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Tissamaharama Raja maha Viharaya

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Tissamaharama Stupa- photo by: Hiran Karunaratna

Acording to chronicles this stupa has been built by King Kavantissa who ruled Ruhuna in the 1st century BC But it is believed that this stupa was initially built by King Mahanaga in the 3rd century BC and King Kavantissa probably enlarged the shrine.

It is said that an ill samanera called "Gauthama" in the Seelapassa Pirivena passed away and was conceived in to Queen Viharamahadevi in this location who later became the great king Dutugemunu. It is also believed that Dutugemunu was born on this area.

It is believed that the fontal bone relic of Buddha was temporally enshrined in this stupa but later it was enshrined in the Seruvila Mangala Maha Chethiya. According to a pillar inscription in Kirinda, the left tooth relic of Buddha is supposed to be enshrined in this stupa.

The latest restoration of this stupa had begun in 1858 and was completed in 1900. The granite pinnacle (gl~ CwYy) of the original stupa is now lying on the platform on which the dageba is built.

Tissamaharama Stupa is the largest stupa in the Southern region of the country with a height of 158 feet and 550 feet in circumference.

Primary Source : "Sri Lankave Purana Stupa"
By Malinga Amarasinghe


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Home > Heritage > Tissamaharama Stupa

Updated August 23, 2007
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