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    Picking the prefect Tree

    Oh what a day. First Taryn and Wyl drug me to  Joanne's and there were these ladies just wanting to touch me. It was worse then the paparazzi that time I was in London and I was mistaking for that supermodel. Honest mistake there.

    I was looking for the perfect tree, but everything was to big. Needless to say I was not a happy campier, BUT I did manage to get Taryn to sit down and help pick out some wall paper for my new place. It lovely and although she keep telling me, she  didn't do pink, I told me to get over it. It was my place and I would have what I wanted.  Also picked up a lovely cream colored knit and earth tone suede to have Taryn make me a new outfit.

    I wasn't to happy when I got left in the car when they had to run to the comic store to pick up their subscription for the week. I keep trying to tell them both that there was more important things to spend money on, namely me.

    Then it was off to Target. Again there seemed to be nothing in my size, but then I hear Wyl screaming Taryn's name, and low and behold the perfect tree for me was right there with Wyl

    I also had to have lights, new Christmas balls and garland. I swears to me that it reminds me of my mothers tree while I was growing up.

    So off to the house we went for Taryn to wallpaper my new place and for Wyl to fluff up my tree.

    Anyone for a little egg nog?