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A free on-line newsletter for all who refuse to park their souls at the door.

The Business Renaissance Institute (BRI) focuses on the utilization of all possible sources to actually and consistently work toward the transformation of business into an environment where not only quantity, but also quality of output, return on investment, and job satisfaction, are accomplished. 

The Business renaissance Quarterly (BRQ) ISSN # 1930-7462, is a double blind reviewed journal, set out by the Business Renaissance Institute, and focused on the publication of papers and articles pertaining to improvement of workplace performance, and enhancement of the quality of life for all stakeholders in a business environment.

The JGBI serves as a vehicle for researchers and practitioners in the field of Business, and is geared toward enabling a process of sharing in all fields related to the business environment, in order to enhance the quality of business performance on a global scale.

ASPEX, the Academy of Spirituality and Professional EXcellence, engages in activities that target to draw out a greater level of consciousness among members of the human cohort. With a great respect for diversity and an undying belief in human potential, the organization works on raising the awareness of interconnectedness with all being in as broad a way as possible.

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