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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Werewolf 101

Lesson Five: Finishing the Sheet

Freebies, Merits and Flaws

Freebies -
Ok - seems like you've finished your sheet already, right? Wrong! Here comes what I consider the "fun part" (or the annoying part, if there's a lot you want to do and only have so many points to spread) This section is the "freebies" which you can use to "round out" your character, customizing them as you see fit (yep, for those of you who wanted a 5 in Crafts: Basket Weaving, here's your chance to move from 3 dots to 5!). If you really wanted a higher rating in an Attribute, Ability or Advantage, or one of the Gifts that isn't normally available to your Breed, Auspice or Tribe, now's the time to go back and get it. You've got 15 points, which may seem like a lot, but whoa - don't go thinking they're dots that you can throw anywhere. You have to "buy" dots with the freebie points, and where the dot goes determines how much it costs. (after all, Attributes are much more useful, flexible, and in demand for rolls than individual abilities, and they're priced accordingly) I've included a chart with the cost breakdown. (from page 102, Werewolf: the Apocalpyse, WW3801)

Trait Cost
Attributes 5 freebie points per dot
Abilities 2 freebie points per dot
Backgrounds 1 freebie point per dot
Gifts 7 freebie points per Gift (Level One only)
Rage 1 freebie point per dot
Gnosis 2 freebie points per dot
Willpower 1 freebie point per dot

You can combine the dots you buy with freebies any way you wish, so long as the cost doesn't exceed the number you get to start with (15)

Merits & Flaws
Merits and flaws are 'extras' - they tend to be things that can't be quantified easily in a 1-5 (much less 1-10) scale, and are often character 'quirks', whether good or bad. Both merits and flaws have freebie point values - merits cost freebies, while flaws give you extra freebies. Don't go crazy with them though - you're only allowed to get 7 extra points from flaws. You can take more flaws than that if you really want to, but you won't get points for them.
There's tons of merits and flaws scattered in dozens of books, and sometimes you can even take them from other game lines (if the Storytellers say it's okay) but I've included a list of the ones from the Player's Guide to Garou to get you started - if you need more than this you can probably dig up plenty in other sourcebooks.

Double-Jointed 1pt M -2 difficulty to all flexibility related rolls
Mixed-Morph 1 or 5pt M 1 point - Partial transformations are difficulty 6 (not 9)
5 points - no need to roll for partial transformations at all.
Perfect Balance 1pt M -2 difficulty to all balance related rolls
Wolf Sight 1pt M dim color vision, +1 die to perception rolls involving movement or taking place at night
Ambidextrous 2pt M +1 difficulty to each hand if doing 2 things at once, +1 difficulty to off-hand writing (off-hand penalties usually much higher)
Fair Glabro 2pt M No social penalties in Glabro form (between human and war form)
Lack of Scent 2pt M +2 difficulty for others to track you by scent. Some social problems with wolves or Lupus-born Garou
Daredevil 3pt M extra dice and easier rolls for really dangerous actions
Huge Size 4pt M up to 7ft tall & 400lbs in Homid, add an extra health level
Metamorph 7pt M no need to roll to change forms, roll Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 8) to choose which form you assume if knocked unconscious
Animal Musk 1pt F +2 difficulty to social rolls with Humans if they get near you
Hard of Hearing 1pt F +2 difficulty to all hearing related rolls
Monochrome Vision 1pt F completely blind to all colors - everything is shades of grey
No Partial Transformation 1pt F Pretty self-explanatory. You cannot transform just part of you, no matter how hard you try. Whole body only.
Short 1pt F Character is very short, +2 difficulty to pursuit rolls
Strict Carnivore 1pt F Can only eat meat - the closer to raw the better
One Eye 2pt F 2 dice penalty to all depth-perception related rolls
Bad Sight 3pt F +2 difficulty to all sight related rolls, Lupus form gets no perception bonuses for vision. Also night-blind.
Deformity 3pt F some form of physical deformity - discuss with a Storyteller
Lame 3pt F 2 dice penalty to movement in all forms. Cannot take merit: double-jointed
Monstrous 3pt F Appearance 0 - you're truly hideous and repellent
One Arm 3pt F -2 dice when doing something requiring both hands. Hispo and Lupus running speeds reduced to 75% normal.
Deaf 4pt F automatically fail all hearing related rolls.
Mute 4pt F Cannot speak, period. Must write or use sign language
Wolf Years 5pt F You age like a wolf - very, very fast
Blind 6pt F automatically fail all sigh related rolls. Stepping sideways is +1 difficulty.


