issues, But I am working on getting better with the help of a talented doctor named Dr Ardis . He uses standard process supplements, which are made from food not chemicals, to heal the organ that is yelling the loudest at the time. It is called Nutritional Response Testing .

If you want to read a little more about my recent progress updated April 2016 keep scrolling...

To skip this section: click here

After I received a few months of IV glutatione treatments, I improved greatly.

Now, I can sit on the synthetic couch and watch TV with my husband, sit on car seats, go out into public, wear my wedding bands (they burned my finger before), eat a more varied diet, and wear shoes! I also go outside without my face mask.

It only took 3 or 4 treatments for almost all my environmental sensitivities to go away. I had about 22 glutathione treatments, before I stopped due to the expense. The last one was in November 2009.

IV glutathione is not cheap, but it was well worth it. Unfortunately, glutathione pills are ineffective. The pill breaks down in the intestines and becomes the 3 amino acids it is made up of. Since Glutathione is made in all of our cells, once the amino acids are separated, they will not reasemble into glutathione.

Someone emailed me that they started getting Gluthione IV's after they found my site. SHe said they work a lot better than glutathione nebulizers that she was using.

If you would like to try IV glutathione, I think calling a componding pharmacy is the best way to find a doctor. Compounding Pharmacists make up the Glutathione IV's, so they know who is using the IV's, because these doctors are their customers. The compounding pharmacy does not need to be near you. Some send the IV bags all over the country.

In April 2014, someone recommended a doctor that uses Nutritional Response Testing He was on the list to have a liver transplant. After he was treated by the doctor, his liver is healthy now. He had liver paracites. Sounded promising, so I decided to try it.

If I had known about Nutritional Response Testing, before I did IV Glutathione, I would have done that first. I think it can probably help with Chemical sensitivity.

How to find a doctor that does Nutritional Response Testing

I am not feeling all too well. In Aug 2014, I spent 2 days in the hopital for Tylenol toxicity. I am still suffering symptoms because of what the stupid drug did to me. My advice: don't ever take that drug. It is the most toxic over the counter drug. Thousands end up in the ER because of Tylenol, some end up staying in hospital and it kills about 450 people each year. (depending what site you read) My Nurse said, you should never take Tylenol again and it will be a long time to feel better. She is right about the long time thing. As of April 2016 I am still very weak. I used a cane for a few weeks and had to make friends with the TV, cause standing made me fall.

It is a good thing I tossed the Tylenol, since it would be too easy to grab the Tylenol when I get a headache. Dr Ardis gave some food based pills to take for headaches, so no need to poison myself ever again.

Sadly, after about 1 month after the Tylenol experience, I can no longer wear shoes. Thankfully, I can still go into public. Then I thought hmmm...

I know how I got MCS: So for now, I really am not spending too much time updating my site. I am still too weak to do much of anything. The tylenol is now out of my liver, but it is still hanging out in my kidneys. My doctor also found other things wrong with me. I had paracites in my heart, but they cleared up in a few months. Then he found some lung round worms. I finally got rid of those in March 2016. BUt now I have flukes again, but this time in my adrenal glands. At the next visit, they had moved to my spleen. I am still ill but atleast I am not falling and gasping for air anymore. The flukes go away quicker that e round worms. I's hanging in there.


I have read a lot about various subjects and I feel everything on my site is true, but I am only human. We can only see things from the view of our own eyes. Your view may be different, so if you have ways to get well that work for you, by all means keep doing it. I can only share my personal experiences.

If I throw something out there that is totally new to you, you might want to research further before you act on that information.

Navigating My Site

Click on one of the following links, or just scroll down to what interests you.

A date in red indicates a recent addition or update to the site.

Read up on MCS

MCS Sites ---- updated March 28, 2009

Articles ---- updated January 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Links ---- updated November 30, 2010

Toxic Chemical Lists ---- updated March 28, 2009

Coping with MCS

Less Toxic Products that I Use I say less toxic instead of non toxic because a few companies are not exactly honest about ingredients, and comapanies are not required to list anything less that 2%. Plus a person can be allergic to natural things such as oranges. ---- updated April 12, 2016

Guides to Less Toxic Products ---- updated March 28,2009

Catalog Lists ---- updated May 2005

MCS Buttons, Posters, Signs, and T-shirts ---- updated August 4, 2012

Less Toxic Homemade Recipes ---- updated July 2009

Healing the Body

Healing Recipes ---- updated November 2007

Body Diagnosis ---- updated January 2012

Stuff I have learned along the way ---- updated December 2010

What I Am Doing to Heal My Body ---- updated ---- May 2008

The Moral of this Story if there is One ---- updated December 2010

Other Pages on This Site

MCS Organizations ---- updated March 27, 2009
Many of these organizations have websites that contain tons of links.

Less Toxic Recipes --- updated August 04, 2012 ---
cleaning and personal care recipes that I use

Less toxic Catalogs --- updated Feb 2006 ---
Cotton clothes, gardening supplies, household items, wood toys, cotton mattresses, kitchen supplies, organic food, organic fabric, etc.

Kid's Fun Stuff --- updated Jan 2006 ---
Recipes for play dough, clay and that sort of thing

Recycling --- updated February 2007 ---
How to reduce buying, reuse items and where to recycle things

Reference Section --- added April 2006 ---
One of the things I used to I miss about not being able to go into public, is going to the library. I used the web now to look up what I need to know. This page has links to reference materials that you would find in the reference section of the library. I have also included other useful information sites. Feel free to let me know about your favorite informational sites.

Free Sewing Patterns --- added July 07, 2009 ---
I have had my sewing page on-line since 2003, just never have linked to it from my MCS site.

There over 1000 free on-line patterns listed on my sewing page. They are very well organized. If you are having trouble finding something in 100% cotton in the store, or on-line, please look on the page for a pattern. If you do not know how to sew or are too ill to do so, perhaps a friend or relative could make it for you. I would love it if I had I friend like that. I really hate to sew. I know, I know, why do I have a sewing site? I started to find free patterns on-line, for my own purposes, and decided to share them, but this whole thing got out of hand. I just sewed things I could not finein 100% cotton, like a winter coat.

If have a question or just want to talk....

send me an e-mail

If my site has helped you in any way I would love to here about it.

Dead Links

Sorry for any dead links. I do not update my site as often as I should. I am trying to take better care of me. Feel free to report a dead link. Here's my e-mail

there is also an e-mail button at the bottom of each page.

Janurary, 2013

I fixed or removed all dead links on this page.

When I add new links to a section, I take that opportunity to check all the links in that section for dead links, or links that go someplace other than where they are supposed to go. This is the only way I know of to even attempt to keep up with the constantly changing web world.

How to remove internet ads
I am sending you to my sewing stuff site, so that I don't have to repeat the same information twice.
Please hit back arrow to get back to this page.

MCS Sites

Environmental Illness - Our Little Place
Definition, coping, fragrance info, de-tox baths, articles, resources, book list, non-toxic guidelines, tons of helpful links, etc

MCS for Beginners (archived)
Definition, symptoms, triggers, resources, coping, personal tips and ideas, etc

The Wall of Personal Testimony - HERC
Personal stories of many that have MCS

Resources for the Chemically Injured, Chemically Sensitive or Environmentally Ill - Lassen Technology
Articles, books, building info, carpet, catalogs, clothing, definitions, doctor and dental resource list, food, making a safe room, labs, lawyers, support groups, pest control, product lists, etc.

Chemical Injury Survivors of Minnesota
Great description of MCS and what we go through. Their photos are worth a thousand words. A great link to introduce the un-informed to MCS.

May 2004

Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases Information
Articles, info about fragrances, cosmetics, latex allergies, MCS, housing, etc.

Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association
Coping with MCS, allergy cooking recipes, book reviews, advice on making your home and garden less toxic, disability issues, articles, fragrance info, pesticide info, etc.

More MCS links can be found on my MCS Organization List

This section checked for dead links on 04-13-15


Scents Are Not What They Seem - NEAEHA
- "Fragrance Chemicals as Toxic Substances"

Poison in the Grass - Chem-Tox
- The Hazards And Consequences of Lawn Pesticides

Radiation Ovens - Association for freedom of choice and Free information
- The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

MCS Under Siege - Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
- Chemical companies paying big bucks to try to get MCS to go away

Toxic Ingredients - Vaccine Information, Wendy's Story
- Vaccine's Toxic Ingredients and how they affect us.

The Next Industrial Revolution - Environmental Wellness (archived)
- "The model may be in our own backyard" --nature.

Why Shoes Make a Normal Gait Impossible - Parents for Barefoot Children
- Well see, there is one good thing about having MCS!

(some of us can't wear shoes due to toxic chemicals used to make them, and toxic leather tanning process)

May 2004

Sodium Fluoride used in Fluoridation is NOT Pharmaceutical Grade - Fluoride Action Network
- "...obtained from the scrubbing system of the phosphate fertilizer industry"

Finding Tolerable Clothing or Fabric - NSAEHA
- "Sensitivity to clothing chemicals leaves many of us feeling like ragged Cinderellas waiting for a fairy godmother to appear!"

June 2004

School Environment - Healthy or Hazardous? - Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
- the toxic environment in which we expect our children to learn!

Drugs, Stoned by Prescription - KOS Publishing
- "In Canada and the US (drug) research is primarily funded by drug companies whose contracts always contain gag clauses preventing researchers from reporting negative findings, should these occur... Interestingly, these same companies also make the pesticides, which cause all of the diseases in the first place, either directly by ingestion, skin contact or inhalation, or indirectly by dangerously depleting the nutrients in the foods. What an amazingly effective business strategy! ... Always assume the drug prescribed is toxic unless proven otherwise."

Salts that Heal and Salts that Kill - Cure Zone
- Unrefined Sea salt is good for you, denatured table salt is not.

July 2004

Billboard Control: Fighting Visual Pollution - Scenic America (archived)
- "While some may think billboards are harmless, their negative effects on our health and our safety have been documented."

August 2004

The Seven Essentials of Recovery - by Debra Lynn Dadd (archived)
-"You can recover from multiple chemical sensitivities on your own, without modern medicine. Indeed, the antidote for this illness is to remove your body from modern life, and let it heal naturally."

