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The Original Large Bag
Featherweight fabric.  
Holds everything for a day in the city - 
or at the beach, shrinks to near nothing, two zip pockets keep everything organized!
Even holds legal file folders for a day 
at the office.  
Carries like a hobo.  $56.00

Handbag size
Identical to the large bag, 
just four inches shorter, 
for days around town.
Most hold regular file folders.
Carries like a hobo.   $56.00



Small Bag
Affordable and fun.  Smaller bag without the interior pockets make these the perfect gift - especially for yourself!
Still fully lined and roomy inside.
In loads of fun fabrics.  $25.00



Large     Medium    Small

What's in the 
Large City Bag?

I originally designed this bag in 1978, and have carried one ever since.
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It's small and hugs your body when you're not carrying extra, but expands to virtual luggage when you need it.

The inside is fully lined in light colored coordinating fabrics, so you can find things easily.   It has two floating zippered pockets inside to hold all your valuables securely.  Inside cell phone holder and key loop put "quick draw" items at your fingertips.  For men and women.

It holds nearly everything (regular purse items in the zip pockets), 
plus jacket, hat, umbrella, even a legal file folder) in the center.         Perfect for travel....  Perfect for the city....


Normal Items:

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22" wide,  2 zip pockets !

 Cell Phone holder
 (holds smart phones)
 Key loop

 Small Pocket:

 Cash, Change purse
 ID, Access cards
 Credit Card holder

 Large Pocket:

 Business Cards
 "To Do" list
 Grooming items
 Etc., etc....

That leaves a large, light interior space for when you want to carry extras:  file folders, books, a lunch, gym clothes or travel gear.

For Work Days:

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              ... holds legal files  !
  Normal Items, above, plus:

  Legal file folders
  Snack or lunch


For Travel Days

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     ... holds everything for a day out !
  Normal Items, above, plus:



Available in a variety of limited-edition fabrics, fully lined, two floating interior zip pockets - 
just for you.   

Choose a fabric to fit your need:  
        Featherweight    Business   Fashion    Canvass    Fun
          See samples of current fabrics

Large Size:  22" wide x 12" deep.      $56                                                              buy
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Medium Bags

For those who want less storage space, but the same features of the large bag, above.   
This bag will hold a letter-sized file folder in the central area.  It's still roomy enough to hold most of what you want.
Choose a fabric to fit the purpose - from dress-up to day use.  

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See samples of current fabrics.

Medium Size:  16" wide x 12" deep.      $56                                                              buy
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Small Bags

For adults who want an affordable fun bag without the interior zip pockets.   Choose a fabric to fit the purpose - from dress-up to functional.  Secure zipper closure, lined, open interior.  
About 14" wide, open interior and with a shorter strap.

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Available in plain black for sports or  gym.

See samples of current fabrics

Small Size:  14 - 16" wide x 12" deep.      $25.00                                                          buy
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