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Enduring Twilight: Old World of Darkness

Werewolf 101

Lesson Three: Abilities

Abilities is done somewhat the same as Attributes. You choose which category is primary, which is secondary, and which is tertiary. (These do not have to correspond to the same column as the attribute sets that were primary, secondary and tertiary. This is separate.) You  get 13 dots to put into your primary, 9 to put into your secondary, and 5 dots into your tertiary. You'll notice that none of the dots in the abilities are already filled in. This means you don't start with anything in any abilities automatically; if you want to know how to drive a car, you better take Drive - or don't get behind the wheel, in character. And before you worry, no, you don't have to have a rating in each and every ability. Most people specialize to some extent, and its entirely acceptable to have over half your abilities at zero.

The level rankings for Abilities are much the same as for Attributes, but 1 in an ability doesn't really mean that you're necessarily awful at it - just that you're new at it. 2 is good - not a newbie, and you might even make a living at it (maybe). 3 is excellent - this is the level at which people start making a good living off of the ability. Medicine 3 means you're a professional, be it doctor or nurse, for example. 4 is a specialist doctor, sought after for their specific skills. 5 is a ground breaker, one who sets new standards for the industry

Alertness How attuned you are to the world around you   Leadership The qualities and skills essential to leading and inspiring others' service.
Athletics Covers all sorts of athletics - e.g. running, jumping, swimming, climbing   Melee Hand to hand combat with weapons
Brawl Hand to hand combat without weapons   Performance The ability to put on a good performance in your chosen art.
Dodge The ability to dodge blows and attacks   Stealth How good you are at moving without being seen or heard.
Empathy The ability to notice and understand the emotions of others   Survival Your ability to survive and thrive in the woods.
Expression Your skill with composing words - from emails to writing speeches   Computer Your skill and versatility with computers - from operating to programming
Intimidation The ability to pressure people to do what you want   Enigmas Logic problems, puzzles, riddles and mysteries are grasped with this knowledge
Primal-Urge The level of wolf-like instinct that you have - and can rely on   Investigation understanding the tools and methods of crime solving and criminology
Streetwise How well you adapt, blend, and negotiate on the street   Law Knowledge of written law, the courts and law enforcement.
Subterfuge The ability to outright lie and manipulate   Linguistics the number of extra languages you know
(starts with 1 extra language, then the numbers double with each dot - so 2 dots = 2 extra, 3 dots = 4 extra, 4 dots = 8 extra, 5 dots = 16 extra)
Animal Ken Your ability to understand and communicate with animals   Medicine knowledge of medicine, from first aid to surgery
Crafts Your skill at making things with your hands
(must pick a specialty* , regardless of level of skill)
  Occult Knowledge of the myths and legends of magic, psychic phenomena, divination and
Drive How good you are at driving standard land vehicles   Politics Understanding of political systems and who and how to talk to in order to get things done.
Etiquette Manners, social skills, diplomacy and bargaining   Rituals Knowledge of the traditions, rites and mystic ceremonies of the Garou.
Firearms How good you are at blowing the head off your target, instead of yourself   Science The physical sciences, from biology to chemistry to physics. Pick a specialty

Keep in mind that you're not supposed to put more than 3 dots into any ability at this point. You can start with a statistic at 5 - but you have to boost it later, with Freebies (more on that later). Note that it's only abilities that have this restriction - there's no such limit on Attributes, Backgrounds, Rage, Gnosis or Willpower.

Note: Lupus born characters require Storyteller permission to take any Ability at more than 3 during creation, period. Yes, even with freebies. Why? Simply put, a Lupus doesn't have the opportunities for education that a human-born or even metis character has, and many Abilities are very human oriented skill sets. (So for example, Survival 4 is much more likely to be approved than Medicine 4, or even Drive 4.) Even if a character isn't allowed to start with more than 3 dots, they might exceed that limit later by using experience points to increase the ability and role-playing devoting the appropriate amount of time and energy to reach that level of expertise. Talk to your local Storyteller for details!

* Specialties are something that you get into with higher level abilities. You can pick a specialty for any Ability, but when the Ability is at 4 or 5, you can get bonuses for rolls to which the specialty applies. (For example: If I have Crafts with the specialty of "Sewing", I can still use Crafts for any other rolls that relate to it, e.g. cooking, woodworking, etc. - but if I have 4 in the Ability, I get bonuses when I'm doing something relating to "Sewing")


Lesson Four: Advantages