December 2004

How We Become Chemically Sensitive - Health and Certainty (archived)
-"...Simply by overloading the waste management system."

Electromagnetic Field Poisoning - Craig Reese (archived)
-"Some of the worse offenders are: computers, T.V., stereos, clocks, electric blankets, hair dryers, electric ranges, microwaves, fans, heaters, any electric motor, florescent lights, etc."

Moldy Material - Health and Certainty (archived)
- What to do about mold

March 2005

The Problem with Pressure Treated Wood - Raw Food Info
-"Pressure treated wood, also known as copper chromium arsenate (CCA) wood is a wood that has been placed in a vacuum where all the water and air is removed, then the wood is injected under pressure with chemicals."

Formaldehyde Toxicity - Grisanti (archived)
-"Symptoms associated with exposure to formaldehyde fumes include mucous membrane irritation, upper respiratory tract irritation, eye irritation, skin rashes, itching, nausea, stuffy nose, headaches, dizziness, and general fatigue."

How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds - Mercola
- It is actually very simple. Just write a letter stating you object to immunizations for religious reasons, get it notarized and give it to the school nurse. This has to be done each year. This works as I have done it with my daughter.

The Oiling of America - Weston A Price Foundation (archived)
- "Animal foods containing saturated fat and cholesterol provide vital nutrients necessary for growth, energy and protection from degenerative disease ..."

I would call MCS a degenerative disease.

The Fluoridation Fiasco - Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
- "We would not purposely add arsenic to the water supply. And we would not purposely add lead. But we do add fluoride. The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than arsenic.""

May 2005

The SARS Epidemic: Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons?
- "...WNV (west Nile Virus) epidemics occur annually in air-polluted petrochemical regions (such as eastern New Jersey and St. Louis) during the warm spring and summer months... and these epidemics don't spread infectiously to other regions."

Food For Thought: Malcolm Beck (archived)
- Some Observations on the Relationships Between Soil Health and the Physical and Mental Health of Humans

Pushing up Daisies: Malcolm Beck (archived)
- We used to decompose into the earth from which we came, but sadly, not any more!

Other Malcolm Beck articles (archived)

Hospitalization for the Chemically Sensitive Patient - A MCS site
- guidelines for hospital staff

The Murky World of High Fructose Corn Syrup - Weston A Price Foundation
- " HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) has the exact same sweetness and taste as an equal amount of sucrose from cane or beet sugar but it is obviously much more complicated to make, involving vats of murky fermenting liquid, fungus and chemical tweaking..."

"Consumers trying to avoid genetically modified foods should avoid HFCS. It is almost certainly made from genetically modified corn and then it is processed with genetically modified enzymes."

Agriculture and Nutrition - Weston A Price Foundation
- " When crops grown for high production produce less nutrition, it would be logical to think that animals bred for high production would also produce less nutrition."

Finding Health Close to Home - Weston A Price
- "Anonymity tends to bring out the worst in people. It is much easier to put out inferior products, even unhealthy products, when you cannot see the people they affect."

Dec 2005

Natural Gas and People with Chemical Sensitivities - Medical-Environmental Report
- "The use of natural gas is recognized as one of the most important sources of indoor air pollution and sensitizing agents. There is evidence that the use of natural gas appliances has an adverse effect on human health. Furthermore, it is known that individuals with environmental sensitivities react adversely in the presence of natural gas and its combustion products. Natural gas contributes to the development and exacerbation of chemical and environmental sensitivities."

How Nature Cures - Doctor Yourself
- "When we begin to see germs more as scavengers trying to clean up refuse, as opposed to being little deadly gremlins out to get us, we can begin to take confidence that nature does heal and that our body will clean itself of the roots of illness. If your body is clean and healthy, germs are irrelevant. There is a lack of conclusive proof that germs are the primary cause of any disease. The bibliography in this book lists references that show that malnutrition, medicines and wrong living are more basic, underlying roots of disease. "

Hidden Allergens in Foods - Allergy Advisor
- lists ingredients that may indicate the presence of eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, or fish

Poison for Profit - Red Flags Weekly
- " The same chemical companies that produce toxic chemicals also produce prescription drugs, veterinary medicines, a wide array of medical products and imaging technologies, hold cancer treatment and medical device patents, and a produce a staggering assortment of over-the-counter palliatives. "

What's Wrong with Food Irradiation? - Organic Consumers
-Irradiation covers up the increased fecal contamination that results from speeded up slaughter and decreased federal inspection, both of which allow meat and poultry to be produced more cheaply.

Dec 2006

People With Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Are Becoming the New Homeless - E Magazine
- Stories of those that have to live in their cars or mobile trailers, to try to escape toxins.

I thought hyperbaric oxygen might be a good idea until I read this article
Problems associated with use of the hyperbaric chamber in sports - Project Air
-" Why would there be problems using the hyperbaric system? The system is totally cut off from the outside atmosphere. A natural ion count of 5000 ions per cubic centimeter can be measured in nature. This count can fluctuate but no matter where we go, there are ions. In the hyperbaric tank the ion count would be zero. There is no natural or artificial way to produce ionization in the chamber since the corona discharge from an ionizer would cause the oxygen to ignite. Every human being must have ions to survive. It is this reason why the hyperbaric system is so dangerous."

Teflon – Is it Good or Bad - Dr Rapp (archived)
- "It lasts indefinitely in the environment and it never breaks down, even in the human body."

- "here are thousands of substances that can be found in typical sewage sludge, including any of the 100,000 or so chemicals produced and used in industrialized nations, many of which illegally end up in sewers. "

Dec 2007

Sludge - Anarac (archived)
- "...the municipal waste industry hired a public relations firm named Powell Tate, who re-named the waste as "beneficial biosolids", to be used for fertilizers, and dust suppressants to be spread on farmers' fields and country roads. The EPA then reclassified sludge from "hazardous material" to "compost"."

The Sludge Scam: Should Sewage Sludge Fertilize Your Vegetables - Riles
- " In Rutland Vermont, 24 months after spreading sludge on his 99 acre farm, dairyman Robert Ruane's cow's started getting arthritis and milk production dropped from 18,000 pound per year to 14,000 pounds per year. Over a two year period, 66 cows died. "They told me how much money it was going to save me on fertilizer.""

Dec 2008

I know this article has little to due with MCS, but it is very informative.
True cause of world hunger - Anuradha Mittal
- " There was no shortage of food, but the people were too poor to buy it. So what did the U.S. and other countries, like Australia, do? Smelling an opportunity to unload their own surplus wheat in the name of "food aid," they gave loans to Indonesia upon the condition that it buy wheat from them. And Indonesians don’t even eat wheat."

January 02, 2009

Pollen and Mold Guide - Men's Health
Lists places, times of day and weather conditions where the pollen count is the highest and the lowest.

Soft Drinks - Tuberose
"The soft drink usually contains the following components: phosphoric acid, caffeine, sugar or aspartame or saccharin, caramel coloring, carbon dioxide, and aluminum. Ingesting a soft drink does not cause any immediate warning such as stomach cramps, vomiting, or diarrhea that would normally occur when a poison enters the body. Instead, there is the energizing feeling of caffeine, the sweet taste of sugar combined with the sour taste of phosphoric acid, and the playful feeling of the carbon dioxide bubbles. Those ingredients cause imbalances in the body systems that result in debilitating diseases that show up after many, many years of abuse.."

Soft Drinks: America's Other Drinking Problem - Weston A Price Foundation
"Drinking sodas, especially on an empty stomach, can upset the fragile acid-alkaline balance of the stomach and other gastric lining, creating a continuous acid environment. This prolonged acid environment can lead to inflammation of the stomach and duodenal lining which becomes quite painful. Over the long term, it can lead to gastric lining erosion. Another problem with sodas is that they act as dehydrating diuretics, much like tea, coffee and alcohol. All of these drinks can inhibit proper digestive function. "

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Miscellaneous Links

Society for Barefoot Living
- we are already members!

Resource List for Pesticide Alternatives - A Better Way - IPM Solutions (archived)
- list or resources for alternatives to pesticides (books, periodicals, sources of beneficial insects, organizations, articles), MCS links, safer products, affects on wildlife, list of safer places to stay while traveling

Web Sites Pertaining to Housing and MCS - The Garden (archived)
Places to live or vacation, safer building ideas

March 2005

Plastic: A Problem of Global Proportions - International Plastics Task Force
- "As plastic is non-biodegradable, toxic and not recyclable in the true sense of the word, the need for an international coalition against plastic waste is paramount."

Trade Secrets - PBS Program
- "Trade Secrets reveals how the public's right to know the truth about thousands of chemicals that surround us has been compromised."

Connective Disorder Site
- A well researched, easy to read site on ways she has found to overcome most of her health issues using natural means. I highly recommend this one. Contains info on the following conditions: scoliosis, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, insomnia, TMJ, pain, nose bleeds, MCS, etc.

This women noticed that her son did not react to chemicals as much if he avoided chemicals in foods, especially school lunches.

Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living - ILRU
- An on-line MCS book

May 2005

Organic Directories - Organic Consumers
- web sites that list organic sites.

Score Card
- find out who is polluting in your area

March 2006

The Healthy Flooring Network Guide to Healthy Flooring
- lists flooring alternatives

Mercury and Nature - National Wildlife Foundation

Old Timers Page - Walton Feed (archived)
- the way folks used to do things

The Safe Playgrounds Project (archived)
- is there arsenic treated wood in your back yard?

Dangers of mold, sources of mold, treatments for getting the mold out of Dodge

A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home - archived

Epilepsy and Diet - Dogtor J
- avoiding the offending foods helps epilepsy (in dogs and humans)

Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Foods - Food News - PDF (archived)
- lists foods that you should always buy organic

List of KOS Health Articles (archived)
- The inside story on various health topics including: asthma, the cancer industry, autism, prescription drugs, GMO foods, modern medicine, MCS, organic food, etc.

January 2, 2009

The Dangers of Natural Gas - Alkalize for Health
A personal story on how an undetected natural gas leak just about ruined her and her family's lives.

