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Feed A Village Foundation is a charitable nonprofit foundation, located among the corn fields of Iowa, in the rural town of Fairfield (pop. 10,000). Our headquarters is four blocks from the town square, which is still an important hub for commerce and cultural life. We think it appropriate to be championing the cause of small villages in developing countries, from the equivalent environment in a developed country, where we are constantly reminded of both the advantages and challenges of village life.

Claudia and Simon have been involved in nonprofit organizations for over two decades, and were invited to lead Feed A Village by a generous individual whose dream is creating self-reliant rural communities, where individuals can grow and flourish to their full potential, and become benefactors to other villages. Borrowing from concepts found in quantum physics, if a small percentage of the villages in a region were to become internally coherent, the influence of orderliness would spontaneously spread to neighboring villages, and individuals would then start making better decisions.

Simon completed an MBA degree at a private university in the United States, and has had a significant career teaching in colleges and other educational institutions. Nonprofit work has taken him far and wide, including projects in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, India, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States.

Claudia holds an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science and a B.A. in Biochemistry, and has served as a clinical analyst in both public and private hospitals. For several years she owned and operated a rural pharmacy in the agricultural district of Rio Negro in the Argentinean Patagonia. She has been involved in nonprofit projects in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States.

All the volunteers at Feed A Village extend a warm invitation to the well-wishers of humanity, to join in the noble task of leveling the economic playing-field. As long as there is misery in the world - no matter how far away - no sensitive human being is capable of enjoying complete happiness.

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