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 Welcome to my page for {actual} downloads. It is my hope that you will find something here that is both interesting and fun!  (c_dl_list.gif, 03 KB)

  NOTE: In May of 2006,   my entire site was deleted. I am in the process of trying to find all of these files, but it make take a while. 

  Appearance of the downloads  (August, 2005.)  

Just so you know, many of you have asked why I do things the way I do. The reason is that I like things to be very neat and formatted. (And pleasing to the eye.) I have printed out various works of analysis, the way that they originally appear in the CB database, and I have had extreme difficulty following some of the lines. (Parenthesis within parenthesis within parenthesis, all jumbled up ...) 


If you have ChessBase 8.0 (or later) ... or even the latest version of Fritz, (or any of the other current engines, like Hiarcs, Shredder, Junior, Chess Tiger, etc.); you can do a few adjustments, and see things pretty much the way that I see them. All you have to do is make a few simple "tweaks" of your software. Here is what you do:  

  1. Open an actual game ... any game. (Preferably one of mine that you have downloaded from here.)  

  2. Check ....... under the "Tools" menu, [under the main/first CB window] make sure you are using the "default" design. 
    (I use the large symbols/icons as well.) 

  3. Now right-click on the notation field itself, [game window] and go down the list until you see the selection of "Choose Font." Click on that. 

  4. Scroll down the list - it in alphabetical order. Continue down until you see, "FigurineCB Aries SP," and select this font, if it is not already selected. For now, choose "20" as the font size, if you decide that this is too big, you can come back and change it later. 

  5. Go to the top of the page, and click on the "Options" icon. (A window-looking thingie in the main ChessBase Window.)  

  6. Look at the top of this somewhat small OPTIONS box, there should be a number of different TABS. Select the "notation" tab

  7. In the boxes, check "paragraphs" and "material." (You can - later - check a few of the other boxes, if you like.) 
    (This makes things neater, and allows you to see what the exact material balance is ... at all times.)  

  8. Now there is a button that says, "Text Color," please click on that. (Options box again.)  

  9. Select the "Text color" to be a very dark shade of purple, {nearly Black}; add a touch of gray, (by moving the indicator, a little at a time); towards the bottom of the graph, until you have a color that you are happy with. (Click "OK" or "apply" to close this.) 

  10. Now select the button that says, "Variation color," and select a medium {dark} shade of green.  

  11. Now adjust your divider/splitter until it is about 4-5 pixels wide. ("Options" icon/design tab.) Close this when finished. 

  12. Slide the divider around until the board takes up about 75% of your screen on the left, and the notation is on your right. If you have done things properly, the notation should fit neatly into the space allotted for it. Now you are finished! (I like this layout very much. If you have followed these directions precisely, and you are not colorblind, it should be easy for you to readily distinguish between actual moves, the notation, the variations and sub-variants.) It is also low glare and low-contrast ... and thus easy on the eyes. 

  13. Once you get things just the way you like it, be sure to save your layout!  
    (From the actual game view, use the menu commands. "Window ---> Layout ---> Save.") 

If you have done things correctly, you are seeing things pretty much the way I see them, I almost always study with a 2D board, I hate the 3D board; and never study or play with the 3D board.  (You might prefer that look, I cannot do serious work with that.)  I use a medium blue for the dark squares, {with a healthy dose of gray} and White - with just a touch of gray - for the light squares. I add a touch of yellow and gray to the White pieces, and I leave the Black pieces almost all the way Black. 

Don't be afraid to play around with the settings, and get something you like. And you have an almost infinite number of choices for the 2D boards. Wooden appearance, user BMP defined, etc. Eventually - if you don't like my layout - you should discover something you can use all the time. My advice is: DON'T make it too bright! Too much contrast is hard on the eyes and will give you a headache. Good luck!  

Here are the list of the items that you can download from this site.
Virtually all of my files are in a  "ChessBase"  format, you will generally 
need a  ChessBase  product to view or use these types of files. )

  (NOTE:  That by the act of downloading these files, you agree to respect my wishes, 
    AND  stringently observe all of my copyright protections.) 

   Bird-Mason.pgn  -  The game, Bird-Mason; in PGN format. 
   ( -  The same game as above, but in a zipped format.) 
   (Bird-Mason; New York, 1876.  This game has been completely redone!  
    {09/24/02}   --->  By popular request. Nicely annotated and neatly formatted. 
     You  MUST have ChessBase, or a ChessBase product, {Fritz, Junior, Nimzo, 
     Shredder, etc.}; to be able to open and read this file!!)  