The Breast Cancer Deception - Natural News
"This report that exposes the scam of today's breast cancer industry, revealing how conventional breast cancer detection and treatment programs are actually designed to ensnare women into a very harmful (but highly lucrative) system of toxic treatments that will only cause permanent damage to her health."

Safe and Effective Natural Control of Flea, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Lice and other Pests
"Products intended to kill fleas and ticks can also poison pets and the people who handle them."

Managing Fleas Without Poisons
"Flea control insecticides are a hazardous group of chemicals. Looking at twenty flea control chemicals, over two-thirds are neurotoxic, and almost that many have caused reproductive problems in laboratory tests."

November 30, 2010

MCS Legal Help
This site is of an attorney with 30 years experience in handling disability claims. He developed MCS in 2001 and had to close his office as he was not able to tolerate going there or going to court hearings. Since that time he has developed a home office based practice where he focus on helping people all over the country who are having problems getting disability due to MCS and related conditions.

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Toxic Stuff

Glossary of Products with Hazards A to Z - EPA (archived)

Health risks of chemicals labeled Danger, Warning or Caution - CHEC (archived)

Toxin Technical Information Index - Total Environment Centre (archived)

June 2004

List of Fragrance Chemicals- Immune Web

Household Product Database - National Institutes of Health

March 28, 2009

Chemicals in the Household - EPA

The Toxins in Cigarettes - Cure ZONE

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Less Toxic Stuff that I Use

Personal Care

Dakota Free Bar Soap    Best stuff in the world! Unlike most soaps, even natural ones, this soap does not give me a rash!

Produced by a chemically sensitive person, in a clean room. No one wears scented products where all her products are produced. It can also be used to wash your hair. I have used it when I could not find a tolerable shampoo.

Un-Petroleum Jelly   Use like Vaseline, but has no motor oil in it!

Un-Petroleum lip balm   I really like this flavor but they have a lot of flavors

I used to use Enviro-One as a shampoo and for the laundry, but I found a site that says the company left out the mild detergent off the ingrediant list. I read that any soap that lathers, has a chemical that makes it do that. So I stopped using the earth bath shampoo as well. so I know make my own shampoo.

April 2016

Shampoo - I use honey

here's the recipe:

2 tablespoons honey
6 tablespoons (2 ozs) water

My hair is shoulder length, so you might need more or less. It is a 1:3 ratio.

I pour this into an old shampoo bottle, shake it up well. I need no conditioner because it makes my hair so soft and almost tangle free. I rinse the bottle well because the honey that remained the bottle was attracting fire ants.

I also have tried a shampoo bar, but have not found one yet, that did not have a weird smell. I think it is the rosemary used as a natural preservative. Although, it could also be the caster oil. I'll let you know if I find one I like.

Toothpaste - When I was very sensitive I could not find anything that I could use. I tried baking soda and peelu powder. Both gaveme a rash. I tried bentonite clay as well. It tasted like dirt, so I finally gave up and just brushed with a wet toothbrush.

When I became less sensitive I found Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste. - I love this toothpaste. It is flavorless.
But I just found out that the gycerin in it keeps your teeth from re mineralizing. So I am on the hunt for someting else.

Paper First Aid Tape   I use this with a cut piece of 100% cotton T-shirt as a bandage

Natracare feminine products   The grocery store kind of feminine products are so irritating.

The regular kind are made from synthetic fibers and usually have masking scents,UG!

can be purchased at healthfood stores

Organic Essentials Cotton Balls    normal cotton balls have added chemicals

Organic Essentials Cotton Swabs    ditto

Macadamia nut oil   for dry itchy skin
   any organic non-solvent extracted cooking oil or fat will do.

Nov 2005

Edge Ultra Sensitive Shaving Gel

My hubby uses this.    I am sure it has toxic stuff in it, but at least it is unscented. They sometimes do not list on the front that it is unscented. Two types of edge gel are for sensitive skin. The fragarnce free one has a purple lid, but to be sure, look for the one that does not list fragrance in the list of ingredients on the back.


April, 2016

I am looking for a new all purpose cleaner to replace the stupid Enviro One soap. I found a site that says the taht made enviro one,left out the mild detergent off the ingrediant list. That stuff cleaned anything. I really don't think that mild detergent hurt me, but the lying is the thing that bugs me.

Currently, I am usins Caralina Castile Soap (Orange). I like it but is makes me cough and it is rather sticky and needs to be rinsed off. Maybe I should have got the unscented. I got it from Smile Amazon the smile site gives a small percentage of the sale to a charity of your choice.

April 2016

I am not really sure about the next two ecover products. I started using it after I read a great review on a blog, but later, I found a site that claimed the company was being sneaky with the ingredient list. I will post a link to that info later. I shouldbe in bed, but can;t sleep lately.

Ecover Zero Dishwasher Powder    I just found this powder. It works wonderfully. It works better that SeaFoam from CalBen, BioKLeen, Citadish, and Seventh Generation.

Ecover Natural Rinse Aid Dishwasher rinse Aid

Cal Ben Dish Soap   Has a hint of coconut, feels nice on hands.

I think if I look, I could find a better dish soap. This one is not great with grease.

20 Mule Team Borax   used to clean toilets

Food and Kitchen Stuff

Steel Wool   instead of SOS pads      can be purchased at hardware stores

Natural Salt   instead of denatured table salt (thatis just sodium cloride with all the other minerals removed). I prefer the Peruvian salt. It comes from the mountains verses the ocean, so has less chance of containing heavy metals, plus I prefer the taste.

Aug 2015

Twist Scrub Sponge -  For cleaning - plant based, no dye, no glue. I got mine at Whole Foods

Frontier Organic Spices   instead the, irradiated grocery store kind. You can get these at your health food store.

Pyrex Glass Food Storage    - Glass containers and plastic lids

Wide Mouth Glass Canning Jars   to store my homemade beef broth

1 Quart Wine Decanters   I use as a water pitcher, I bought mine at a thrift shop

Cotton Items

Organic Cotton Towels   Need to stay away from the formaldehyde in traditional cotton

Organic Cotton Sheets   to avoid formaldehyde (wrinkle guard) and toxic flame retardants

100% Cotton Barrier Cloth Mattress Sack   to block some of the toxic bedding materials from reaching me. I have not tried this brand. They no longer sell what I have.

100% Cotton Ironing Board Cover and Pad

Heating synthetic fabrics and foams release toxic fumes into the air, and deposit them into the clothes that you are ironing, and your lungs. They no longer sell what I have.
Nov 2005

Organic Cotton Bath Mats - they no longer sell what I have

January 6, 2009

I Can Breathe Organic Cotton Face Mask - When pollen and mold is really bad, I also stuff cotton balls into my ears. This mask helps but it does not block all pollen. I need to find something that does, since gardening is all I have to do to keep me from going nuts.

December 2010

Thankfully, my MCS is gone, so I no longer need these masks

Household Stuff

Jojoba Oil

To oil hinges.

Never use jojoba oil to oil a sewing machine. I used to do that and it gummed up the machine. It is fixable if you have done this. Either bring it in to a sewing machine repair shop to be thoroughly cleaned, or take the machine apart and clean it out yourself. We did both. The repair shop barely got any oil out, so my husband sat down with the machine and a lot of q-tips!

BioShield Wood Stains and Finishes   Most of their products have a nice citrus scent.

Dry Iron   Has a stainless sole plate without the toxic non-stick finish of most irons.

I love this iron. It does not has a steam feature. There are no steam holes to get clogged up. The iron seams to get hotter than normal irons, so I don't miss the steam. When I need steam I mist them with a spray bottle. The iron is small, light and pointy, making is easier to get into small areas.
Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar   instead of plastic.

August 5, 2012

Full Spectrum Solutions

This is where you can get full spectrum fluorescent bulbs tubes. Not all full spectrum lights are created equally. The site is sorta technical but the folks that work there are nice and will help you to find exacally what you need. I think they sell ballasts now, but if not they can let you know what kind of ballast that you need. Give them a call, since it will be easier to talk about it than, going back and forth via e-mail.

Basically, you need a no hum, no flicker ballast. It was music to my ears to not have to hear our kitchen lights hum loudly, and the flicker was driving me nuts.

Pest Control

Leather fly swatter    flies

Yard and Garden Stuff

Charcoal Chimney   instead of lighter fluid

Whole Foods Real Hardwood (lump) Charcoal   instead of charcoal briquettes with chemical additives

... it seems from the above review there might be a better brand out there. If you know of one, please let me know.

EZ Digger   instead of herbicides

January 6, 2009

Natural Beginnings Seed Starting Mix - most starting mixes contain synthetic fertilizer and often Styrofoam pellets. This mix contains: coconut coir, worm guano, perlite, and mealworm guano.

Compost Sifter - Made of metal and wood

Garden Goggles - to keep pollen and garden dirt and mulch out of my eyes.

Pet Stuff

April 2005

Swheat Scoop Natural Cat litter - clumping cat litter that is safe for kitty.

for more info:
clumping cat litter a deadly convenience
list of clumping litter alternatives
Raw pet food from Burgundy Pasture Beef   contains heart, liver, kidney and ground beef
Dry pet food is so not good for animals. It is as bad as dry breakfast cereal is for humans. But every attempt we have made to wean our cats from dry food, has resulted in one or both cats to stop eating entirely. Then they have to go to the vet to be re-hydrated and force fed. Both have almost died because of this.

Cats will starve themselves if they don't like the smell. If a kitten is started on raw meat to begin with, it won't be a problem getting them to eat it. Cats tend to like what ever they are weaned onto, and hate most everything else. Dogs, tend to eat anything you put in front of them, even if not food (shoes, carpet, their own poop, etc.).

November 2007

In the summer of 2005 we got a Corgi. He loves the ground organ meat sold by burgundy pasture beef.