Animal Magnetism 1pt M seduction or animal attraction rolls -2 difficulty with others of your breed form (Human if you're Homid-born, etc.)
Elder's Favor 1 to 3pt M An elder owes you a favor - value of merit is how important the favor you did for them.
Family Support 1pt M Close family supports you - even if they don't know what you are.
Reputation 2pt M +3 dice to social rolls with others of your sept. (May not take flaw: notoriety)
Dark Secret 1pt F A deep dark secret in your past that can cause trouble if known. Talk to a Storyteller.
Enemy 1 to 5pt F You have an enemy - value of flaw is measure of their strength and how bad they can make things for you.
Twisted Upbringing 1pt F You were taught all the wrong things about life as a Garou and get into trouble frequently through misunderstandings.
Persistent Parents 2pt F Your parents aren't Kinfolk, but they keep trying to find you.
Hunted 3pt F A dedicated, delirium immune hunter has taken to hunting you.
Notoriety 3pt F -2 dice to all social rolls involving members of your sept. (May not take merit: reputation)
Metis Child 4pt F The parent of a metis child - the character broke the Litany, has to see to the child's welfare and also has the effects of "Notoriety" flaw.
Common Sense 1pt M Whenever you're about to do something really dumb the Storytellers can warn you not to do it. Highly recommended for new players
Concentration 1pt M Take no penalties under circumstances that might cause difficulties with concentrating.
Berserker 2pt M Enter frenzy at will, allowing you to ignore wound penalties
Code of Honor 2pt M Gain an automatic success in resisting temptations to violate your personal code. gain 2 dice to willpower rolls to resist supernatural compulsions to violate this code. Talk to a storyteller about the 'details' of the code of honor.
Eidetic Memory 2p M Photographic memory (see book for details, pg 163)
Calm Heart 3pt M +2 Difficulty to all Frenzy rolls.
Jack of All Trades 3pt M If you make a roll on a Skill you have no dots in you take no penalty. You can try to roll a Knowledge you don't have at +2 difficulty
Iron Will 3pt M +3 dice to resist attempts to manipulate your mind, and spend 1 Willpower to shake off mental control of a vampire. Does not help against emotional manipulation powers.
Compulsion 1pt F There is something you must do - so intensely it takes spending Willpower to avoid it. Discuss appropriate compulsions with a Storyteller
Nightmares 1pt F Horrible nightmares - occasionally lose 1 die to all actions after a very bad bout (Storyteller's discretion).
Shy 1pt F All social rolls for dealing with groups are +1 difficulty, +2 if you are the center of attention
Soft-Hearted 1pt F Very shaken by the sight of suffering and avoids it at all costs.
Speech Impediment 1pt F You have some sort of speech impediment that makes conversation difficult - particularly in higher stress situations. +2 difficulty to applicable rolls.
Amnesia 2pt F You remember nothing prior to your First Change - education is intact but personal details are missing. That doesn't mean your past has forgotten about you, however...
Pack Mentality 2pt F You're part of a pack, and can't function without it. -1 difficulty to rolls involving pack actions or strategy when with at least one pack member, +1 difficulty when alone to any action you would normally expect help with (like combat).
Phobia 2-3pt F An illogical, overwhelming fear. Discuss appropriate types of phobias with a Storyteller.
2pt - make a willpower roll if faced with your fear. 3 successes required to approach or deal with object of fear
3pt - make a frenzy check to avoid 'fox frenzy' when faced with your fear.
Short Fuse 2pt F -2 difficulty on all Frenzy rolls, making it easier to frenzy.
Vengeful 2pt F You have a thirst for vengeance that overwhelms everything else. Spend Willpower to ignore the obsession for a time and concentrate on something else.
Weak-Willed 2pt F You have little resistance to mind control or intimidation. Also, you can only spend Willpower in life-threatening situations or it is appropriate to your Auspice
Deranged 3pt F You are insane. Pick a derangement - and clear it with a Storyteller.
Hatred 3pt F Certain types of people or things arouse great anger and hatred in you. Roll to resist Frenzy when confronting an object of the Hatred. Discuss an appropriate one with a Storyteller (and no, "hatred of the Wyrm" does not count - All Garou are expected to hate the Wyrm to one extent or another.)
Territorial 3pt F You are as territorial as any wolf and don't like to leave the territory. Outside of it, all actions are +1 difficulty due to unease. Roll to resist Frenzy if strangers enter your territory without permission.
Ability Deficit 5pt F -5 dots in one of your Ability groups. (No Ability in that category can go above 3 when starting.)
Ancestor Ally 1pt M One of your Ancestor spirits is very fond of you. -2 difficulty to rolls to contact that spirit. Talk to a Storyteller about developing the personality of the Ancestor. (Must have at least 1 dot in Ancestors.)
True Love 4pt M  
Moon-Bound 2pt M  
Spirit Magnet 2pt M  
Lucky 4pt M  
Natural Channel 3pt M  
Immune to Wyrm Emanations 6pt M  
True Faith 7pt M  
Banned Transformation 1 to 6pt F  
Cursed 1 to 5pt F  
Foe From the Past 1 to 3pt F  
Forced Transformation 1 to 4pt F  
Insane Ancestor 1pt F  
Slip Sideways 1pt F  
Mark of the Predator 2pt F  
Sign of the Wolf 2pt F  
Pierced Veil 3pt F  
Dark Fate 5pt F  
Taint of Corruption 7pt F  


Lesson Six: Character History and Submitting Everything for Approval