   Brain-Games_WCC_games.pgn  -  The games from the WCC in PGN format.  -  The games from the WCC, (Kasparov-Kramnik) 
   in  PGN  format ... in a zipped file for down-loading.

   Euwe_vs_Keres.pgn  - The game, Euwe vs. Keres in PGN format. (dl or view on-line) - The game, Euwe vs. Keres in PGN format.  
   (In a zipped file for downloading.)

   Muhammed_Goldsby.cbv  -  The game, Muhammed - Goldsby in a "CBV" file.
   (You MUST have ChessBase to read this file.)  -  The games from my  "GeoCities"  website, 
   ("Best Short Games" page), in a "star-dot-cbv" file. 
   (You MUST have ChessBase to read this file.)

   morph_two_am.pgn  -  The game, Paul Morphy - The Duke of Brunswick and The Count of Isouard
   in a PGN format/file. (To download or to view on-line.)  (FILE NOT FOUND.)  -  The game, Paul Morphy - The Duke of Brunswick and The  Count of Isouard;  
   in a PGN format/file. (To download only!)  (FILE NOT FOUND.)  

   IM  Rashid Nezhmetdinov's gamesALL  of this great player's games, in a  
   "star-dot-cbv" file, that has also been zipped as well. For you to download, then study, 
   and enjoy.  (Sorry, this collection is NOT annotated ... I did not wish to violate 
   anyone's copyright.   Note  This collection added by popular request.)  

   Game # 2 of my Geo-Cities Tactical School. -  This is not the annotated version, 
   but just the plain game score, if you wish to study on your own. This is the  "*.cbv" 
   file ...  you  MUST  have ChessBase, or a ChessBase product to open and read this 
   file. (It has also been zipped, you must unzip it as well prior to usage.)  

   ALL the games  - from the first five rounds of  Linares, 2004. I annotated the one 
   game, (Kasparov - Radjabov); fairly thoroughly ... as I felt Kasparov had some definite  
   winning chances
in the final position!!  Free download - check it out. 
   (Added:  Friday; February 20th, 2004. Updated Feb. 24th. Updated March 10th.)  
    (This file is in (the)  ChessBase  format, you must also  unzip  it first!)   

 My annotated game collection for downloading.  -  
 A new (April, 2004) feature that I started. this file ... right now ... only contains two games.  
 However, I will add other games to it as I see fit. I won't even tell you what's in here. 
 Download the file and see for yourself!! (This is a  "star-dot-cbv"  file ... you  MUST  have 
 a current ChessBase product like  ChessBase 8.0  or  Shredder 8.0  to open it!!! It has   
been zipped as well, you may also have to unzip it first.)    Updated: July 21st, 2005.  


   NEW!!!    (July, 2004.)   GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov is the new world champion!!      
 In the finals Kasimdzhanov defeated GM Michael Adams to win this  FIDE  Knock-out tournament!!! 
 You can now   ...      DOWNLOAD      ...   ALL OF THE GAMES OF THIS MATCH. 
 This collection is carefully annotated. All that I ask is that you enjoy this work, that you do not copy 
 any of it ... and that you fully respect my copyright of this material.  (Actually posted:  July 25th, 2004.)    


Click  here  to download all my games (un-annotated in PGN format) from the  ICC/Dos Hermanas 2005  event


Click  HERE  to download all of the games fro the Topalov - Kramnik match. (Elista, RUS; 2006.)  


Click HERE  to view/download a copy of my original article on cheating.  

I have been asked, over and over again, why I don't use PGN files. There is a very simple answer, for one thing PGN files are just plain clumsy and hard to manipulate. 

Some other good reasons that I do  NOT  use PGN files are: 

  1. You have very little control over the final product. It is difficult to format, and ... depending on what program you use to read the file ... you have now way of knowing how it will look. I like my chess games to be neat as well as contain good analysis. 

  2. PGN files take up at least three times as much space as CB-format type files. While this may not seem important when you have a 200 GB Hard Drive, you have to bear in mind that the server here continues to cut back the space allotment. (Originally - when they first opened - you got 100 MB. This was later scaled back to 50, and now it is only 20 MB.)  

  3. You have thousands of times more tools and uses in CB compared to other formats. With CB you get to control everything, from where the diagrams will appear when the file is printed, to colored arrows and squares, piece paths, pawn structures, etc. The list of tools and goodies and stuff in CB 8.0 makes all other formats very poor by comparison! 
    (I have also used Chess Assistant, Book-up, NIC-base, Excel, etc. I am quite certain - that after YEARS of looking at, and also, trying other formats - ChessBase is superior to anything else that is currently out there.)   

    Go  HERE  for some great (FREE!) chess downloads.    

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