In the summer of 2007 our 9 year old cat named pumpkin, died of kidney failure. He was very fat. We tried to get him off the horrible cat food (Iams and Fancy Fest) he and the other cat were on, but both would have rather starved than the give up the highly addictive processed pet foods. The dog eats dry dog food in the morning since hubby feeds the dog at that time. He gets the raw organ meat at lunch and dinner. He and my daughter refuse to touch the raw pet food. It "is" on the gross side. I would rather the dog not eat breakfast cereal for dogs but, this is out of my control.

for more info:
do dogs and cats need grains?
the truth about dry pet food
what's really in pet food (archived)

January 2, 2009

Orijen dry dog food - grain free dry food made from local free range chickens and local vegetables

We had to switch the Corgi onto a better food since the food we had him on (Nutro sensitive Stomach Formula) was making him very ill starting in Feb, 2008. He drank huge amounts of water and was getting us up 2-3 times nightly having to pee.

I thought, he might do better on a grain free formula. While searching for a grain free food, by accident I found out that many dogs were actually dying from the same thing our dog had and Nutro food was to blame. Here's a few links describing the problems others dogs had while eating Nutro food:

Why I don't feed Nutro dog food anymore

String of Illnesses Afflicts NUTRO-Fed Pets

A string of mostly negative ratings of Nutro food

Discussion of Nutro / Natural Choice Dog Food Products

After having him on the new grain free food for 3 weeks, he was still needing to pee all the time. I knew I should probably give the new food more time to heal his body, but I was desperate and exhausted, since my husband and I had been getting up multiple times at night with the dog, to let him out. So I gave him a herbal product called Tinkle Tonic and within 3 days, he started to get up only one time at night, and after a week he did not have to go out at all at night. I gave him the drops for 1 more week, but since it has diuretic properties he started to have to go out again at night, so I discontinued the tinkle tonic.

Orijen dry cat food - grain free dry cat food

Ziwipeak canned cat food
Grain free canned cat food made from ranch raised meat and wild caught fish from New Zealand

After reading about all the horrible ingredients that go into pet food, I thought I would give changing cat foods one more try. But this time change the food very slowly. So far so good. We switched her over to Before Grain dry food by 10% a week, and by the 3rd week she was beginning to act like a kitten again. She is 10 years old. She has been completely switched over for about a month now.

At about the half way point of switching her over to the new dry food, she started to stick her nose up at the fancy fest canned food, so I began switching her over to Before Grain canned food at about 25% a week. She did experience a few de-tox symptoms, like vomiting and runny stools, but for the most part, the switch went well.

After I reordered a whole case of Before Grain canned food, she decided she did not like it now. The new food was much dryer and grainier. So I mixed Before Grain canned with Ziwipeak canned food that I was also trying with her and she loves the combination. Hopefully, I can wean her off the Before Grain canned, since the Before Grain is 100% tuna. Cats are not supposed to eat that much fish. Apparently, fish is missing certain nutrients that cats need.

March 2009

Kitty is now eating Orijen dry and wet cat food like the dog. She likes it better. I think we are over the hump now. I think she has forgot all about the old yucky foods.

Both kitties are no longer with us. Its OK, Our Corgi is a handful, and the cats did not get alone with our dog much. Daisy died in 2011. She had liver problems. Pretty sure that the yucky food was to blame.

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Guides to Less Toxic Products

Guidelines for Non-Toxic Living - Our Little Place

Guide to Choosing Less Toxic Personal Care Products - HEAL.

Less Toxic Cleaning Products - HEAL

Resources for the Chemically Injured - Lassen Technology

Guide to Less Toxic Products - NSAEHA
homemade formulas sprinkled in

Unscented or Mildly Scented Products Generally Tolerated by Most Persons with MCS - CND.

Non-Toxic Alternatives to Common Household Products - CCAT. (archived)

March 2005

Safer Products for Home and Personal Care - HERC (archived)

March 28, 2009

Debra’s list

This section checked for dead links on 08-04-12.

Less Toxic Catalog Lists

Less Toxic Product Catalogs - MCS Help Site
Cotton clothes, gardening supplies, household items, wood toys, cotton mattresses, kitchen supplies, organic food, etc. - I have not used most of these.

My Personal Less Toxic Shopping Mall - MCS Help Site
These are web stores where I personally shop. Most are family run and environmentally conscious.

Building Materials - Lassen Technologies

Various Catalogs - Lassen Technologies
Personal care, masks, curtains, bedding, tents, garden supplies, clothing, mattresses, supplements, building supplies, filters, kitchen stuff, etc.

Cotton Clothing Catalogs - Lassen Technologies

Organic Food Catalogs - Lassen Technologies

MCS Resources - Our Little Place
Personal care, building materials, bedding, cleaning, garden products, pest control, cotton clothes, filters, furniture, masks, cloths, mattresses, etc.

MCS Product Resources - Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured
air filters, organic foods, bedding, fabric, furniture, clothing, masks, saunas, tents, etc.

Less Toxic Products - MCS NYC (archived)
Personal care, cotton clothes, household items, cleaning, bedding, building supplies, etc.

This section checked for dead links on 08-08-2012

MCS Buttons, Posters, Signs, and T-shirts

Buttons, Posters and Signs

no perfume buttons and a door poster - Our Little Place

no fragrance (poster) - No Fragrance PDF

beware of occupant! - chemically sensitive occupant known to bite stinky people! (signs) - zona's zone

the sweetest smell is nothing at all (poster) - The Lung Association

MCS posters - Artists with MCS

Other Stuff

MCS patches - Crafty Delights

MCS T-shirts - Zona Zone

Nov 2005

Organic Garden Please Do Not Spray (sign) - Peaceful Valley

November 2007

Pesticide Free Zone (yard sign) - The National Coalition for Pesticide-Fee Lawns

Pesticide Free Yard (yard sign) - Thurston County Washington Public Health and Social Services

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Non Toxic Homemade Recipes

Please avoid any recipes in the links below that contain toxic grocery store type ingredients such as:
ammonia, dish detergent (petro chemical based), fabric softener, dryer sheets, chemical fragrances, bleach, rubbing alcohol, mineral oil (baby oil is mineral oil, so avoid this too), motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, paraffin (it is made of petro chemicals), chemical dyes (rit dye or most food colors), or any other product made of petro chemicals.

Most of these sites have none of these ingredients, except for 'mineral oil'. But if you visit Recipe Gold Mine , please be very careful. I only include this site since they have a lot of nice household recipes like wall spackle.

Of course, do not use anything that you are personally sensitive to such as:

pine products, soy, coconut, citrus, essential oils, etc.

One can even be allergic to something 100% natural with no chemicals added. If you are unsure whether something is toxic or not, please look it up, in the Toxic Chemical Lists . If an ingredient is toxic or you are allergic to it, please substitute with a similar but safe ingredient.

Cleaning Recipes

Non Toxic Recipes - mcs help site

Dec 2005

Non-toxic Alternatives to Common Household Products - CCAT (archived)

April 2, 2009

A Guide to Non-Toxic Cleaning - Thrifty Fun

Pest Control Formulas

Pest Control - lassen technology

Natural Pest Control - CND.

Garden Pests and Problems - pioneer thinking

April 3, 2009

Pest and Weed Control Without Pesticides - NCAP

Household Formulas

Milk Paint Formula - pioneer thinking

Natural Dye from Plants - pioneer thinking

Nov 2005

Kids Fun Stuff - mcs help site

April 3, 2009

Organic Garden Recipes - dirt doctor

Personal Care Recipes

April 8, 2009

Skin Care Center - pioneer thinking

Hair Care Center - pioneer thinking

Homemade Deodorant - angry chicken blog

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Healing Recipes

Barley Water Recipe - John Christopher (archived)

The way I did it, was to boil 2 oz of lightly pan roasted whole barley (not pearled) in 1 quart of water, then simmered for 20-30 minutes. Then I strained and tossed out the barley. I drank 1 cup of barley water about 4X a day.

Un-roasted barley has a laxative effect. If you suffer constipation, do not roast it. The way to pan roast is to put the whole barley in a dry pan. Heat over burner, shaking the pan every now and then to keep from burning, 'til it is aromatic.

I drank it room temp and stored it in a glass container. I gained 12 pound in 3 months. It also improved my mood a bit. I feel the reason it helps you to gain weight is not the calories, but the mineral content of the water helps to heal the intestines and you absorb your nutrients better. I am gluten intolerant but this did not bug me. I think since the actual barley grains were discarded maybe the gluten got discarded too? I am only guessing on this, so if you are gluten intolerant, please ask your natural doctor.

Whole barley is not readily available in health food stores. So, I purchased mine from gold mine natural foods . I chose the buffalo black barley because it is an heirloom variety.

November 2007

Pau'D Arco tea

I have been thinking just recently, that the carb content of barley, must be the reason that it helps you to gain weight. Grain is used to fatten up cows for market. I also think this barley water must have gluten in it, if barley has gluten. I think the reason that I was not bothered by the barley water was because, I have trouble with grains (due to my hypoglycemia), and am probably not gluten intolerant, per se.

Ancient Herb, Modern Miracle

It is supposed to strengthen the liver, and be good for lots of other stuff, like infections, candida, cancer and parasites.

If you choose to try it, make it weak. Full strength, it can be too strong for folks like us. I make it with 1 teaspoon to 4 cups of water and low boil it for 20 minutes then take off heat an let sit for 1/2- 1 hour and strain. I drink room temp as it is supposed to be more effective this way. It can make you very tired due to de-tox effects, so start slow.

I only used this a few years ago when my candida was acting up. I stopped using it when it began to make me loose weight. That is the last thing I need. I drank it daily for a few months.

The quality of the tea is so bad in health food stores, that is is totally ineffective, so look here to find a good source Purchasing notes...for Pau D'Arco (taheebo) .

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Body Diagnosis

August 2005

Tongue Diagnosis - Al Stone L. A. C.
- an introduction to how to diagnose health problems by looking at your tongue

Fingernail Diagnosis - Care2
- nails reflect the condition of the inner body

Diseases that show up in the fingernails - Essortment
- "our fingernails are a window to our bodies' health"

Chinese Face Reading - Positive Health
- face diagnosis

January 2, 2009

How to Perform Muscle Testing - Allergy Scape
This site shows you how to muscle test for allergies.

Kinesiology - How it Can Work, How it is Often Misused - MCS Allergy Help
How to test yourself for allergies.

April 8, 2009

Interactive reflexology maps of feet and hands - Dorling Kindersley Book
Maps of hand and feet.

