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ADOLF HITLER - The Struggling Artist 2006 - A One Act Stage Play

A warning lesson of history!

The play is available for production by prearranged permission only.

A suggested selection of Hitler's artwork for the set.
Public Responses to Actor's image/recreation
Photo study - the recreating of an image.
The Final result... a photo comparison with the real thing!
The Actor as he comes onstage and after physical transition
Website for Bill Breuer, who portrayed Adolf Hitler in this debut.

HITLER - THE STRUGGLING ARTIST 2006 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Play Notes: The one-act 10 minute play presents an 'unknown' sidewalk artist in Vienna, selling his paintings and drawings. While he is painting he talks to the audience of art and his struggle. He briefly addresses the occasional passerby and even ridicules browsers who do not appreciate his work. The artwork displayed, including the one he is painting, are reproductions made to be similar to Hitler's actual paintings. The one-act play illustrates the power of the arts and the potential power of the artist... whether the artform be literature, poetry, theatre, painting or music. The artist can affect the mind or the heart. The artist can potentially change a thought, a belief and even the destiny of a nation. This powerful play has already had requests to be performed on the East Coast! The expanded one-act play shows the rise to power through the use of the arts. The story also serves as a historical warning that potential danger can come from areas and people we might otherwise overlook. This preview 'short' is but a glimpse of one scene from a full three act play not yet released. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'To make this a realistic experience for the audience, I watched the History Channel documentaries, studied his body language and most importantly: learned to imitate his voice. I then had to temper the German accent with an Austrian/Bavarian inflection to reflect his background. Of course for this play it will be heard in English! There are pictorial studies of Hitler's use of physicality; I learned these and adapted them for this performance. I endeavoured to give the audience the brief experience that they were there... sitting up front and right behind him!' _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'The play is particularly challenging in that in just a few very short minutes, I am required to make a physical transformation from looking like a different character than the walk-on. I have to get the makeup and costume changes done right there, on stage, with my back to the audience all the while while they're looking on and precisely timing it to coincide with the last lines'. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'For the final chilly visual, the audience gets the experience of actually experiencing the terrifying physical manifestation of Adolf Hitler, Der Furher, as an exact look-alike, standing right in front of them - not on a two dimensional screen. Just before they see him I prepare a look of pure evil, intense unwavering purpose and death without conscience.' ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright 2006 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HITLER THE STRUGGLING ARTIST is protected under the laws of the British Commonwealth United States of America and all other countries of the Copyright Union. All rights, including professional, amateur, motion pictures, lecturing, radio broadcasting, television, internet and the rights of translation into foreign languages are strictly reserved. Any performance, readings or public use must me made by prior arrangement with the author. Due authorship must be given on all programs, printing and advertising. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________