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Moon Magick Basics

Moon Magick
A ritual, ceremony or spell worked in association with a particular phase of the moon.

New Moon / Dark Moon -
Similiar to the full moon, the new moon or dark moon is the most powerful time to remove things from our lives. We can also use the new moon to reverse spells that others may have cast. This is the best time to cast banishing spells and to focus on replacing any negative influences with positive ones. Remember that when we ask for something to be removed we open a void and should ask for something positive to take its place and fill the void we opened.Banishing spells and rituals should be done before the beginning of the new moon so there is not a waxing influence on your spellwork.Three days after the new moon is the most powerful time to start magick work we want to manifest at the full moon.

Black Moon -
Any time two new moons occur during a single month, the second new moon is considered to be stronger than the regular New Moon. This is an excellent time to cast spells that focus on addiction. This is also the best time to use your most powerful banishing spells and ritual magick.

Waxing Moon -
Waxing to Full Moon is the time to cast spells that draw situations to us. The waxing Moon is the best time to do spellwork for success, protection, abundance, freindship, luck , new beginings, and love. From 7 to 14 days after the new moon the waxing moon is for good constructive magick.

First Quater -
The First Quarter is the mid-point between the New Moon and the Full Moon.Focus and meditate on attracting new positive things toward you which will grow as the moon waxes.

Waxing Gibbous -
The days leading up to the full moon are a good time to focus on fruition and completion of your spell work. This is the time to focus and meditate on all the spell work done during the waxing phase. This is also an excellent time for any magickal work that deals with prophecy, protection or divination.

Full Moon -
The full moon provides the strongest power for invocations and spells. The full moon is an excellent time to cast your most powerful magick spells or any spells that may need a little extra power.To avoid a waning influence you shoud cast all spells and rituals before the exact time of a full moon. During the full moon we should meditate on feeling the divine power of the universe and use it to strengthen and empower ourselves.

Blue Moon -
When a single month has two full moons, the second full moon is considered to be stronger and more powerful than the first. This is a good time for any spells, rituals, or magick work, that you feel need a little extra kick. This is also a good time to meditate on life goals, and review accomplishments and failures.

Waning Gibbous -
The days leading up to the new moon is a good time to focus and meditate on the spellwork done during the waning phase. This is an excellent time to banish the things from our lives that we know longer want. Meditate on cleansing and removing all negativity and unwanted situations.

Last Quater -
The Last Quarter is the mid-point between the Full Moon and New Moon.The last quarter is a time for ending things as the moon is almost at the end of its cycle. Focus and meditate on replacing negative energy with positive. This a good time to balance the energies within the body.

Waning Moon -
The waning to new moon is the time to remove unwanted situations from our lives. This is the time to cast banishing spells that deal with enemies, addictions, illness, negativitiy and evil. From ten and a half to fourteen days after the full moon this is the time to cleanse ourselves of the things we no longer want in our lives.

It is important to note that the moon phases may not always be exactly right when we need to cast a particular spell, or ritual. The moon position can simply add a little more power to our work. Remember that God & Goddess are always there to hear our prayers and spells and witness our rituals. This is always good to know if an emergency arises and it is most urgent and necessary for a particular ritual or spell.

Recipe - Moon Water Tonic

Wait for a clear night, preferably on or right before the full moon. Put a quartz crystal in a clear glass container ,fill with purified water and cover. At sundown, place the container in a moonlit place . Remove the glass at dawn. The water has now been infused with the energy of the moon. Drink the moon infused water whenever you need an extra boost of lunar energy. The water can also be used as an excellent purifier for your alter.

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