I believe if the area indicated by the map is painful, there is a problem with the corresponding organ. Most areas of my feet used to be painful if pressed on that area. Now, hardly any areas are. To me that indicates that my health is improving. I guess I am doing something right.

Pulse Diagnosis - Institute for Traditional Medicine
"Pulse diagnosis is one of the original set of four diagnostic methods that are described as an essential part of traditional Chinese medical practice"

Urine Diagnosis - Wrong Diagnosis
Medical conditions associated with different urine colors

In the United states, Chinese doctors mostly perform acupuncture. This is sad. I don't feel this the best way to help a patient. I tried it. It can be relaxing, reduce pain and allergies, temporarily (for a few hours or sometimes days). Acupuncture seems to block symptoms much like drugs do.

The underlying problem should be found and addressed. Because regular and alternative doctors are unwilling or unable to help us, we are left to try to diagnose ourselves, like with methods in this section. Every once in a while I check my state of health using body diagnosis. I am doing a lot better. Mostly what I have done to accomplish this, is to eat better, and get plenty of sleep.

This section checked for dead links on 08-30-12

What I Have Learned Along the Way

My journey to wellness has been quite a rocky path, but here are a few things I have learned along the way.

  1. water
  2. sleep
  3. exercise
  4. sunshine
  5. food
  6. avoidance of supplements
  7. dangers of mercury fillings

Water is so necessary for the cells of the body to function properly. If the body does not get enough pure water, the bodily fluids, urine, blood, lymph, etc., become extremely concentrated and toxic. If too much is consumed, the fluids will become too diluted and weakness will result. Water is best taken 30 minutes before meals or 1-2 hours after a meal. Water with meals will upset the digestion. It is also best to drink it room temperature. The body will have to heat up cold water and cool off piping hot teas. This will weaken the body. Water is also necessary for good bowel movements. More information of the healing power of water can be found in this book:    Your Body's Many Cries for Water .

In June 2004, I started to drink Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottles, instead of filtered water from BYOB Water Stores . I think Mountain Valley Spring Water tastes great! The first few days, it was like I could not get enough of this water. It was like this was what my body was looking for all along and it was making up for lost time. But I did level off after a while and now drink normal amount. The same thing happened to my husband. He drank a lot of it at first too. But now he thinks the water tastes too minerally for him and went back to the filtered water. I think this is common. Deficient people need minerally water and the more robust folks need the cleansing qualities of filtered water.

I have read to avoid drinking distilled water, because it is toxic to the body. I think this is because it is totally devoid of minerals and leaches them from your body. Not good!

May 2008

Here is an article about the dangers of drinking distilled water:

Early Death Comes from Drinking Distilled Water

Personally, I think even filtered water is depleting to the body. Even my husband, who used to like BYOB filtered water, is now drinking tap water. I have been told that filtered water is dead.

Back in 1997 I brought two bottles of water to be muscle tested at my kinesiologist. I did not label (except with a 1 and a 2 so I knew which was which) either bottle so he would not know which was which. I did not look while he tested so I did not know either. The highly filtered BYOB water tested weak for me, and the tap water tested strong. I was not going to drink "Tap" water! So I continued to drink the empty water. I should have listened to my body, and stopped drinking the filtered water. In 1999, I began to drink "Rain fresh" brand water, after I tasted it at my acupuncturist. It is reverse osmosis water with added oxygen, so still an empty dead water. We switched to mountain valley spring water, after we moved and rain fresh was no longer available. The water tastes great! It may take a while for my body to remineralize after 7 years of drinking dead water.

The earth provides water with the minerals a body needs, so I believe that is the best way to drink it. It is too bad that most don't have access to fresh mountain streams. If you can not afford spring water, it might be beneficial to add a touch of sea salt to your water so you can at least be getting some electrolytes when you drink. Add the salt according to taste, your body will tell your when it is the right amount. Salted water has a softer feel in my mouth. I like it a lot better.

Given a choice, my dog prefers rain water, to tap, filtered or even spring water. Animals are usually wiser than we are. My potted plants and veggie garden also prefers rain water. Maybe one day I will take my dog's advice and get some rain barrels.

Country Water Action: Thailand Promoting Rainwater Harvesting, Preserving Rainwater Jar Culture
We have asphalt shingles, so roof collection would not be a great idea.

Recently, I discovered that I was not getting enough water. I thought that I was drinking plenty of water, but the only thing it seemed to accomplish was to make me pee. So I drank less, to see if I felt less tired and weak. I felt terrible. So I tried something else. Instead of drinking a full glass of water at a time when I felt thirsty, I drink 1/2 a glass at a time. Oh my gosh, all the difference in the world. Now, I digest my food way better and I am not running to the bathroom all the time. I think drinking too much at once was upsetting my electrolyte balance. My kidneys were very busy dumping water to make things right again, and I was still dehydrated.

I found that drinking a full glass of water when I first get up (sleep is dehydrating, and so is taking a bath) is very helpful. I read in these articles

summary of the book: Your Body's Many Cries For Water
Profound Life-Giving Therapeutic Himalayan Crystal Salt - Shirley's wellness cafe

that salt and water are needed to make Hydrochloric acid (HCL) for the body to make HCL, which is needed for digestion. I avoid drinking for 15-30 minutes before meals and for at least 1 hour after meals so that HCL is not diluted. After supper, I try not to drink too much water after supper because I found it is hard on my kidneys to drink at night. Each person needs a different amount of water to to feel well, so use your own body as a guide. When the weather is hot, or I am more active, I drink more water than usual. When I garden, I get so tired and sometimes lightheaded. I find if I drink water while I am outside, I feel a lot better.

Sleep The liver cleans the blood between 1-3 AM each night and the gallbladder is the most active from 11 pm - 1 AM. The blood is cleansed by the liver all the time, but at night it is really focused on this task, by moving a large volumes of blood to the liver. It is best to eat at 6 pm or before, and here is why: After food is ingested, it takes 3 hours (5 hours or more if you eat a large meal or you have slow digestion) for the food to leave the stomach, then 3 more hours to move from the small intestines to the large intestines. Now that puts us at midnight. If we add one more hour for slow digestion and we are now at 1 AM. If food is consumed after 6 PM, the liver thinks: "you want me to digest your food tonight, not clean your blood". Among the many tasks the liver performs, the liver creates digestive enzymes. Plus, when food is eaten, more blood will go to the intestines to help the intestines digest the food. Now, the blood it is supposed to be in the liver isn't it? If the body is busy digesting your food when you should be sleeping, you will not get much sleep. Because the body needs to be sleeping to do its best job of de-toxing, I try to be in bed by 10 PM.

A wealth of information on how the liver functions, the cause of food allergies, and a few other things like that can be found at this site:   www.sensiblehealth.com

I did try the cleanses that are on her site, but they made me loose too much weight, 30 pounds, and I was only 123 lbs to begin with. I spent the next year, trying to put it back on.

The body regenerates at night. It performs tasks such as: repairing damaged cells, growth in children, reorganizing memories, resting the brain and muscles, as well as de-toxing the blood and cells. It is important to sleep during the night not during the day (like if you are a night owl and go to bed at midnight or later) because these functions occur naturally at night.

Updated July 2005

Exercise helps to move the blood, thus bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It also moves the lymph fluid. The lymph fluids have no pump like the blood does. Exercise also causes deep breathing, allows sounder sleep, builds muscle, improves mood, increases physical stamina, and assists in digestion and elimination functions. The liver and kidneys will filter the blood of more toxins if the blood is moving.

Stagnation of the body fluids is much like a scummy pond that does not flow. The body has 5 organs devoted to ridding itself of toxins: the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and the bowels. In the Chemically Sensitive, the bowel, the liver and the kidneys do not work so well anymore, so exercising is all the more important. Excessive exercise can be harmful though. It can deplete the body of vitamin A and fats, which are needed for energy and de-toxing. I also believe that most of us with MCS are malnourished, due to much of our nourishment going to de-tox functions. So, we must be very careful not to overdo things. I often overdo and I do pay the price, mostly with exhaustion and depression. Here are some symptoms of malnutrition

I used to go to the chiropractor at least 1-2 times a week until he ticked me off one last time! (there is a point here, really) He said, "If you would do something about your problem (MCS) then maybe you would improve!". So I did. I stopped going to to see him.

I have tried so many therapies, most of which did not help, or made things worse.

Here's the list

orthopedic doctors (leg braces as a child)
md's (antibiotics, aspirin)
stomach doctor (stomach meds)
arthritis doctor (he gave me a huge bag of pain pill samples and said find out which one works)
chiropractors (thousands of adjustments, neck traction, orthotics, neck brace, X-rays and more X-rays)
trigger point therapy
psychiatrists (antidepressants - to cover up symptoms, thought field therapy, EMDR)
environmental doctor (P&N testing, homeopathics, vitamins)
chiropractor that dabbled in nutrition (vitamins, acidophilus, flax oil, flax seeds, homeopathics, parasite herbs)
hydrogen peroxide therapy
acupuncture (NAET, pain therapy, NET)
supplements of my own choosing
iridology (more for diagnosing problems by looking at the eyes)
herbs the iridologist suggested
dentists (got mercury fillings out, cavitation surgery)
color therapy box
massage to relieve pain
TMJ dentist (TMJ splint) - this made my jaws hurt more
ion generator
personal trainer - to help strengthen me after car accidents
liver, colon, and kidney cleansing - Lost 10 lbs with colon cleanse, and 10 more with kidney cleanse. (I did not need to loose weight!)
chi machine
barley water to gain weight - gained 12 pounds in 3 months doing this - barley water recipe
rolfing/cranial sacral - got rid of TMJ pain entirely! I still see him about 1 time a month to keep me out of pain
colonics - this made me severely constipated for at least 6 months and weakened me terribly
whole food diet of pasture raised meet and organic veggies - no processed foods at all.
exercise - walk, even if I can only go to end of street and Y-Dan tape
Mountain Valley Spring water in glass
colloidal silver to control systemic overgrown candida - temporary use only
taheebo - to control candida

Added July 1, 2015

IV glutathione - cured me of MCS!

meditation - strangely makes me nervous
yoga - gag me with a spoon! so boring
IV heavy metal chelation - caused constant panic, and agoraphobia
bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - this caused a rediculous about of bleeding during my period
more supplements - (The last month I saw the dietician, he sold me a month's supply of supplements that cost $800. His very large, calm boxer helped me more than handfulls of synthetic pills)

nutritional Response Testing - current treatment
emotional release - current treatment
my Corgi - he is very hyper and demanding, but I love him to death

Added April 2014

physical therapy - to help a pinched nerve in my neck

I feel the items in bold, I feel helped me. Every thing else a waste of time and gobs of money.

