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Sandagiriya Stupa

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According to the Great Chronicle Maha Vamsa, when the Sri Maha Bodhi was brought to Sri Lanka by Theiree Sangamitta, members of the 'Kshethiya' clan of 'Chandana Grama' was present at Anuradhapura taking part of the celebrations. It is now accepted that the 'Chandana Grama' is the area now known as Sandagiriya.

Emperor Asoka also send various relics as gifts to the Sri Lankan king Devanampiyathissa (250-210 BC) and it is believed that they were handed over to his brother Mahanaga who was a regional king in the Ruhuna. The king Mahanaga built Sanadagiri Stupa enshrining these relics and a rare conch shell in the 3rd century BC. This shell has been later enshrined in the Tissamaharama Dageba. Therefore this stupa is believed to be the oldest stupa in the southern part of the country. Nearby inscriptions records land donations to this temple by the Kings Bathikabhaya and Vasaba.

The temple is built on 200x200 feet platform. The floor is tiled with bricks. Only about 1/2 of the stupa remains today. The circumference of the stupa is 700 feet. The granite Yupa Kanuwa (yRp knEv) and the pinnacle (gl~ CwYy) now lies on the floor of the platform.


The stupa lies very close to the Tissamaharama Dageba in Tissamaharamaya.

Primary Source : "Sri Lankave Purana Stupa"
By Malinga Amarasinghe

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Home > Heritage > Sandagiriya Stupa

Updated February 13, 2007
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