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About the Artist:


beauty   -    quality    -    attention to detail

Carolyn West lives in Connecticut 
with her husband, and has been designing 
from an early age.  

My style?      Classically beautiful  
                                  - but unique, nonetheless.

-  Carolyn West -     


Artist's Statement

Good Design is like breathing for me -  
a lifetime of looking at objects and activities in a certain way
Does the design and color please the eye?  
Does it fit in the hand?  Is it easy to use?  Does it fit the need?

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             For Jewelry Design:  

Does it flatter the face and enhance the outfit?  
Is it a piece that will coordinate 
or will it be the centerpiece - the statement that makes the look?  
 Are the colors beautiful together?  Does the shape flow
Does it evoke another time and place.  
Does it fall comfortably, is it easy to put on, but secure?  
Can it be worn in more than one way?  
Will you love it for years.

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             For Card Design:

Is it beautiful, interesting or evocative?  
Does it say something about me? 
Will it enhance my message?  
Will it please my friend?

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        For Bag Design:

Will it hold what I need throughout my day, or will my arms 
be juggling extras as my day progresses?   
Can I get to everything quickly, or will I be scrounging 
in the dark to put my hands on what I need?  
Will the same bag work when I'm not carrying  much, 
but expand when I have a lot to bring?  
Is it secure and well-made?  Is it comfortable?
Will it look great with what I'm wearing.  
Does it speak to me?

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