I knew that my back would soon be out of alignment and become unbearable, so I decided to do my Y-Dan Tape more regularly. Now, I do not need the adjustments anymore.

Y-DAN   is a series of gentle stretching exercises I do in the morning before breakfast. Sleeping is dehydrating, so I drink 1-2 glasses of water (that's how much I loose after visiting the bathroom in the morning) first. A lot goes on while we sleep. The liver cleans the blood all day, but more so at night, so up to 70% of the blood is in the liver between 1-3 am. Doing Y-Dan will help to get the blood circulating again. When I am cold, I move around and I feel warmer. In addition, exercise encourages bowel movements, by exercising the bowels. Since morning is nature's time to eliminate, this is a good time to exercise. Eating breakfast first would just shove more food down there and bowels move better when not compacted.

Sometimes I am kinda pale in the morning, but after I do the tape, I usually get my color back and do not feel so sluggish and stiff. It also seems to help my mood. If I am still pale, I know it is time to get rolfed. If I skip just one day of the Y-Dan, I am so stiff and if I skip two days, then the constant pain that I used to have, returns, and the next time I do Y-Dan it is painful to do.

Actually, now I can skip a few days and the pain does not return. I must be getting better. But I do get constipated and sometimes depressed, when I skip too many days.

I learned Y-Dan very slowly. I had had 4 car accidents in the period of 2 years, so I was in quite a bit of pain. Even just putting my arms above my head was painful. I only added about 2 movements (exercises) a week, and ended up skipping those that were just too painful or exhausting, and stopped when I got too tired to go on.

As time went by, I could do more and more of the movements without so much pain and fatigue. And I eventually added the movements that were just too painful to do before. If putting my arms over my head was painful, I just raised them as high as I could get them. There is this one exercise where I had to touch the floor with my fist, yea right! I just went as far as I could get and one day, low and behold, I did it, I touched the floor. I could not even do that as kid!

I believe Y-Dan is helping to improve my scoliosis. I have no more pain, unless I skip the y-dan for a few days. My shoulders are now even, and my head no longer tilts to one side.

When the weather allows and I feel up to it (emotionally and physically), I take a walk in the sun. Sometimes I just go around the block and other times I end up walking 20 minutes. I find I feel so much better if I have gotten outside that day, even just for a short time.

Sunshine feeds every cell of the body and it is nature's de-toxifier.

The sun helps the body to: regenerate the cells of the eyes, energize the body, improve the mood, kill cancer cells, make serotonin, melatonin (melatonin is made from serotonin in response to darkness), make vitamin D and makes plants grow. It can help us in much the same way that it helps the plants to grow and the outside air to smell fresh.

We need at least 1 hour of unfiltered sunshine a day to stay healthy. It is very important to avoid sunscreen, sunglasses and prescription glasses while outside, because all these block UV rays. We have been told that UV rays are harmful, but consider the source - the sunscreen and sunglasses companies!

I think 1 hour is probably optimum, but if I get out for only 5 minutes, it is way better than no time at all. I have noticed that walking in the sun is way more effective than just laying out in the sun. Maybe if I just sit in the sun the vitamin "S" (vitamin sunshine) just stagnates on the surface and if I move around, the sun finds its way into the cells. I know it is not just the exercise that makes me feel better, since I do not feel near as good if I walk after dark.

The best time to grab some beneficial UV is between 10am and 2pm (more UV rays then) That might be a great time to grab only 5-10 minutes to avoid that sunburn, and sweating half to death if you live in a place like Texas as I do. To assist the pineal gland to make its hormones, the sunlight must enter the eyes. For the cholesterol in the skin to make vitamin D, the skin must be uncovered. Making enough vitamin D through sun exposure in many parts of the world is not possible, especially if you have dark skin, so best to look for a good dietary source, such as cod liver oil.

May 2008

sometimes I have trouble sleeping. I have found early morning sun, is very effective in helping me to be less depressed during the day and to sleep better at night. I think it is because the sunlight is a different color in the morning. The reason does not really matter. Morning sun also helps that left over morning melatonin, (making me still sleepy), turn into serotonin, so I feel more awake.

updated - April 10, 2009

We have installed, an electronic balist and full spectrum lights in the kitchen. The new lights do not have a flicker and don't hum at all. I appreciate that, but was hoping it would help me with my depression, but it hasn't.

A few good sources of the health benefits of the sun can be found in these 2 books:

Health and Light - John Ott
Light: Medicine of the Future - Jacob Liberman

and the following articles:

Full Spectrum Light: Energy and Health Builder - PPNF
"Sun phobia arose after investigators anesthetized animals, propped their eyes open and shined intense UV light into them. There was retinal damage. "

Sun - Friend or Foe? - Dr. Craig Reese (archived)

"Ultraviolet light needs to pass through our eyes so that the pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated which helps in the production of important hormones like Serotonin and Melatonin. "

April 10, 2009

Healing Cancer With Light - Healing Cancer Naturally
"Light is the basic component from which all life originates, evolves, and is energized. Light and health are inseparable. Because we have managed to disconnect ourselves from the sources of light with our fluorescent lights, indoor lifestyles, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, tanning lotions, flesh foods, processed foods and even cooked vegetarian diets, many of us suffer from chronic “mal-illumination.” Like malnutrition, “mal-illumination” deprives us of a level of nutrients and rhythmic stimulation that is essential for living as fully healthy humans."

Healing Power of Sunlight - Shirley's Wellness Cafe
- "The sun is the source of energy for all plants, and indirectly, for all animals. If the sun causes cancer, man wouldn't be here today. Contrary to popular belief, sunbathing actually helps heal cancer of the skin while sunblock increases cancer risk. "

Full Spectrum Sunlight and Inner Health - Second Opinions
"There are neurochemical channels from the retina to the pineal and pituitary glands, the master glands of the whole endocrine system that controls the production and release of hormones. This regulates your body chemistry and its growth, all organs of your body, including your brain, and how they function."

Health Benefits of UltraViolet Light - Jaguar Enterprises
"A study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet and a Russian study found fluorescent light rather than sunlight promotes melanoma, proportionately to the time of exposure."

Medical Benefits Supporting the practice of Suryayog (archived)
"Sunlight speeds the elimination of toxic chemicals, including metals and pesticides. "

John Ott, light pioneer
"...when a drop of human blood is placed on an ultraviolet transmitting microscope slide and then placed directly in front of a video display terminal for five minutes, it will cause long-chain clumping of the red blood cells... "...

"...we think this problem is due to the magnetic fields magnetizing the iron in the hemoglobin, causing them to have a polarity that makes them line up just like a bunch of little magnets. "However, we find that getting the person outdoors or seating them directly in front of our full-spectrum lighting with ultraviolet reverses the condition. The ultraviolet seems to be an important factor in breaking up this clumping."

Athlete's Foot, Toenail Fungus, and Similar Repugnant Topics - Doctor Yourself
"When we were finished with our swimming lessons, we were a lot dirtier than we ever got at the "Y." We sat on the ground in the sun and quickly put our socks, without time to dry our feet, before catching the bus back to camp. No disinfectant in sight, just the occasional cow cookie.

Immediately that summer, my athlete's foot went away.

Looking back, I think it was the sunlight that did it. Fungi in general and athlete's foot fungi in particular love shade. When we swam outside and dressed outside, the sun got to our toes. Sunlight did what sanitation couldn't. "

Updated March 1, 2005

Processed food, feed-lot meat and dairy and all chemically grown food are the #1 way to illness I believe.

When we got internet access, I hunted for a connection to all my problems. I knew there was a reason and a connection, I just had to find it. I lived on the internet a few years until finally I put it all together, especially after I ran into the The Weston A Price Foundation Site in 2001. This site has so much great info, that I decided to purchase a book written by the founder of the Weston A Price Foundation. Sally Falon's book, Nourishing Traditions , has done a great deal for me to help me in my journey to be well. Part of the book contains recipes for whole non food industry foods, but the first part is devoted to dispelling the myths of the food industry in an entertaining style. Much of this same information is located on the website, but I have trouble sitting at the computer for long periods of time. It makes me sorta dizzy, irritable, and keeps me from sleeping at night.

I discovered that the food industry has been very busy brainwashing us for its own purposes. They have been lying to us since they learned to develop fake foods. They tell us to eat, lots and lots of processed grain, no saturated fats but to use canola oil and margarine instead, etc. Truth being, we should eat the exact opposite: plenty of saturated fats in the form of animal fat such as butter, cream, whole milk, fats and fatty meats from pasture raised animals. Coconut oil, and palm oil being saturated fats are good but the vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower, canola, and soy oils are bad. Olive oil is high in mono unsaturated fats, so I believe it to be a compromise. I can't tolerate it though. They suggest soaking all whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds to remove phytic acid and to avoid white flours, white rice, and soy (high levels of anti nutrients and plant estrogens. Excessive estrogen makes little girls develop at extremely early ages like 8 years old. It sometimes does not let boys mature at all.). Soy is not meant for man or beast.

The Weston A Price Foundation, is non profit so they can be free to be totally honest about dispelling the myths of the toxic food industry. In June 2001 (now age 40), I began to eat eat whole foods in their natural state. I am unable to eat all the things that are mentioned in the Nourishing Traditions book, due to my food allergies. I actually eat closer to a caveman diet. I eat lots of meat, veggies, but no milk, grains, fruit, nuts or seeds. Each person has their own tolerance for things like milk and grains. I think it depends on how worn out your adrenal glands are. Mine is shot. Probably from all that sweet tea and zoloft. Antidepressants are stimulants. Stimulants are very bad for the adrenals.

Updated June, 2005

Animal fat has the cholesterol (and other types of fats) that your body is craving. Your body is made up of cholesterol and will make it if you do not eat it. It makes it even if you do eat it. This is why if you stop eating fat you crave bread. The body can make cholesterol from carbs and sugars. But carbs tend to hang around as fat.

In the past, it seemed that, sometimes no matter how much I ate I didn't feel satisfied. I rarely have that problem now. I add quite a bit of the fat which rises to the top of my broth, back to my soups. When making my broth, I try to not to let it boil. If it gets too hot the broth will not jelly up after cooling it in the refrigerator. Adding fat makes the soup taste a lot better, and I am eat less since my hunger is satisfied earlier.

I do feel that a big part of my improvement is due to abandoning all processed foods (even processed organic food) and factory farmed meats. Factory farming is not only inhumane to the animals it is inhumane to us. You are what you eat and you are what your animals eat as well. If your animals eat grain laced with antibiotics, hormones, meat from other animals that died of disease, chicken dung, municipal garbage, feathers, cardboard, restaurant grease, expired grocery store food stuffs, and bubble gum including the foil wrappers, then that is all in the meat, and you are eating all that too. Since the animals get very ill on these horrible diets, the meat is far from nutritious. Many of the animals can not even walk because they are so weak!

Actually, factory raised animals are expected to be sick! The humane way of raising animals is to let them eat from pasture that way they were designed to. Ruminants (grass eating animals) get very ill on grain. They can't digest it, and many of the cattle die due to this. The feedlots have to give the animals tons of antibiotics, antacids and other meds to try to keep them alive long enough until slaughter. The meat lady I get my pasture raised meat from, said "if they kept the feedlot animals for about 1 more month, they would all die. They just can't survive on what they are feeding them."

I purchase my pasture raised beef, lamb, chicken and eggs from local ranchers at

Burgundy Pasture Beef  and  PaiDom Meats

Locating non feed-lot meat, and raw dairy is not as hard as it used to be, one only has to visit   Eat Wild   and   Real Milk   to locate a source anywhere in the United States and Canada. We get our organic produce from my local health food store.

The health food store is generally not a safe place to buy personal care and cleaning products. The products may have names like green this or organic that, but if you check the ingredients you will find a whole bunch of no nos from the Toxic Chemical Lists . Many of the health food stores are being bought out by the same folks that own the toxic old grocery stores. This is such bad news. This puts in danger our ability to purchase non toxic food and other products.

I can only give you the tip of the iceberg on all the things that are out there on a good traditional diet. Here are a few links so you can really understand what the processed food industry would rather you did not know!

Weston A Price Foundation

Low cholesterol: overlooked health risks

Introduction to the Palio Diet (caveman diet)

Guts and Grease: The Diet of Native Americans
- Has a picture of a beautiful Navajo Native American

Factory Farm Project

Updated April 2, 2005

Supplements can seem to help in the short run, but even if made from natural ingredients, natural vitamins contain chemical fillers and preservatives. If you want to know about all the yucky stuff that goes into most of your "natural" supplements read   Dietary Supplements - What the Industry Does Not Want You to Know .

Supplements are fractioned foods, and 90% of all supplements contain ingredients that make MCS worse. Fractioned foods are those no longer in their whole natural state, for example: egg whites, white flour, white sugar (is separated from the food it came from), brown sugar (it is mostly white sugar), corn syrup, white rice, fruit juice (missing the pulp), powdered milk (missing the fat), low fat and skim milk, veggie juice, most supplements except maybe cod liver oil (it's whole), and anything from the food industry in the form of processed food.

Processed food consists of almost anything in a bag, box, jar, bottle or can. Processed food has been so manipulated that it is not really food anymore. The body does not know what to do with fractioned foods, but it does the best it can. If sugar is ingested, the body will need to steal from something else that than was eaten to digest the sugar. If an organic apple is eaten, everything needed to digest the apple is in that apple. Nature really knows best. More on fractioned foods can be found in the book   Nourishing Traditions

I took supplements for two years under the guidance of a natural nutrition doctor, and although they seemed to help at first, in the long run, I felt so much worse. Supplements can create vitamin/mineral imbalances. Personally, I developed allergies to many of them. So, I have turned to food to heal me as I have found herbs to be much too strong for me. Herbs should only be used short term anyway. They can also create imbalances in the body if used too long. I use herbs rarely, but when I do, I will boil them as a tea, so I can control their strength. I believe, herbs in pill form, are more like a processed food.

Man can not even come close to guessing the amounts of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Why guess, just eat organic, biodynamic, or pastured animals in their natural state and you will do a lot better than mega dosing on vitamins. Some chemically raised oranges have been found to have no vitamin "C". The crops will only contain nutrients that the soil contains and chemicals deplete the soil. So, I am not sure what is worse, what the chemically raised produce has in it, or what it does not, namely nutrients.

Unfortunately, even organic foods can be low in nutrients, if it is not grown in a sustainable way. I read that produce that tastes the best, ends up being the most nutrient dense. So seek out sources of fresh produce, and compare the taste. A man in an article which I read, used a brix meter to test quality, but his grandkid's, taste buds were just as good an indicator. The kids liked the foods best that were highest in brix, not even knowing the brix numbers.

The Pottenger cat study, proved that cat dung from cats that were fed processed foods, produced sickly beans, verses the healthy bean plants from cats fed a optimum diet (for cats) of raw meat and raw dairy. Some compost and manure products at the garden store are pasteurized, thus killing everything bad and all the good guys too. Micro-organisms in the soil make the plants healthy.

Updated July 2005

Mercury Fillings In 1998 my doctor suggested that I get my metal fillings out. The ADA likes to call them silver fillings so they won't sound toxic. Metal fillings are about 50% mercury, 30% silver and the rest other metals. I got the first quadrant replaced in November of 1998. The second quadrant was replaced in April 1999. I did not tolerate the removal procedure very well. I got severely depressed each time.

I now believe that the chelating supplements caused this. De-toxing too fast can cause depression, amoung other things. So, I decided to give mercury removal a rest rest for a while. In March 2004, I had to get a nickel crown replaced due to a cavity under it. I went ahead and got the filling beside it replaced as long as that side of my mouth was numb. I used no supplements that time. Other than a lot of fatigue, I was fine.

In June 2005, I got the last quadrant of mercury fillings replaced. I am so glad that is over with. It caused me to be very fatigued and stiff. To help me recover, I got rolfed a few times. It helped me to loosen me up after all that stress and pain. The numbing medication did not work very well, so the provedure was painful. Since then, I relaized that I take a long time to get numb. I think a good part of my exhaustion may have been due to numbing medication, getting stuck in my mouth tissues. The rolfer worked on my mouth to rid my body of all that numbing medicine.

I think that I have pretty much gotten over that experience, but I never noticed any difference in my health.

In 2009 I had 13 IV heavy metal chelations to remove the mercury form my body. I had to stop doing them because they made me so ill. My anxiety and panic attacks got so severve that I ended up in the hospital for 14 days.

I thought cleaning up my mouth would help, but I think it only made it so much worse. If I had to do that agin, I don't really think so!

More on the toxic nature of dental materials can be found at:
The Dangers of Mercury

Also, mercury can cause
suicidal tendencies   (archived)

What I Am Doing to Heal My Body

Updated May 2008

No processed or canned foods, not even ketchup.
No sugar or caffeine.
No chemically based supplements.
Avoid all foods that that make my candida or hypoglycemia worse or that I am allergic to.
I use lots of homemade beef broth
I drink Mountain Valley Spring water stored in glass.
I eat only whole foods:
pasture raised meat, organic frozen or fresh veggies, garden veggies, and mountain sourced salt from ancient sea beds, not chemmillay based table salt.

Last meal at 6 PM. Eating later, keeps me awake all night.
No computer after supper as this keeps me awake all night.
Bed by 10 PM. The later I go to bed the harder it is to fall asleep
Sleep at least 10 hours each night (read 'lights out' book to find out why)
Lay down a few minutes, during the day if I feel tired (I need to work on this one)
Less TV and computer. Both interfere with sleep, and are addictive. (needs work too)

Try to go outside each day. Morning sun is the most healing.
Y-Dan in the morning.
Walks in the sun (5-30 minutes depending how I feel)
Exercising with 1 pound weights (like lifting my arms over my head with them when I am stiff)
I get rolfed when exercise is not helping anymore

I avoid taking a bath right after eating, it upsets digestion
I avoid going to bed with wet hair, it blocks energy flow to rest of body
I avoid toxins like the plague
I avoid negative people
I avoid all doctors except to get my zoloft and get out of jury duty (rather not play God with other's lives)
I avoid over the counter medications like pain medication, and cold medicatons and prescriptions like antibiotics (they kill good bacteria in the gut). If I get an infection I take garlic.
I open the window on nice days (and pollen level is low), to clear stale air and so computer EMF's don't bug me so much.

When I fall short of these goals, I try not to beat myself up to much about it. Doing some of these things is better than doing none of them.

May, 2005

And I do fall short of my goals often. I do not get outside or exercise every day. This causes me to be depressed, constipated, lack energy, and have insomnia. I sometimes go to bed after 10 PM. Seems the later I go to bed, the harder it is to fall asleep, and get up the next morning. I also eat at 7 PM once in a while, then I can't sleep, and also wake up with crud in my eyes. I often get up way too late, probably because I ate and/or went to bed too late. This causes insomnia since I have not been up long enough to be tired. And getting up too late, also seems to make me constipated. I spend way too much time on the computer. Being on the computer seems to cause me to loose track of time, which keeps me from eating on time, and drinking enough water. Using the computer after after dinner, keeps me from sleeping at all.

I go through periods where I practically watch no TV. During these times, I feel so much better. But when I am not feeling well or I am depressed, I watch more TV. I read that depressed people watch more TV. I think it might be because they are not motivated to do much of anything else. Unfortunately, TV makes depression worse. It also seems to cause insomnia and constipation. It does for me anyway.

Both the TV and the computer mess with the function of the pineal gland, probably produce bad energy fields, keep me from getting anything else done, causes insomnia and lack of exercise. Ever notice how still folks are while they are watching TV or sitting at the computer? I read that you use up less calories watching TV then if you were sitting in the same chair just staring at the wall. I think this is because being mesmerized by the TV, slows your whole system down. Not moving all day will certainly cause constipation, which I believe is a major problem contributing to MCS. It seems like making one little mistake messes up everything else.

As long as we are talking about constipation...

Things I have noticed that help with constipation:

  1. Be up in the morning - like before 9 am.

    Digestion and elimination are more efficient in the morning and become more and more difficult as the day goes on. Bowel movements occur most naturally in the morning. If you are not up, you may have to wait til the next day.

  2. Do not eat after 6 PM.

    The body is gearing up for repair and de-tox at night, not digestion. Food eaten at night tends to just sit in your gut, giving you a belly ache, and making you fat! At college, I once had breakfast at 3 AM with friends. It was a big breakfast. I got so nauseous and did not sleep that night. I decided to never do that again!

  3. Eat bigger meals earlier in the day. Make supper a light meal.

    Your body has a circadian rhythm, and digestion is a early day thing. But on the other hand, if I skip supper entirely to avoid the constipation thing and to sleep better, I get cold, and do not sleep well. I have read that it does take energy to sleep. A lot goes on while you sleep, so you do need fuel.

  4. Do not eat more than the stomach can hold.

    If you eat too fast as I tend to, you tend to eat too much. It takes the body about 20 minutes to realize that you fed it. If you wait til that amount of time before you go for seconds, you may realize, that you are no longer hungry. If you eat too much, there is just too much food in your stomach to empty into your intestines. If your intestines have all they can hold, the remaining food sits in your stomach and can cause reflux if you bend at the middle or lay down. And you will not sleep. I tend to be less depressed when I eat lighter meals. This leads me to think constipation causes depression.

  5. Do not eat large meals too close together.

    It takes like about 3 hours to get the food out of the stomach and into the small intestines. If you shove more food down before the stomach is empty, well, you get constipated. This tends to happen to me when I get up too late and try to squeeze 3 meals between 11 AM and 6 PM. I get hungry due to my hypoglycemia and think I will starve if I do not eat 3 times. On those days I try to eat only 2 times.

    It is better to eat the same time each day, but I am not perfect and have to learn to accept that.

  6. Stop eating or greatly reduce intake while extremely constipated

    If you have a stopped up drain, don't add more stuff. Same principle. Going for a walk helps too.

  7. Avoid long periods of total inactivity - like watching TV or computer use

    Exercise makes the villi of the intestines move, which move the bowels. If you stay still all day, well so will your waste. But I bet you will still eat, so then you have a situation as bad as eating too much at one time. Compacted food in your gut!

    I feel it is better to do normal activities like walking around the house and not exercise per say like going out for a walk, then to sit still all day like at the computer, and think you can erase that by going for a 1 hour walk. Don't ask me how I know that! I have found Y-dan to be effective in promoting a bowel movement.

  8. Avoid constipating foods.

    These might be different for each person. You should take notice of what make you go and what constipates you. For me, the constipating foods are: nuts, dry beans, green beans, grains, starchy veggies like potatoes, and parsnips, and over cooked food which would include canned veggies (they are cooked to very high temps so they will keep forever).

    Most raw things, although I can't digest them well, tend to make things move faster as well as most veggies and all fruits, especially applesause, prunes and and figs.

    Flours can act like glue in the intestines. We all learned how to make paste in elementary school. (flour and water) So bread is not a good thing to eat when constipated.

    Bitter or pungent foods are a good thing to try when constipated, like broccoli, cabbage, celery, and bitter herbs like dandelion.

    Personally, I use one of the following to help things move along: beets, carrots, cooked radish, cooked dandelion root, or brocolli.

  9. Eat more animal fat

    I save the fat that rises to the top of my homemade beef stock and add it back to my soups. I have never enjoyed eating the fat on the edge of a steak, but the rendered fat tastes good to me. I am allergic to butter, and milk, and hardly ever fry food (which would require some sort of fat). So, adding fat to my soup is the only way that I can think of to get fat into me. The soup tastes better too, since I can not thicken it with flour. Fried food can upset my tummy, and cause me to have bloody noses. Frying foods increase their thermal nature to hot and tends to dry me up, this is what causes the bloody nose.

    In order to digest fat, bile is needed. When you eat fat, bile is excreted into the intestines to break it up. Bile is a natural laxative. If you eat no fats, bile does not move. Bile is made from cholesterol. The bile hardens and clogs the bile ducts, forming gallstones, in both the liver and gal bladder. Gallstones are from not eating enough cholesterol, not from eating too much.

  10. Get outside in the morning everyday, even to sit and stare

    Some how this greatly increases chance of a BM. Early morning sun is the most effective.

I hope this list helps you. I know it is more fun to talk about what goes into a body then to talk about what comes out. But if we talked more about that sort of thing, maybe this stuff would be common knowledge.

The Moral of this Story if there is One

Updated May 2008

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is a sign of a weak tired body. I believe it is mostly due to lack of sleep, a hectic lifestyle, a poor diet. Many times, being bombarded by chemicals all at once or over a long period, a little at a time causes MCS. Avoidance of toxic substances will avoid symptoms, but will not cure the liver. I think glutatione is key to repairing the body. There have been tests that show MCS folks have a lower level of glutathione in the body. I believe major changes should include eating more the way our bodies were designed to eat. Eat more saturated fat, less grain, and no processed food at all (which would include all sugar, artificial sugars, table salt, white flours, pasteurized dairy and fruit juice, and almost anything in a bag, box, can, bottle or jar). Saturated fat being bad for you is yet another myth propagated by the vegetable oil industry. They had to convince the public that saturated fat was bad, so we would buy their products.

Updated July 3, 2015

Due to recent events, I believe MCS might be totally caused by taking over the counter and prescribed drugs. In August 2014, I had a horrible headache for 7 days. My Nutritional Response doctor found that I had a Mastiod Bone infection. I took Tylenol because I just could not take the horrible pain. After about 1 month of taking supplements that the doctor tested me for, the headaches were getting less severe and was able to cut back on the Tylenol. Unfortunately, a few days later, I tripped and fell over the water cooler, and hit my head on the hard tile. I ended up with a mild concusion, And the horrible headaches returned. After 2 months of taking daily Tylenol, I ended up in the hospital, with severe Tylenol toxicity. Now, almost a year later (July 2015), I am still weak, my heart hurts, when I overdo, like tring to do the dishes, or mop the floor. The Laundry is especially difficult as lifting things always make my heart hurt. Even folding is a difficult thing for me to do. I stay close to home, cause going to stores makes me fall, have heart pain and get confused. I have been improving, but very slowly. Over 500 people a year die from taking Tylenol. According to what I have read, Tylenol is THE MOST toxic over the counter drug there is. I was in stage 3 of Tylenol overdose. There is no stage 4, unless you want to say death is stage 4. So please, if you are reading this, take no Tylenol. The livers of people with MCS is toxic already, Tylenol might just toss you over the edge.

The Weston A Price has a great list of dos and don'ts here they are:

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Dangers

The fact is, that health has declined since everyone has cut back on fat in their diets. Americans are fatter and dying from heart disease, strokes, and cancer at higher rates now. We are also suffering from more and more horrible chronic ailments such as Multiple Chemical Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Allergies, MS, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Osteoporosis, Depression, Panic Disorders, Obsessive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, AIDS, bla, bla, bla. Many of which were unheard of before processed foods and fake fats appeared.

Weston A. Price searched the world over for healthy people with straight healthy teeth, and never found them in "civilized" areas. He only found them in remote areas untouched by processed foods and the modern world, and the majority depended mostly on animals for their sustenance. These folks had straight teeth with almost never a cavity, no mental disease, and almost never any physical disease or malformations. Of the indigenous folks that were total vegans (no animal products at all), he found a greater incidence of dental carries and physical deformities. But, he did find healthy vegetarians, that consumed milks, cheeses and eggs. He found that, only a small amount of animal products were necessary to ward off illness, and congenital defects.

More about Weston A Price

I find it truly amassing, that the works of Weston A. Price are largely unknown to a great many of us. But we all know who Louis Pasteur is. He is the nut who invented a away to kill all the beneficial bacteria in milk to make it very unhealthy to drink. He also found out a way to give many children, autism, and mental retardation, by injecting various pathogens into innocent children! Maybe someone should find a way to get Weston A, Price into the school textbooks, and Pasteur out of them!

Saturated fats protect the liver from toxic substances and enhance the immune system. Fats have many more benefits that are explained very well in this article The Skinny on Fats

Listening to the food industry's idea of healthy eating has gotten us all into this mess. The food pyramid was bought and paid for by the grain lobbyists. Eating 11 servings of grain a day, will make you fat enough to sell at market. Anyway, don't get me going.

When I read "Nourishing Traditions", it all made sense to me. The things you hear on TV or read in most magazines about what to eat to be healthy, are designed to make someone a lot of money not make anyone healthy.

I almost forgot, home-made beef broth is a big part of my healing from MCS because, Gelatin rich homemade broth helps the liver to de-tox. I eat so much soup, I think I will turn into soup.

December 2, 2010

When I put this website together, I honestly believed eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sunshine, exercise, and sleep would cure me. Don't get me wrong, those things are good for you, but those things did not cure me. I don't know what causes MCS, and I really don't know what cures it. I now think that I was wrong thinking simple things like good food will fix MCS. For me, IV glutathione healed me of MCS. This past year, I have been taking readisorb (glutathione wrapped in oil so it is stable and will reach the cells all over the body). But I do second guess that assumption. There could be some unknown reason, I got a lot better.

I started this website with the hopes that I could help others get well again, just as soon as I found the cure. I have done a lot of research and I never found a cause or cure.

I got an e-mail from a lady that switched from nebulized Glutathione to IV Glutathione because of what she read on my site. So I am happy to have helped that 1 person. She says she is feeling better each week. It would be nice to have every MCS person cured and our own kids will never have heard of MCS.

I hope you get better soon,


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Only when the last tree has died,
And the last river been poisoned,
And the last fish been caught,
Will we realize that we cannot eat money.

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